Tess Anfone, Los Angeles, CA, Class of 1991, Hi everyone! This is wonderful that everyone cankeep up to date with each other! Let's see, I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1996 with a degree in Communications. After graduation, I worked at GE Aircraft Engines in Cincinnati, but then decided to pack my bags and head to Sunny California! I arrived in LA in July 1997. So far I have worked on three films, the last one as a Production Manager. However, I've taken some time off from the industry to write a screenplay. For almost the past year, I've been an Event Planner. We put together Corporate Events to birthday parties. But now as it stands, I'm ready to get back into the thick of things. Starting next week, I will be joining the team of Abrams, Rubaloff and Lawrence, a successful talent agency in LA. I absolutely love it here! If any of you are ever on this side of the country, please let me know at tanfone.netcom.com. Email to tanfone@ix.netcom.com 

Danielle (Adams) Buttrey, Class of 1994, Fairview, TN 37062, Hello to who is reading this. I moved to Nashville in late 1993. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I worked at a NASCAR sanctioned race track starting in 1997 and that is where I met my wonderful husband Wade. We married in Jan 2000 and had our first child in May 2001, a Beautiful baby girl named Kenlea Marie. We are now expecting our second addition April 18, 2003(another girl Hannah Grace). I am working part time as an assistant to the great Cledus T. Judd. Having a wonderful time. Feel free to contact me at the email address you see. Take care!!!!! darangie@msn.com UPDATE: Danielle (Adams) Buttrey, Class of 1994, New email address... buttrey@comcast.net 

Brad Barber, Class of 1995, 307 E. Main St Apt. 1, Wilmore, KY 40390, After graduation, I attended Ohio University where in 1999 I received a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Management Information Systems and Business Pre-Law.  In the fall of ’99, I started working for Ichthus Ministries.  Ichthus is the nation’s oldest Contemporary Christian Music festival www.ichthus.org .  I am now the Assistant Executive Director and loving every minute of it.  I’d love to hear from you, so drop me a line!
brad@ichthus.org UPDATE: Brad Barber, Class of 1995, I213 Epworth Ave., Wilmore, KY 40390, I'm still working at Ichthus Ministries and loving every minute of it. The main thing I wanted to share with my friends is that on June 25, 2005 I will be getting married. I know that it took a long time, but she is worth with wait! brad@ichthus.org  UPDATE: Brad Barber, Class of 1995, Well, I've moved back to Greenfield. I now work for the Ohio-West Virginia YMCA as a program director. My wife is a high school math teacher at McClain. Drop me a line! bradbarber@yahoo.com 9/19/06

Dusty Barrett, Class of 1998, After graduating it took me a few years to finally get straightened out. For the past year I have been singing in a full-time southern gospel group called the Crystal River Quartet. Although we're based out of Knoxville, three of us attend Oakland City University in Indiana where the President of the school offered us full-ride scholarships to promote the school while we sing. I will graduate in fall '04 with a degree in music ministry and vocal performance. Its so fun traveling and meeting so many new people, Its also rewarding knowing that your doing it for the right reasons... When someone opens their eyes and sees Jesus for the first time, it proves to me over and over again that this is where I'm supposed to be. I still visit Greenfield, and will be doing a concert at the H.S. on July 30th. Love ya all, and "rest well Mr. Knauer, you gave Many Gifts to me and I will always cherish the lessons I learned from you." url www.crystalriverqt.com email kccboy010@yahoo.com 

Farrah Beatty (Brigner), Class of 1996, 310 South 2nd St, Greenfield, OH 45123, Hi Everyone!!  It's nice to read from all my fellow classmates.  I did not exactly graduate. I got pregnant my Junior year and had a beautiful baby boy my senior year.  I thought I knew everything at that time so I quit school to be with him.  When he was six months old I got my GED.  I am working at Candle-Lite in the Human Resources Dept. I have currently been here for one year. I am now married to Scott Brigner.  My son will be starting Kindergarten this year.  That is pretty much my life as it has been for the last five years.   Anyone who would like to contact me my E-Mail is FBrigner@Yahoo.com, UPDATE: Farrah Beatty, Class of 1996, I am now a single woman. Scott and I got divorced a very long time ago so he may be with the mother of his children, Crystal Oiler Brigner. Best wishes to Scott and Crystal and their 4 beautiful children. My son is now 10 years old getting ready to enter into the 4th grade. I recently moved back to Greenfield after 2 years of living in Kentucky. I work for Schneider National in Washington Courthouse at the Wal-Mart Distribution center. I will be attending the fall quarter at Southeastern Business College to obtain my Real-Estate License. I can't believe we have been out of school for this long. I hope everyone is doing well. farrahbeatty@yahoo.com 

