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The Dilemmas of Mike & Larry

I still haven’t figured out what to think about Trump supporters. Michael Steele is black, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and one time lieutenant governor of Maryland. He has announced that he will not be voting for Trump because of the candidate’s appeal to racists. He told a magazine that Trump, “captured that racist underbelly, that frustration, that angry underbelly of American life…” and gave it voice.”

Even though many Trump supporters deny that he has made any racist and misogynist statements the reality is, oh yes he has and he has done so long and strong enough to earn the endorsement and support of most of the white supremacist in America. He’s damned near the poster child for the KKK and American neo Nazis.

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HISTORY: I’ve scrolled back through my mental record of lawsuits-for-dummiespresidential elections and cannot recall any previous example of a presidential candidate making his intent to file slander suits against eleven women who charged him with sexual aggression, a part of a major policy address.


MISOGYNIST PRICK: Conservative GOP senator, Jeff Sessions, sexual-assaultsays that what Donald Trump said on Billy Bush’s bus was not sexual assault. I don’t think Sessions or any man has the right to decide that. Like blacks have the right to say what is racist, sexual assault is whatever women say it is.

HIM-roids as of 10/7

HIM-roids are the things Trump says. Trump-roids and Ass-roids are a video game. One that is not fun to play if you give a shit about America.

It is just too difficult to write an individual comment regarding every utterance of bullshit that comes out of the Trump campaign. So, I starting a page of running comments and positions and was going to call it Trumproids. Then I remembered just how highly Donald thinks of himself, hugely God like, so I’m calling it HIM-roids.  Here’s a few to get things started:

  • 10/7 – Video/audio tape uncovered showing Trump at his misogynist worst. His apology is to say Bill Clinton has said worse.
  • 10/7 – Trump makes the totally bogus claim that the Border Patrol is allowing illegals into America so they can vote for Hillary.
  • 10/7 – Against DNA evidence Trump still denies the Central Park Five were wrongly accused.
  • 10/5 – The conservative Wall Street Journal has found a pattern of Trump contributing to the state’s attorney generals whose offices were investigating his businesses.
  • 10/5 – Trump’s former tax account said in multiple interviews that It was Ivana who understood taxes more than Donald. That Donald is not the tax genius he claims.
  • 10/5 – Trump’s questionable charity may be in trouble in dozens of states. Attorneys General all over America are looking into the legal status and activities of the Trump Foundation.
  • 10/4 – Trump told Pennsylvania steelworkers that America would be rebuilt with Pennsylvania steel. Most of Trump’s recent projects were built with Chinese made steel and aluminum.

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TAXES: Remember that it was tax trouble that finally brought down 1040a-tax-prisonChicago crime boss, Al Capone. With every news cycle there seems to be more evidence that Donald Trump could be headed for tax prison because of how he’s used and/or abused the Trump Foundation. The NY attorney general is hot on his heels.

BREAKING: Trump’s Taxes – NOT!

Donald Trump’s refusal to release his federal tax returns has become a major issue in the 2016 campaign. Trump insist his being under an IRS audit prevents this records from being made public but even the IRS has said such is not correct. In the first presidential debate Hillary Clinton claimed that trump paid zero federal income taxes during the two years his records were made public in order for him to file for casino licenses in New Jersey.

Today the New York Times released information it has uncovered about Trump’s 1995 tax return. I don’t know how they obtained the data but the Times says that in 1995 Trump, due to major business mistakes involving his casinos and airline, filled a business loss of $916 million. Tax experts who have reviewed the documents say this large a loss could wipe out Trumps tax liability for as much as eighteen years. Put another way, Donald Trump, because of poor business tactics, may have paid zero federal income taxes for eighteen years,

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The lies of Donald Trump

In my eye Donald Trump supporters have to be among the greatest hypocrites yet. They claim to want America back and in that claim the say they want politicians who sill listen to them, won’t lie to them, who will put their concerns in front of their own. I can easily understand those wishes because they are my own. I too want all those things. A difference, however, is that I know that political reality has never permitted that to happen. Some politicians are better at it but there are always examples where even those have to ignore the mass and pay the piper.

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Yes, It’s a Big Issue

I had a friend remark yesterday about all the media attention Trump’s unexplained and unapologetic admittance that Obama was born in America was receiving. To paraphrase, with all the things going on in the world, why were they spending time on this?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Donald Trump is neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in a race for the White House. And for over five years one of his major core arguments has been the place of birth and the legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama. For over five years Trump had not passed up an opportunity to use the media to built his birther claim into a movement that grew to 60% of GOP members believing him. The percentage was even higher with people further to the far-right.

