Calhoun’s Jefferson Street Grill

Several weeks ago I ran into Brad Calhoun and got to talking food (I do that a lot). Brad began telling me about his plans to open a new restaurant in Greenfield on Jefferson Street, directly across from the post office.

I stopped by today to see what progress he’d made and while he is probably several weeks away from firing up the grill, char-broiler, and fry-daddy the place is taking shape.

He has stripped the walls and flooring to the Continue reading Calhoun’s Jefferson Street Grill

Stroh’s With Steven and Joe, A Beach Boy Trying to Steal my Girl, Plastered Kansans, and Getting Out Alive

First off, I’m the new kid here at The Store. Chopper invited me in, which could be the biggest mistake of his life. Come to think of it, knowing Chopper as I do that’s not likely. The mistake of inviting me here would be small potatoes compared to some of his historic screw-ups. Just kiddin’ Chop. Sort of.

Anyway, as some of you may know I maintained a couple of websites for a while, one a rock music site and the other a sports site. I ultimately became bored as I’m prone to do and let them die a slow and painful death. Still, Chopper liked some of my stuff and had me over to the General Store. So here I am. Below Continue reading Stroh’s With Steven and Joe, A Beach Boy Trying to Steal my Girl, Plastered Kansans, and Getting Out Alive

Kinky is Kinky for Perry

Several years ago, before Don Imus got his tit caught in a public relations wringer and was canned from MSNBC, I was a devout fan of his morning program. It was just edgy enough to sate my irreverent sense of humor and bring forth a few laugh out loud moments most mornings.

Through Imus I was introduced to several people I’ve come to greatly admire and enjoy. That list includes Delbert McClinton, Continue reading Kinky is Kinky for Perry

Doughboy and 3-Minutes of Fame

There’s an old adage about everyone having their 15-minutes of fame. Well, I really doubt that is true but On August 18, 2011 I did get about 3-minutes of minimal fame. I appeared in a film, Doughboy the Movie, playing the role of an aging Vietnam Veteran named Bob, who had been a Navy Corpsman serving with a Marine detachment close to the border of North Vietnam.

The film was shot entirely in Wheeling, WV and the world premier took place at the Marquee multiplex Theater in Continue reading Doughboy and 3-Minutes of Fame

Wheeling Heritage Bluesfest, Day One, 2011

When it comes to music festivals I’m a relative newcomer. However, of those I have attended, the annual Wheeling Heritage Bluesfest ranks at the top. Not only is the entertainment superb but the hospitality and accommodation is even better.

The venue is in downtown Wheeling aside the Ohio River, easy to get in and out of, adequate and Continue reading Wheeling Heritage Bluesfest, Day One, 2011