Lynn Beatty, Class of 1999, Hi Everybody! I hope everybody is doing well from ole' Greenfield. I'm doing just fine. Since graduating from MHS I have attended Ohio University for the past three years trying to be educated in some way. This past Christmas I asked Heather Mullikin (MHS 2001) if she would marry me. And she said yes! So now that I am the happiest guy around. We don't have a set date or anything, but we know we would like to get hitched within the next three years. I have spent the past two years  playing in the Ohio University Marching 110 (that's OU's marching band, incase you didn't know). If you would like to see pictures of me in the marching 110 go to www.ohiou.edu/marching110, or www.ohiou.edu/marching110/drumline. I played tenors, and it was great. I hope everybody is doing well, keep it real, and just say no to drugs. obig110@yahoo.com

Shanna (Beatty) Bennett, Class of 1996, 468 Cottage Gove Avenue, Xenia, Ohio 45385, 937-376-4206, after graduation, I married Perry Bennett Aug 9, 1997. We bought our home in Xenia in September of 97. Since then we have (2) children: Mckenna LeAnn she will be 3 Sept 13 03 &Hayden Lee who is now 3 months. I am working in Dayton as an Office Manager I do payroll, A/P, A/R and Purchasing. Perry is currently employed for Palm Harbor Homes in Sabina as an Framing Foreman for the Special Products Division. I have not had contact with many of our classmates so if any one wants to chat please feel free to email me @ blue_eyed_chic78@yahoo.com.

s-bennett A.jpg (25858 bytes) s-bennett B.jpg (17351 bytes)

Dominique Belzacq, Class of 1996, Hey everybody! I´m now studying architecture in a small Bavarian town called Coburg. They have really tasty beer here, but that didn´t influence my choice of studying here at all! I hope to hear from some of my old, always so good-looking friends (except Jason W., he´s still ugly)! Greetings to you all! belzacq@fh-coburg.de

Stephanie L. (Adams) Bivens, Class of 1991, 1818 York rd, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, 937-981-063, I'm surfing the net and found this and thought "no way not my Greenfield", but if they can have a McDonald's and a Burger King I guess they can have their own web page. Well, after high school I entered a Police Academy and completed it in the summer of 1993. Since then I've worked for several departments, everything from being a corrections officer for the state to where I am now, which is the Clinton County Sheriffs Office as a Field Deputy. I met my husband, Andy Bivens, in the police academy and we were married in April of 1998. Andy is a Sergeant with the Fayette County Sheriffs Office, which is where I just transferred from to go to Clinton Co.  I have two wonderful boys Levi Jacob is 6yrs old and David James or D.J. as we call him is 10 months old.  We bought a house on York Road right outside of Greenfield in Nov/99. It was great to see how well everyone is doing, good luck to everyone and GOD BLESS. You can email me at ww6292@dragonbbs.com UPDATE: Stephanie (Adams) Bivens, Class of 1991, 1818 York Rd., Greenfield, Ohio 45123, Just wanted to update things. I've divorced since my last inquiry and have led the single life for about five years now. I also left the Sheriffs Office and have ventured into the Real Estate world. I formed a small Real Estate Investment Company with my business partner and obtained my Real Estate License and now also work for Big Hill GMAC Realty in Wilmington. So, if your in the market for a home give me a call. The kids are growing like weeds and making me gray, now I'm trying to slow down a little and enjoy the boys and some of life. Would love to hear from you McClain Grads, give me a shout! stephanie@stephaniebivens.com www.stephaniebivens.com 

Hallie Baal, MHS Class of 1995. Hello! I've really enjoyed reading the other responses and am very happy to add my own. I am going to be a senior at Harvard University this year; I'll receive my degree in sociology in the fall. I plan to do a thesis this year on women involved with the informal social activities of all-male fraternities. At school, I'm involved with the Radcliffe Choral Society (an all-women's choir), a little bit of theatre, and Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Impact. Please write; I would love to hear from you! My email address is UPDATE, Hallie Baal, Class of 1995, 1626 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138, here's an update--I graduated from Harvard University this year with a degree in sociology.  I'll be back in Boston this school year as a Campus Ministry Intern with Campus Crusade for Christ.  Please write, and definitely get in touch if you're in the northeast. baal@post.harvard.edu

