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February 15, 2019

  • I just learned that I really don’t love America. Trump reportedly said during a public announcement this morning that, “The people who really love America love me.”
  • Here’s my horrible factoid for the day. The total student debt in 2018 exceeded $1.5 trillion. Correct me if I’m wrong but my gut tells me much of this is owed to the vultures of American banking. Maybe we should ease up telling our kids they should risk bankruptcy in pursuing a college degree. Maybe they would be just as successful and happy learning a secure trade. The future may be bright for a skilled finish carpenter. 
  • Trump says he didn’t need to declare an emergency, that it would just get his wall built faster. In court this could bit him on the ass.

February 14, 2019

  • First of all, I want to say happy birthday to our son Mike. Many more my man! 
  • I have a software program that monitors hits to this site and among other things it lists the browser that is most commonly used by visitors. In today’s world, the leader by far is Google’s Chrome. Firefox is second and Microsoft’s Explorer (by whatever name) is third. It’s like the world has swapped polarity in the past few years.

February 13, 2019

  • Trump is now suggesting we have fireworks and parades on or around the 4th of July to celebrate America. He thinks it may catch on and that people would enjoy it. He does this often enough to seriously cause one to question his sanity.
  • Given the past several weeks there’s little doubt my well will have an abundance of water this summer.

February 11, 2019

  • After the grandkids grew the electric griddle fell into disuse. It is now a shelf that held cooking things such as spices and oils. A sign of aging is that the contents are now over 50% medicines and vitamins. 

February 10, 2019

  • “Those 400 Americans own more of the country’s riches than the 150 million adults in the bottom 60 percent of the wealth distribution, who saw their share of the nation’s wealth fall from 5.7 percent in 1987 to 2.1 percent in 2014, according to the World Inequality Database maintained by Zucman and others.” Keep supporting hard-cord conservatives and you may work your self right onto the bottom rung of the economic ladder.

February 9, 2019

  • Another chilly day but sunny and beautiful. I was going to have lunch at home but decided to take a ride with the dog that would include a stop at Beechwood Pizza for maybe the world’s best cheeseburger. My favorite, grilled bun, locally fresh ground beef, cheese, a slab of red onion, and a slathering of Miracle Whip. I drove by the boat ramp at North Shore and darned if there wasn’t a truck and trailer parked there. Brought a smile to my face. Happy for the fisherman and happy that it wasn’t me freezing their butt off! 

February 8, 2019

  • Twenty-five degrees out with a partly sunny sky. Just finished a small bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. Thank you, Mother Nature and Mexico.

February 6, 2019

  • Early in Trump’s SOTU address, whose theme was to include unity, Donny the Ego sets the opposite theme by telling the Democratically controlled house, they can’t expect his bipartisan support if they continue to investigate him, his businesses, and his presidency. “If there is going to peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation.” After that tone-setter, the remainder of the photo op was given over to his typical river of lies and half-truths. Did anyone with a mind expect more?

February 5, 2019:

  • I sat through yesterday’s Super Bowl with an empty feeling in my stomach. None of the commercials were interesting or entertaining to me (maybe because I didn’t really pay close attention), the half-time show totally sucked (which it usually does, even when I do recognize a performer’s name), the most exciting part of the game was seeing a kicker punt a new record, and finally, I wanted to see the Rams pull a rabbit out of the hat and that didn’t happen. Just today I finally realized why the gloom. It really came down to the heartbreak of knowing the Saints got screwed by a blind referee.
  • I know this is a gross generalization but in my gut, which is not as yuge as Trumps, I believe that if someone in power is going to do something stupid it will usually be in Kansas, Texas, or South Carolina. Example, a Kansas judge just blamed two 14-year-old girls for causing their own sexual abuse and gave their 60 plus-year-old abuser a reduced sentence.

February 4, 2019

  • I wonder what percentage of the world’s endangered animals are believed to be aphrodisiacs in Asia?
  • One of the old age things that are increasingly becoming more of a problem is the ability to read in a darkened environment. Had one hell of a time reading a restaurant menu until I took my cellphone out and turned on the flashlight feature. And another thing, who the hell were all those people in the half-time show?

