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Wanna Visit Your Favorite DJ Trump Lie?

A couple of years ago I became aware of an organization called the Internet Archive. It is a repository of just about everything that’s been posted to the Internet since www was just a w. It is a favorite research tool for political reporters in their quest to keep the politicians honest.

Yesterday I received a message about the IA making available a growing collection of all the things Donald Trump has said since he rode that escalator to the ground floor of the Trump Tower to announce that most Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers. That certainly wasn’t the first lie Trump told but it’s a good place to begin.

I’ll provide the link to the site but first I just want to say that each statement has been independently fact checked by one of the major fact checking sites that exist today.

Click the button to see Trump’s lies.

NOTE: You may notice at the top of IA’s page they are halfway there to raise $5 million. The purpose is to create a mirror of their servers in Canada out of fear that Trump will attempt to shut their American site down. 


POLL BOUNCE: I’m following a daily tracking poll of electoral bouncing-ballcollege votes. Clinton has always held the lead but in the past two weeks the margin has narrowed. Since the first debate the direction has reversed and Hillary’s lead is increasing. By this reputable poll, she got her post-debate bounce.

America Isn’t Post Anything

Look, the simple truth is that most of us have some racist tendencies but we make every effort to whittle them down and try to get better.  There are too many, however, who are openly racists and seem to take some overt pride in it. Then there are those, lots of those, who say and believe things that really are racists but they don’t see themselves as being racists.

I remember being in an pizza parlor in Cincinnati once and a black family came in and sat at a nearby table. My mother, who I never thought of as being racist, said, “Huh, you wouldn’t think those people would like this kind of food.” I don’t think mom thought she was saying anything bad but in my mind she might as well of said, “Shit, I thought all they liked was fried chicken and watermelon.”

Yesterday the nation and world witnessed Kathy Miller, a Trump campaign leader from Ohio, claim that racism in America didn’t exist before president Obama came along. She went on to insist this nation had no racist past, no civil rights movement, no racial riots in Detroit in 1967, or no one named Rodney King was beaten by an out of control pack of Los Angeles cops in 1991.

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Shes coming to take your guns away

On many occasions Donald Trump has fired up his crowd with claims that Hillary Clinton hates the 2nd Amendment is if elected is going to absolve the right to bear arms. On at least two occasions Trump has overtly suggested that “2nd Amendment people” may need to resort to violence to protect their rights.

I’ve followed the 2016 presidential race since it began and more closely as it enters the final weeks. No place have I heard Clinton or the Democratic Party issue a policy that threatens the private ownership of firearms. Clinton does have a gun policy and it would limit the ownership of certain types of weapons and it would close a couple of huge loop holes in our gun ownership laws.

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The lies of Donald Trump

In my eye Donald Trump supporters have to be among the greatest hypocrites yet. They claim to want America back and in that claim the say they want politicians who sill listen to them, won’t lie to them, who will put their concerns in front of their own. I can easily understand those wishes because they are my own. I too want all those things. A difference, however, is that I know that political reality has never permitted that to happen. Some politicians are better at it but there are always examples where even those have to ignore the mass and pay the piper.

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Who Pays When the President Travels

Another complaint I ran into from someone who is most likely an Obama hater was a statement suggesting Obama should stay in the White House and not be spending citizen’s tax money out campaigning for Hillary.

Whistle stop campaign train of Teddy Roosevelt. Early 1900s.
Whistle stop campaign train of Teddy Roosevelt. Early 1900s.

Campaign traveling by presidents is a long-established tradition and it stems from the president also being the leader of his political party. It is expected that the Party’s leader will work to get it’s candidates elected into office. This is true of both Democrats and Republicans.

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Yes, It’s a Big Issue

I had a friend remark yesterday about all the media attention Trump’s unexplained and unapologetic admittance that Obama was born in America was receiving. To paraphrase, with all the things going on in the world, why were they spending time on this?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Donald Trump is neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in a race for the White House. And for over five years one of his major core arguments has been the place of birth and the legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama. For over five years Trump had not passed up an opportunity to use the media to built his birther claim into a movement that grew to 60% of GOP members believing him. The percentage was even higher with people further to the far-right.