Heather Baird, Class of 1996, 101 S. Shafer St., Apartment C11, Athens, Ohio 45701, I will graduate from Ohio University in June 2000 with a B.S. in Biochemistry.  After graduation, I will attend Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Pharmacology.  habaird@frognet.net

Tonya Magee (Baldwin), Class of 1993, 5695 Franklin Rd., Hillsboro, Ohio 45133, Hello fellow Tigers! I survived the Hillsboro Indian head scalping in 1992.  It must of been due to my "eye of the tiger."  I tamed the Indians and survived a Calculus AP class.  Although I missed my tiger family, the Hillsboro Indians have made me one of their tribal members. Following graduation as one of the valedictorians from Hillsboro High School, I attended The Ohio State University. I went from being a tiger, to an Indian, then finally a OSU buckeye.  In 1997, I graduated with my B.S.N. and worked as a post-op surgical/orthopedics nurse at the Ohio State University Hospital.  I had many OSU football players as patients, while also meeting coach Cooper and many other famous people. It was exciting! I graduated with my master's degree in Adult Health and Illness in 1999, while also completing the OSU Nurse Practitioner program.  I am currently practicing medicine (writing prescriptions and diagnosing illnesses) in my own practice at the Osler Medical Center in Hillsboro, OH. My husband, Eric, is a 6th grade science teacher at Lynchburg-Clay Elementary. He will finish his master's in administration in 2003, and may soon think about a principalship.  We have a new house and plenty to mow.  I can't seem to get rid of my farming roots.  I have a daughter, Kamryn RaeAnn, who keeps me on my toes yet reminds me everyday of God's many blessings. teachcnpmagee@hotmail.com

Nathan Barr, MHS Class of 1992. My hat’s off to the folks at Fall Creek for putting this site together! I am a graduate of The Citadel in Charleston, S.C., and I have worked for Datastream Systems Inc. in Greenville, S.C., ever since. I am engaged to be married Aug. 1 in Clemson, S.C. I would be happy to reply to any emails that come my way, so please post to the following address: BARRN@DSTM.COM, UPDATE: Nathan Barr, Class of 1992, My last update was in 1998, so I guess I am a little over due. My son Max (7yrs old in July of 2007) and I live in Greenville, SC where I work for a small tech company. Between work and kids stuff, I don't get back to Greenfield much, so feel free to shoot me an email and reach out. nbarr@sdinetworks.com. 6/4/07

Bill Beatty, Class of 1994,  since I have graduated I moved to Columbus, Oh. and started Devry I then dropped out after the first term and decided to just get a job and enjoy myself for a time I was amazed at how many people who I graduated with that I ran into up here back in 96 I lived on OSU campus and about 3 months after I moved there I walked outside and what do you know my neighbor was Aaron Stroble I also ran into Brandon Johnson who is going to OSU and several others from Greenfield I am currently working for Microman in Dublin as a pc\printer technician I just started this job but have been in the electronics field for 4 yrs I just bought a house at 1378 Cardwell square north Columbus Ohio 43229 if you would like to get in touch mail me at williamb@microman.com 

Bret Bergstrom, MHS Class of 1990. I am currently residing in the Philadelphia area with my girlfriend Felicia Gevirtz. I was living in Tempe, Ariz., until my move in December. I enjoy moving around! I always enjoy coming home to see my family and friends, and now it’s not as far away. I think it is great that I can keep up with the news of Greenfield via the web. Hello everyone! You can contact me at bberg@mailexcite.com, 198 Matlack Drive, Maple Shade, NJ 08052, or call 609-642-1366 UPDATE: Bret Bergstrom, Class of 1990, 5221 Denmead Way, Raleigh, North Carolina 27613. Since my initial bio, I have moved around, changed vocations, and added people to my life. I currently reside in wonderful Raleigh, NC with my wife, Felicia, and my two young children, Hunter and Victoria. I had worked with kids with autism in the educational setting for the past 4 years and will be a school psychologist upon my completion of graduate studies at East Carolina Univ. Despite being in the South and loving the region and its barbecue, I will always refer to Greenfield as home. I would love to hear from MHS friends and alumni, or would enjoy a visit from anyone passing through the area. bberg26@yahoo.com 

