Local Prices for Farm Acreage

FACTOID: A 3700 acre Highland County farm just sold for $14 million. That’s about $2,643 an acre. While that may sound high to some I am aware of farm ground in this area going for over $3,000 and in Fayette County for $5,000. In the 1960s I was interested in 100 acres of wooded land in Ross County. The price was $25 an acre and the local bank thought that was too high.

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Nukes v. Nukes

FACTOID: In 1982 the American v. Soviet Union stockpiles of nuclear weapons reached its apex. The US had 2,032 launchers compared to the USSR’s 2,490. The US had 11,000 nuclear warheads to the USSR’s 10,000 and total mega-tonnage of explosive power showed the US with 4,100 to the Soviet’s 8,200. In 1961 the USSR detonated a nuclear weapon that was 3800 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb.

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The Cost of Movies

FACTOID: Read where movie attendance was way down in 2011 and I think I know why. Just took the grand kids and it was $8 per adult and $6 per child. That’s not too bad. But, medium popcorn was $6 and small fountain soft drink was $4.25. You do the math while I’ll be staying home and waiting for The Adventures of TinTin to show up on HBO.

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Martha Got Screwed!

FACTOID: Martha Stewart was found guilty of insider trading and sentenced to 5 months in Federal prison, 5 months in-house confinement, and 2 years probation. Inside information, not available to the public, is available to all members of the US Congress and they can use it to guide their Wall-Street investments, LEGALLY! They get a stay out of jail card and get rich. The rest of us don’t. No wonder politicians poll closer to the bottom than whale turds.

Factoid: GACC 11k meals

FACTOID: I was recently informed the Greenfield Area Christian Center fed 11,000 meals during the month of November this year. That’s a lot of hungry people needing help. To their further credit, they don’t ask what your religious beliefs are. They have plans to begin providing daily hot meals for senior citizens in need.