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Charles M. Blow on, The Liberty to Lie

The history of American politics could be defined as a history of the art of stretching the truth. Bending the truth is considered a hallmark of a practical politician. However, as pointed out by New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow, we may have reached a point in history where the lie is not just expected but is also ignored and possibly rewarded.

Click HERE to read Blow’s column. It’s an excellent and though provoking piece.

How Low Will They Go?

While governor Chris Christie and president Barack Obama were taking care of Sandy’s destruction and paying little mind to politics, Mitt Romney was in Ohio trying to appear non-political and concerned. The Romney/Ryan forces staged a “non-partisan” event to take in donations of food and money to help aid the victims of hurricane Sandy.

It turns out, however, that on the eve of the event the Romney crew went to a local Walmart and purchased around $5,000 worth of granola bars to give to event participants to give back to the campaign. To earn extra money the Romney Continue reading How Low Will They Go?