Aunja-Leis Nicol Bishop, Class of 1998, (home)329 South Street,greenfield-ohio 45123,  (SCHOOL) 105B Oak Hall 1269 Springwood Lane Fairborn, Ohio 45324, (937)775-6860-school, I AM STILL THE DIVA -PRINCESS! Since I graduated-I am attending Wright State University in Dayton,Ohio. My major is music education. I am involved with Woman's Chorale, Campus Crusade for Christ, and University Chorus. I will probably graduate in 03. I hope to get a job and complete my masters. I am also going to volunteer my time to Big Brothers/ Big sisters. I would love to hear from anyone-I'm never to busy to talk! Eventually, I would like to reside in the Cincinnati area and teach children to love music as much as I do!  bishop.2@wright.edu or aunjie@hotmail.com

Melissa Blake (Robinett), Class of 1993, 340 South St., Greenfield, OH 45123, I worked at Research for a while and then met Jeff Robinett (graduate 1990) and got married in May 1996. Then I went to college full time at Southern State College in Hillsboro. I graduated in March 1998 from the Practical Nursing Program. In December 1998 we had our fist daughter Madalyne. Then in May 2000 we had Madison. I am currently a nurse at Edgewood Manor in Greenfield. Jjerrybrkl@aol.com

Debby (Block) Fink, Class of 1993, Hilliard, OH 43026, Hello everyone! Since graduation, I attended The Ohio State University and graduated in 1997 with a B.S. in Dietetics.  At Ohio State, I was a member of The Ohio State Marching Band for 3 years. I was able to travel to the Citrus Bowl twice and my final year to the Rose Bowl.  After graduation, I moved to Detroit, MI for a year and completed a dietetic internship at Henry Ford Hospital.  In August of 1998, I married Dan Fink whom I had met at OSU.  He is from the Cleveland area and currently works as a Mechanical Engineer at Honda in Marysville, OH.  I passed my state boards in 1998 and currently am working as a Registered/Licensed Dietitian at Wyandot Memorial Hospital in Upper Sandusky, OH ( I commute 75 miles each way).  However, after 3 years of commuting, I decided to change jobs.  As of next week, I will begin working at Children's Hospital in Columbus and The Center for Eating Disorders and Psychotherapy.  I am anxious for the shorter commute.  We built our house in Hilliard back in 1998 and continue to enjoy making house improvements.  We both enjoy running( I am training for some races) and traveling.  We have made it to Hawaii, the Eastern Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and a few cities like NYC, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco.  We plan to hit the Western Caribbean and Africa soon!  Well, no children yet! Hope to hear from some of you. dfink@columbus.rr.com

Andy Bolender, Class of 1994, This site is pretty cool. I often wonder what some of you are up to. After school I went to college for a few years. I got a job with liberty savings bank Wilmington working in mortgage collections. I married heather Knisley in April of 2001, and had a beautiful little girl Oct. 3, 2003 Her name is Blythe ann. I am now self employed dairy farmer and pretty much spend everyday and almost all day with the cows. I took classes and I breed cattle. Yeah, I never dreamed I would be doing that either. I like spending time with my little girl and riding atv. she is the light of my life. I don't get out to much to see anyone, so send me a e-mail or drive by I am always out doing something. bolandrr@yahoo.com 8/27/07

Angie Bond, Class of 1995, 12358 Sunshine Drive, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, 937-981-1075, Hi everyone!  I just found this website while surfing the net on my day off.  Let's see where do I begin, after graduating high school I attended my freshman year at OSU, what a change in scenery.  I then took a year off from college to recuperate from an auto accident.  In fall of '96 I began dating Scott Badgley (class '90),we have been engaged for the last three years (it is time to get cracking on wedding plans).  I began working for the JC Penney Company in early 1999 and enrolled in school full-time at OU-C.  I worked my way into Management at JC Penney and finished an Associates Degree in Management in 1999 and continued to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Communications.  I switched jobs in early 2002, I currently work as a Manager of the Bath and Body Works in Chillicothe (what a great place to work).  Still no children in the works but we reside in my old neighborhood (since '98) with 2 Siamese cats (Bobo and Mimi), an Abyssinian cat (Cocoa, the newest addition), and a dog (Bruce).  I look forward to hearing from all of you.  Feel free to e-mail annie_slim@hotmail.com.