February 3, 2019: 

  • We just watched Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard deliver her “my hat’s in the ring” speech. She becomes the latest in a growing field of what, so far, is a decent looking crop of Democratic candidates. I’ve got lots of time and need lots more information before making up my mind. But, she did raise a question in my mind.
    Seventy-five miles away a mushroom cloud is visible from downtown Las Vegas. (early 1950)

    Several times she mentioned the nuclear threat that came to be following WWII. She spoke of a rising nuclear threat and how many times the world could be destroyed just using our current weapons arsenals. It made me ask the question, just how many deaf, unknowing, ears her words fell upon? How many of today’s Americans, especially young Americans, are aware of the nuclear threat that still exists and threatens to get worse? Everyone my age knew about atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, B-52 bombers, Trident submarines, and ICBM silos in North Dakota. We could turn on our B&W TVs and see atomic test explosions just outside Las Vegas. We could watch news footage of whole Pacific Island groups made forever uninhabitable from H-bomb experiments. We never see these things today and although all this and more exists, do we even know about it. Maybe we need to take a little time out of watching scripted reality TV and give it over to the true realities.

February 2, 2019:

  • You know you have a loving wife when she delivers something like this to you in your recliner. 
  • Given the massive Polar Vortex, we’ve been experiencing everyone is in the ultra lazy mode, including my main man, Cooper. 

February 1, 2019:

  • Remember Baghdad Bob standing on a roof and telling the citizens of his country nothing was wrong. As he spoke there were American tanks arriving in the background. I see so much in what Trump says an does that borrows from the Baghdad Bob School of Reality Avoidance. His security chiefs discount all he’s said and he replies, no they didn’t, it was fake news.
  • Biggest question today seems to be, what are we going to eat during the Super Bowl. I’ve got a couple of Guinness Stouts on hand for the game but the food remains undecided. I’m thinking Mike Sell’s Potato Chips and UDF cherry cordial ice cream.  WTH, it’s the big game and it’s only once a year! 

January 31, 2019:

    • Judgment call. You have 1/2 a Panera French toast cinnamon bagel left and a couple dozen sugar ants get into the bag it was in. Do you toss the bagel or toast it, ants and all, slab on some butter, and enjoy? Now guess what I did? 
    • Cleaning out a drawer today and came across one of the most humiliating moments of my life. Years ago I carefully and proudly navigated my full-sized Ford conversion van into a tight parking spot and when we returned from lunch found this under the wiper blade.

January 30, 2019:

  • Sotheby’s is planning to auction off  16,889 bottles of wine and the take is expected to be around $26 million. That figures out to be $1,588.55 a bottle. When I was a kid there were a group of local winos who spent their hard scraped money on pint bottles of Mogan-David 20/20. Wonder what they would have said about this?
  • I just received a message from FiveThirtyEight announcing they are beginning their presidential polling for the 2020 election season. In 2016 I religiously followed their daily poll and was certain Hillary was going to beat Trump. Well, she didn’t and I blame the entire freaking thing on 538!
  • Speaking about 2020, Kamala Harris’ hat hasn’t been the ring for a week yet and she’s under the vilest of attack. Already called a birther fortelling worse to come.

January 28, 2019:

  • Have a few errands to run and looked at the 5-day forecast. The high for today is predicted to be 46. The weather gurus say that Wednesday’s high will only be 4. I’m thinking today’s the day because my buttocks aren’t leaving the recliner on Wednesday!

January 25, 2019:

  • For years I’ve ranted that there is such a thing as obscene wealth. Well, here’s an example. I have a former student who has been homeless for years and is currently living in a tent along an abandoned railroad line. At the same time a guy in NYC, Ken Griffin,  just set a new all-time record for a residence in America. He paid $238 million for a 24,000 square-foot penthouse overlooking Central Park. That is absolutely obscene and gets close to what I think should be illegal. AOC wants a 70% marginal tax on earned income above $10 million annually. Sign me up to that!

January 24, 2019:

  • I began my first website in 1997and in the intervening twenty-two years I’ve written several thousand pieces. I don’t know if it’s age-related or simply lacking the mental hard drive space, but these days it seems increasingly difficult to remember what I’ve written about before. To save myself time and worry I’m not going to bother looking for an earlier story, I’m just going to write about what’s on my mind at this moment. Fair enough?

