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What Went Right

You all know how pissed I am about Trump winning the oval office. While I’ll never be able to make lemonade out of that turd I am assembling a list of things that did go the right way.

  • After six terms of making life miserable for Latinos, the voters have finally taken Joe Apraio’s badge away. The icing on this cupcake of shit would be to see him locked up and wearing pink Fruit of the Looms.
  • A few more women are headed for Washington to take their places in the US Congress.
  • While I’m not a user I’m glad to see that stoners continue to make progress. It may be just a matter of time before I have to buy me a bong and take up the Devil’s herb just to numb just knowing there’s a Trump in the White House.
  • I’ve not been a consumer of porn for several decades. Not since learning just how deep Linda Lovelace’s throat was. But, for those who are I’m glad that California voters approved a bill banning the requirement that porn actors wear condoms during sexual activities.

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It’s Only Been Three Days

Gandhi was a liberal and I wonder if he ever had this same dilemma?

It’s three days after the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. It’s three days of wondering what the future will hold and if Trump will try to make good on the bombastic promises he made his followers. It’s three days I’ve had to think about how I and other liberals should react.

This is one of those times where it’s difficult to be a liberal because liberals are supposed to have certain problem solving approaches and remaining true to those presents a problem I don’t think conservatives have to face.

I just spent some time reviewing the literature on what makes one a liberal and the list fits me pretty well. One thing I’m having trouble with is the forgiving and cooperating parts of being a liberal. The literature says I am supposed to setaside the campaign disagree-ments, buy the world a Coke, and teach it to sing in perfect harmony.

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The Need for More Empathy

I’m going to wade into waters that some of you won’t find sweet enough. For a long time it’s been generally accepted that conservatives are not as empathetic as liberals. You won’t find this carved on any of the stones Moses brought down from the mountain but it is a generally accepted truth.

Certainly you’re aware that conservatives like to call liberals, bleeding hearts or crybabies. I once heard a conservative comic say that, “When a man is down the best way to get him up is to kick him.” When a liberal takes exception to that thought they are looked down on as being a bunch of gullible mamby-pambies. Many believe reaching out and offering the hand of government weakens individual self determination and makes people wards of government and not self-sufficient individuals.

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Why Tuesdays?

The law in the United States says that nation elections will be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in the month of November. Ever wonder why?

Well it’s not in the Constitution  but it can be found in an 1845 law that established Tuesdays because it didn’t interfere with the Sabbath or market day, which was traditionally Wednesday.

So if you have a problem with Tuesdays blame it on Christian farmers having too much power.

Ironically John Oliver, who is British, explained this on his Sabbath night HBO program, Last Week Tonight.

The Dilemmas of Mike & Larry

I still haven’t figured out what to think about Trump supporters. Michael Steele is black, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and one time lieutenant governor of Maryland. He has announced that he will not be voting for Trump because of the candidate’s appeal to racists. He told a magazine that Trump, “captured that racist underbelly, that frustration, that angry underbelly of American life…” and gave it voice.”

Even though many Trump supporters deny that he has made any racist and misogynist statements the reality is, oh yes he has and he has done so long and strong enough to earn the endorsement and support of most of the white supremacist in America. He’s damned near the poster child for the KKK and American neo Nazis.

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I’m With The Knuckle Draggers

A year ago I found myself unfriending a former teaching colleague over his political beliefs. There was zero anything moderate about his views and after several years of trying to get him to back it down some I finally decided I was wasting my time and told him to get back on the U-Boat he rode ashore on and return to his native land.

One thing that wrongly rubbed my ego was his insistence that my degree in history, political science, and almost thirty years of teaching experience didn’t trump his often unfounded opinion. I would have never challenged his input regarding a music question but was seldom given credit for my specialty.

That happens a lot to those in my profession. We teach everyone that they have an opinion but they often never hear the second part of the lesson, that your opinion is worthless if not based on provable evidence.

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HIM-roids as of 10/7

HIM-roids are the things Trump says. Trump-roids and Ass-roids are a video game. One that is not fun to play if you give a shit about America.