Kendra Bond, Class of 1998, 1519 Starling Road, I have a son David Gage Schuler. He is 3 years old. I am a stay at home mother. kendrabon@ivillage.com UPDATE: Kendra Bond, Class of 1998, Email me! kengendrea@yahoo.com 

Shelley Bonfield, Class of 1991, 743 Harshman Rd. #52, Riverside, Oh 45431, Hello everyone!  After graduation, I stayed in Greenfield for 1 year then moved to Dayton to go to school. Moving from Greenfield to Dayton was a big shock, so unfortunately I dropped out of school and had some fun. The best thing out of it is that I have a 7 year old boy, Brandon, he is my ray of sunshine. 4 years ago I decided to give school another try, and succeeded.  I have a AS in Computers, and plan to try to finish off my Microsoft tests in the future.  I was getting real bored with computers, so I took a position with Goodwill Industries of the Miami Valley (non-profit organization), yes the thrift store.  It does not sound all that appealing, but it is.  My boss is the director of their Retail Operation, we have 14 stores that we run, and it is lots of fun.  I sit behind a desk and do sales analysis for a few hours everyday, Mon-Fri, then I am free to roam, it is fun, and knowing that the money generated through the stores is used to help the physically challenged people here in Dayton, makes my job worth while. I have touched base with a few of you I have graduated with, and no one seems to know anything about the 10 year class reunion, so if we are having one, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know any details.  Otherwise, anyone that I graduated with, or knew throughout my few years there, feel free to email. shelley160@juno.com

Tim Bolender, Class of 1996, Attended Ohio University....graduated with a BS in Education....Teaching at McClain High School.....got married to Kelly Brigner in 2003....We now have a 16 month old girl....she is the light of our lives!!! Contact me at tbolender@verizon.net 6/4/07

Ekko Lane (Bowman), Class of 1998, 513 Calle Montecito #34, Oceanside, CA 92057, Hello to all! I was really surprised to find this website, and I was really bored! I guess you'd have to be pretty bored when you start to look up stuff on your hometown! I've been pretty busy, but not really, since graduation. I tried the college thing, but soon figured out that I didn't like school and I lacked $$$$, so I joined the Marine Corps. I've been doing that for the past four years, and living in Cali for the past 3. I just reached my end of active duty service in April of 03. I married the perfect man for me (Jonathan Lane, of Wickliffe, KY) in March of 2001. We now have 2 great boys--Cody Aidan Lane 10-4-01 and Chance Michael Lane 4-23-03. Jon has been deployed for the past 6 months in Iraq and hopefully should be coming home soon to meet his newborn son for the first time! If anyone ever wants to chat--feel free to email me ekkolane@cox.net. It's always good to know what people have been up to. We'll be moving to Japan sometime this fall for the next three years, so that should be interesting!! Did we ever have a reunion or anything? 'm so out of touch with everyone! ekkolane@cox.net

Rachel (White) Brewer & Jon Brewer, Class of 1996, US 50 East, Hillsboro, OH 45133, Since out of school I worked at Greenfield Products. I quit there and moved to Hillsboro.  I got a job at the General Dollar store as a manger.  In June of 1997 I married Jon Brewer.  In October of 1998 we had a baby girl (Des). I am now a stay-at-home-mom.    Jon also graduated in 1996. Since school he worked at Bush in Wilmington, Highland Enterprise in Greenfield then transferred to Hillsboro, now he works for the city of Greenfield.  You can contact Jon at gravedigger@bright.net and Rachel at rawrabmom@hotmail.com. UPDATE: Rachel (White) & Jon Brewer, Class of 1996, Our E-Mail address has changed. gravedigger01@earthlink.net

Gail Brown, MHS Class of 1990. After graduating from McClain in ‘90, I went to the University of Rio Grande. I graduated from Rio in ‘94. After my college graduation, I moved back home (where I am still currently sponging!) and started working for a food broker in Washington Court House. I worked there for a couple of years and then, in October of ‘97, I started working at the Ohio State University Medical Center in the department of radiology chairman’s office. I love my job, especially when I get those Buckeye football tickets! In July or August, I plan on moving to Columbus. If anyone has any suggestions of locations, please let me know. My email address is brown.1528@osu.edu or you can write to me at 1184 SR 138 NE, Greenfield, OH 45123, 937-981-3646. P.S. Hello to everyone and “Go TIGERS!!” UPDATE, Gail Brown, Class of 1990, 1695 Wyandotte Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43212,   614-481-9419, This is just a brief update of my new address, e-mail address and phone number. I finally made the move to Columbus about a year and a 1/2 ago and I love it. If anyone is ever in the area, look me up I would love to here from ya. brown-11@medctr.osu.edu

Gladys Brown, Class of 1999, 305 W. Lee Street, Greensboro, NC 27406. hi my name is Gladys brown I went to Greenfield high school back in 1999 and after I graduated I had 4 kids and I moved and went to Florida, Texas, California, and now I'm living in north Carolina for about 1 year now, I would like to tell some people hi. Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs.. Hamilton hi. and to everyone else good luck. angel_of_darkness_20042004@yahoo.com 