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The Deplorables

Hillary Clinton said that half of Trump’s supporters were deplorable due to their overt displays of intolerance and bigotry. Of course Trump and his deplorables are all over her demanding an apology. One even went so far as to say, “She can’t deplort me, I’m a citizen.”

I just find it interesting that nary a day passes that Trump doesn’t say something horribly demeaning to or about someone and that his army of deplorables find nothing to get upset about. Like their leader, they just aren’t interested in the goose getting what the gander gets.

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The Party of Lincoln is Dead!

We seem to be living in a words don’t have meaning, words don’t have consequences, truth doesn’t count, facts don’t count, science doesn’t matter, post rational world.

Yesterday’s news provides the example. Hillary made a major speech about the racism and bigotry of the Trump campaign and Trump responded by calling Hillary a bigot. My question is, doesn’t there have to be some evidence of truth when you call someone a seriously inflammatory name, especially when you’re running for the presidency?

Here’s the facts behind Hillary’s claim that Trump is a racist.

  • Let’s begin with the knowledge that both Trump and his father, Fred, were charged with violating the civil rights of blacks by denying the opportunities to rent Trump properties. Trump has lied about these charges and falsely claimed they paid any penalties.
  • He spent five years demeaning our first black president by insisting he wasn’t an American, that he had no birth certificate, that he was likely Islāmic, and that his educational credentials were questionable.
  • The day he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy he began by attacking Mexicans as being rapists. Admittedly he acknowledged a few might be okay, but he seem positive.
  • He spent the entire primary season saying things that were offensive to Latinos, blacks, Asians, immigrants, military heroes, LGBT, and women.
  • The consequences of his words were such that he increasingly attracted the attention and support of various far-right anti-government groups as well as the majority of white supremacists hate groups.
  • For some time he did nothing to disassociate himself from these groups. Remember how long it took him to take David Duke’s pork chop away? He even said he didn’t know anything about white supremacy.
  • And now, to ice the cake, Trump has chosen as his campaign’s chief executive officer Stephen Bannon, the leader of one of the most verbal and powerful extreme right-wing entities in America, Breitbart News. This is a man who hates minorities, has a record of domestic violence, is extremely anti-government, wants to destroy the traditional Republican Party, is super nationalistic, and who is an almost textbook perfect example of a fascist.

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ELECTORAL VOTES: If the presidential election were to take place electoral collegetoday Hillary Clinton would be elected by the Electoral College. Even if Trump won Ohio and Florida he would not meet the needed 270 electoral votes. Maybe it was a time such as this the authors had in mind when they created the electoral system.

Trump v. Hillary – Whose Pants are on Fire?

Watching CBS Sunday Morning and there were a couple of pieces about Donald Trump, including an interview with Ted Koppel. It was said that two-thirds of what Trump has said during his campaign have been proven false. While I frequently hear Trump distorting the truth I was still shocked with the percentage being so high.

I decided to look into this claim and found that several fact checking sites have uncovered similar results. One of the most credible sites is Politifacts and here’s a chart showing their findings. Not very impressive but to Trump supporters the truth doesn’t seem to make much difference. Paraphrasing the comments of a commentator this morning, the more traditional Republicans, moderates of any ilk, liberals, and the media attack Trump, the tighter his followers cling to his love handles.

chart of trump truths

And just for the record, compare Trump’s chart with that of Hillary Clinton. Vive la difference!

chart of hillary truths

Fact Checking the Fact Checkerf

For a several years I’ve used Snopes.com and FactCheck.org as my go to sources of getting at the truth of all that smells bad on the Internet.

factcheckingRecently a friend posted a meme containing a supposed statement by former presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann. Supposedly Bachmann said that the dinosaur bones found in museums weren’t real because they weren’t dirty. She also claimed they weren’t real because they were wired together and that real animal don’t need wire to hold their bones in place.

As much as I wanted to learn that she had really said that it wasn’t to be. I did a quick check on Snopes and learned the claim was totally bogus. The next day someone posted that they no longer trusted Snopes because it had been indicted on fraud charges. Once again I detected a foul aroma so I ran that through a couple of fact checkers and as I suspected, it resulted from a bogus email that made the rounds on the pipes of the Internet.

They say that one’s senses weaken as they ages. In my case I’m less able to smell my own farts. Funny thing, however, I can still smell the farts of others.