It is just too difficult to write an individual comment regarding every utterance of bullshit that comes out of the Trump campaign. So, I starting a page of running comments and positions and was going to call it Trumproids. Then I remembered just how highly Donald thinks of himself, hugely God like, so I’m calling it HIM-roids.  Here’s a few to get things started:

  • 10/7 – Video/audio tape uncovered showing Trump at his misogynist worst. His apology is to say Bill Clinton has said worse.
  • 10/7 – Trump makes the totally bogus claim that the Border Patrol is allowing illegals into America so they can vote for Hillary.
  • 10/7 – Against DNA evidence Trump still denies the Central Park Five were wrongly accused.
  • 10/5 – The conservative Wall Street Journal has found a pattern of Trump contributing to the state’s attorney generals whose offices were investigating his businesses.
  • 10/5 – Trump’s former tax account said in multiple interviews that It was Ivana who understood taxes more than Donald. That Donald is not the tax genius he claims.
  • 10/5 – Trump’s questionable charity may be in trouble in dozens of states. Attorneys General all over America are looking into the legal status and activities of the Trump Foundation.
  • 10/4 – Trump told Pennsylvania steelworkers that America would be rebuilt with Pennsylvania steel. Most of Trump’s recent projects were built with Chinese made steel and aluminum.

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I Am a Hugely Freakin’ Genius

On Monday, October 3rd I watched an interview with a Trump advisor regarding Trump’s likely non-payment of income taxes. She was all about him being a business genius who was smart to work the tax system to his advantage. I also watched some of Trump’s Colorado rally where he pretty much did the same.

During the relatively prosperous years of the Bill Clinton administration Trump made business decisions that ran his casino-hotel business into bankruptcy and a loss of near $1 billion. As reported in the NY Times this set him up for a loss that may have freed him from federal income taxes for the next two decades.

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Party Demographics, They Be Changing

Came across this study by the Pew Research Center and found it informative. Since 1992 demographics of America’s political parties have been changing The first graph shows the country becoming more ethnically and racially diverse (less white) and that the Democrats are making the most of it. In 2012 the GOP made note of this and said they were going to work towards becoming more inclusive. Just the opposite has occurred.

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Observing Unconstitution Week

This is Constitution Week in America. We are “a nation of laws” and it is the US Constitution that makes us such. One of the great divides in America is over what the Constitution requires of the government and we the people. The historical division has been between strict and liberal construction. It’s like the Bible, is every word to be taken literally or are many things parables that set a general course of behavior?

Strict constructionists believe that if abortion isn’t mentioned in the original words it is then something the federal government has no control over. The 10th Amendment therefore gives the power over abortion to each state to decide for itself. Liberal constructionists believe the original work sets a basic framework that is meant to be flexible as time evolves. You see this in the 2nd Amendment fight over arms. The stricts believe they have a right to own any and all firearms while the liberals believe the authors of the Constitution would never have authorized the civilian ownership of today’s military style weapons.

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$4.4 Trillion – WTF?

Trump just gave a speech in which he called for a 4% increase in the nation’s economic growth rate while pushing for a $4.4 trillion tax cut over a ten-year period.

I’m not an economist but I’m not totally ignorant of the subject. I read through Fox’s story on Trump’s economic plan and found it to be just more of the same old trickle down bullshit that has never benefited anyone other than the upper levels of society. More of the rich get richer nonsense we’ve been hearing since Ronald Reagan came to office with his supply side voodoo economics. Almost forty years later the middle class has fallen on hard times while the upper one percent have never had it so good. The disparity in income between the rich and poor may never been greater than today.

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Emotion & Anger Rule the Day

CBS Sunday Morning did a segment where they went to Trump rallies and ask regular people why they were supporting Trump. Without exception not a person answered with anything substantial. Their answers fell into one of two baskets, they are angry and felt they’ve lost their nation, or they didn’t like Hillary.

Not a soul was able or willing to lay out their reasons in a researched, informed, logical, step by step, fashion. They didn’t know specifically why they were for Trump, they just knew they were. It was simply a case of emotion and anger being the great motivator.

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Peaceful Transition

One tenet of Donald Trump’s campaign has been a strong insistence that if he were to lose it would have to be due to the system being rigged against him. He made those charges during the primary race and has continued the same in the general campaign. He has claimed, for example, that he can’t lose Pennsylvania unless the vote is rigged. Doesn’t matter that the polls show him with a 8% deficit to Clinton in PA.

There is an inherent danger in his making these statements. As demonstrated many times a large part of Trump’s followers have a tendency to be zealous and at times aggressive. They obviously don’t seem too interested in truth, facts, details, and reason. In many of their eyes Trump is an almost cult like leader. Put this all together and you don’t have a stable brew.

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