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Where’s the Tax Return Donald?

Some time ago I implied that Donald Trump not be permitted to issue another criticism about anything or anyone, until he had released his tax returns. This remains a major issue with me and I don’t understand why it isn’t getting greater attention in the media.

To those who are examining his taxes there is evidence that he probably hasn’t paid any taxes for several years, and they speculate that a study of his taxes will show his net worth is far less than the billions he claims, he is not nearly as charitable as claimed, and that he has been and remains deeply embedded with overseas, including Russian, bankers.

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To The Victor

Donald Trump was interviewed recently about America’s involvement in the Middle East. He said that he always believed we should have pumped all the oil out of Iraq and brought it home before we left that nation. His claim is that not doing so helped lead to the rise of ISIS.

There is absolutely nothing about this statement that doesn’t disturb me. For over one hundred years the US has not followed a to the victor goes the spoils policy. We have instead tried to see that first, wars are prevented and secondly, they conclude in such a way that vengeance isn’t necessary. The Marshall Plan following WWII is but one example of an attempt to prevent the kind of hatred that ended WWI and fed directly into causing WWII. Just imagine the need for vengeance in the Arab world if America had raped Iraq of its wealth.

Donald Trump has said any number of things that make him a war monger. He has said he wouldn’t rule out nuclear weapons, he has advocated for the spread of nuclear weapons, he has many times advocated for a policy that places American interest before those of other nations. He has given tacit approval for American boots on the ground in Syria. And he recently called for and unfunded $15 billion overhaul of the US military. He has even stated that he favors war if it results in an American victory.

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Rules That Lead to Respect

Respect is something that should never be given unless it is earned. As a teenager I respected none of my teachers unless they somehow earned it. In the Navy the officers I respected had all done something to warrant respect. I haven’t a clue how someone earns your respect but for me the rules are pretty simple and basic. Want my respect? Then come close to meeting the things on this list:

  • Love all creatures.
  • Don’t hurt things.
  • Remain tolerant of others. Live your life and allow them theirs.
  • Don’t hate.
  • Don’t be dogmatic.
  • Don’t choose to remain ignorant.
  • Don’t make up your own facts.
  • Your opinion isn’t worth shit if sound concrete evidence won’t support it.
  • You surrender your right to be heard if you don’t vote. So STFU.
  • If you don’t like the community you live in either help make it better, STFU, or move.
  • Most of what’s wrong in your life is your fault so get off your ass and work on fixing things up.
  • And for the moment, at least….don’t permit Donald Trump to mouth another freaking complaint about anyone or anything until he has released his tax records.

Failing any of the above you may want to take a refresher course in Kindergarten rules 101.

The Party of Lincoln is Dead!

We seem to be living in a words don’t have meaning, words don’t have consequences, truth doesn’t count, facts don’t count, science doesn’t matter, post rational world.

Yesterday’s news provides the example. Hillary made a major speech about the racism and bigotry of the Trump campaign and Trump responded by calling Hillary a bigot. My question is, doesn’t there have to be some evidence of truth when you call someone a seriously inflammatory name, especially when you’re running for the presidency?

Here’s the facts behind Hillary’s claim that Trump is a racist.

  • Let’s begin with the knowledge that both Trump and his father, Fred, were charged with violating the civil rights of blacks by denying the opportunities to rent Trump properties. Trump has lied about these charges and falsely claimed they paid any penalties.
  • He spent five years demeaning our first black president by insisting he wasn’t an American, that he had no birth certificate, that he was likely Islāmic, and that his educational credentials were questionable.
  • The day he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy he began by attacking Mexicans as being rapists. Admittedly he acknowledged a few might be okay, but he seem positive.
  • He spent the entire primary season saying things that were offensive to Latinos, blacks, Asians, immigrants, military heroes, LGBT, and women.
  • The consequences of his words were such that he increasingly attracted the attention and support of various far-right anti-government groups as well as the majority of white supremacists hate groups.
  • For some time he did nothing to disassociate himself from these groups. Remember how long it took him to take David Duke’s pork chop away? He even said he didn’t know anything about white supremacy.
  • And now, to ice the cake, Trump has chosen as his campaign’s chief executive officer Stephen Bannon, the leader of one of the most verbal and powerful extreme right-wing entities in America, Breitbart News. This is a man who hates minorities, has a record of domestic violence, is extremely anti-government, wants to destroy the traditional Republican Party, is super nationalistic, and who is an almost textbook perfect example of a fascist.

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