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Mixed News for Liberals & Conservatives

Many years ago there was a popular radio journalist named Gabriel Heatter who opened every broadcast with the phrase, “There’s good news tonight.” Paraphrasing Heatter, the best I can say is there’s mixed news tonight for both liberals and conservatives.

Liberals will enjoy, and conservatives will detest, a report appearing on Huffington Post claiming prejudice and conservative people have lower IQs than liberals. Of course, we liberals have always known this. The complete HP story may be read by Continue reading Mixed News for Liberals & Conservatives

Political Factoid, November 17, 2011

If you have any reservations about the power of lobbies to influence those who make law, please consider that the potato and tomato lobbies just successfully got the Unites States Congress to keep French fried potatoes on the list of healthy school lunch program foods and to classify pizza as a vegetable. Type II diabetes and obesity are at epidemic proportions among our school age populations and Congress makes these decisions, not based on public health, but on who’s paying for their re-election campaigns.

Checking the Facts, 10/28/2011

As the political “Silly Season” cranks up I’ve decided to post the occasional fact check item on the blog. There are several reliable sources for checking facts and today’s regards health care premiums and comes from FactCheck.Org.

FactChecking Health Insurance Premiums

Republicans exaggerate an increase caused by the new law. But Obama promised lower premiums.

When Does Old Age Begin?

I don’t know when old age begins but maybe this is a clue. I woke up yesterday morning with a head cold. I went to the medicine cabinet and saw a small box containing several double packets of orange gel-caps. I assumed they were Vick’s DayQuil capsules so I opened up one packet and took the two orange gel-caps. Nothing happened. All morning long my nasal passages continued to leak¬†profusely.

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Prostate Exams, Root Canals, & Other Scary Stuff

I don’t know what medical things people fear as they grow older. I suppose we all fear someday hearing the cancer word. Besides cancer, the two things old people talked a lot about that scared me the most were prostate exams and root canals.

For years I was actively engaged in the hobby of Amateur Radio and on most days talked to a bunch of older men scattered around the mid-West. Their favorite discussion topics were medically related and they especially reveled in talking about prostate problems.

It appeared there was a competition between them as to who had the most painful prostate problems and Continue reading Prostate Exams, Root Canals, & Other Scary Stuff