January 23, 2019:

  • According to ABC Trump is preparing two speeches to mee the State of the Union requirement, “one a traditional address to Congress (location undetermined) and the other a rally style speech to be delivered outside of D.C.” There is no Constitutional requirement how the annual report to Congress be made and during much of our history, just a simple letter was filed.
  • My mother knew perfectly well how to make biscuits but when canned whomp biscuits came along that ended homemade in our home. Yesterday my wife discovered frozen Pillsbury biscuits in our market’s freezer and the church bells are peeling. Happy days are here again and breakfast this morning was a biscuit with sausage gravy and a sunnyside up country egg.

January 22, 2019:

  • I’ve promised myself that today is the day I’m going to conquer my fear of the cold and go for a walk. Don’t know how this will turn out but maybe there’ll be film at eleven! If Kroger had a great donut shop that may be all the motivation needed.
  • You may not be keeping track of the times Trump has lied to or mislead Americans but the Washington Post is. Yesterday they reported the count since the beginning of his term is up to 8152. His nose remains much longer than his penis.
  • Yesterday I saw a meme containing three photos, each representing the recognized symbol of racism in their century. The 19th century was represented by the Confederate flag. The 20th by the Nazi Swastika. And the 21st by a bright red MAGA cap.  With red hats in mind, I see that Trump has come out in support of his red hat sporting gaggle of smart ass mid-West teenagers. Go figure! 

January 21, 2019:

  • Our oldest daughter has been in Spain for almost three weeks. She was chosen to be part of an artist in residence project. Technology has permitted us to have contact throughout the day and to look at and enjoy the art projects she and others have created. Yesterday she was making her way home and stopped over in Madrid. She shared a photo of a cream puff she had purchased for a snack. I’m hoping that before I pass technology will permit the teleporting of cream puffs over the Internet in real time, I want that before smellyvision.
  • I really take no comfort in this cartoon. It’s just so realistic.

January 19, 2019:

  • Just hanging out in the living room waiting to see which part of the winter storm warning will be correct The predictions range from a rain event, a mixed mess, some freezing rain, and 3-5″ of snow. We seem to be on the edge of several possibilities. During this government shut down I know the meteorologists at NOAA in Wilmington aren’t getting paid so I hope they aren’t just screwing with our heads and in truth, the blizzard of 2019 isn’t about to dump on us.
  • Our daughter is finishing a two-week artist residency in Southern Spain and is currently on a 200 mph train to Madrid. Somehow an image of going that fast on a train isn’t settling well. The thought of nearby features going past that quickly makes my head spin.

January 18, 2019:

  • Last evening I watched a small group of incoming congressional women being interviewed on MSNBC by Ari Melber. It was one of the few moments of political joy I’ve experienced lately. Women in politics is a true source of hope. I never thought that I, as an old white-haired man would dislike old white-haired men as I do.
  • A friend remarked about how sharp my memory was and while I liked hearing it said I know that it’s nothing like it once was. I don’t suspect I’m experiencing any form of dementia but one’s memory is an early victim of normal aging. The friend’s comments prompted me to recall how many of us have people in our lives with special talents to recall information about certain aspects of life. I had a childhood friend who was especially good at recalling 1950s and 60s trivia about our hometown of Greenfield. He knew who dated who, who drove what kind of car, and who lived in that house where Rapid Forge and Lower Twin Roads crossed each other. Another was a lady I taught with and she was a trove of information about former students. If you wanted to know who was dating who in 1973 and who who was sneaking out with, she was your go-to person. Both those people have passed and I’ve found no one to take their place. An old African saying goes, “When an old man dies a library burns down.” Such is very true.

January 17, 2019: 

  • I received an online newsletter from the Cal-State Fullerton Alumni Organization this morning and it made me feel very disconnected from my past. I haven’t been on that campus since graduating in 1969 and moving back East in 1970. Since it was at that time mostly a commuter school I made no lasting friendships. The only connection was during those few times when the CSF baseball team was competitive on a national basis. Such a different experience to those I know who graduated from OU, OSU, Bowling Green, Kent State, etc. Oh well, at least I haven’t forgotten the education I obtained there!
  • Our oldest daughter turned 51 today and is celebrating her birthday at an art residency in Spain. Happy birthday Jenny!

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