Michele Buckner, Class of 1991, Greenfield, Ohio 45123 , Have one little girl Lacie currently working at Bundy in Sabina. michele2shell@yahoo.com

Scott Buckner, Class of 1991, Greenfield, Oh. 45123, currently working at Yusa. ScottBuckner45123@yahoo.com

Jason Butler, Class of 1994, Bloomingburg, Ohio 43106, The last 8 years I've been working at McKesson in Wash Ch Ohio. I have a Karaoke and DJ business on the side and I also breed and train beagles. jbutlers_beagles@sbcglobal.net 

Angie (Campbell) Jay Wile, Class of 1990, Bainbridge, Ohio 45612, Hello fellow classmates I can't believe it's been 13 years since graduation, wow how time flies. Well after graduation I worked for a few years then in 1992 decided to go to college to get my nursing degree. I went to Community Hospital School of Nursing and graduated in June of 1995 as a RN. In July of 1995 I married my high school sweetheart Jay Wile. In December of 1995 we bought our home between Greenfield and Bainbridge, we have 96 acres and enjoy every acre of it. In August of 1998 we welcomed our first child Trenner into our family, he is now 4 1/2 and is full of energy. Then in May of 2001 we welcomed our second child Aubrey, she is now 21 months old and learning something new every day. After the birth of Aubrey I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home and enjoy our children. I am getting ready to return to work to save some money for a new home. Jay is self employed in the heating and air-conditioning field and subcontracts his work out in Columbus. We keep in contact with quite a few people from high school, but would love to hear from any of our fellow classmates. our email address is wile@core.com

Brad Campbell, Class of 1998, After graduation I went to Univ. of Rio Grande on a baseball scholarship studied Business Admin. I got married on 10-04-03 to Amanda, shes from Piketon, and is about to finish grad school at Wright State. I am currently working for my parents at Fayette Carpet, designing kitchens and baths as well as some installation duties. I also coach freshman football at McClain. bradcampbell521@yahoo.com 

Tim and Beth Campbell, Class of 1990, 319 Upper Twin Rd., Greenfield, Ohio 45123, We've been married for 9 yrs. now. We have three great kids, Caleb 9, Morgan 4, Hunter 2. Tim works in Greenfield at Computer Stock Forms as a Cust. Service Rep. and I work part time, but most of my time is spent with the kids. Caleb is a blue belt in Karate and play baseball, football, and basketball. And Morgan is in her second semester of ballet at The Cincinnati Academy of Ballet so that pretty much takes up our time, but we love it. Tim@dragonbbs.com

Chris Carter, Class of 1994, 602 McKell Ave, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, since I've been out of school I have been working at Banta publications for 4yrs now. I bought a house about 2 yrs ago  and love it. I play softball. anyone who would like to contact me feel free to. www.natureboy_carter@yahoo.com: UPDATE, Chris Carter, Class of 1994,This is an update: I just wanted to stop and say hi to everyone. I'm still living in Greenfield and I'm still working at Banta publications in Greenfield. if anyone would like to get a hold of me just drop me a few lines my email address is: ww4767@dragonbbs.com hope to talk to you all soon.

Jason Case, 467 Dickey Ave., Greenfield, Ohio, Class of 1996: I HAVE GOT MARRIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME I'M STILL IN GREENFIELD SO COME ON IN! GOTTA GO BUY A NEW CAR! !ADIOS!

Melissa (Cline) Smithson, Class of 1991, 1099 Pinetop Rd., Bainbridge, Ohio 45612. After graduating McClain in 1991 I attended one year of college studying Accounting. Afterwards, I got married, divorced and remarried. I worked for Weastec Inc. where I held a Team eader position when I resigned in 2000. I am now a stay-at-home mom who keeps busy with the boys(4) being involved in sports and volunteering at school. Through school I never imagined this being the life I would have, but I am loving every minute of it. Would love to get contact with some old friends. Email me, if you like: smithson45612@aol.com 

Nathan Cockerill, MHS Class of 1995. Since graduation, I’ve been attending Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio. I’m majoring in acting and am doing fine. I’ve been in two feature-length films and am currently engaged in a newly-written play. I recently got engaged to Lauren Mitchell, a girl here at school. This summer, I’m going to visit friends in Kurgistan (an independent part of the former Soviet Union), and next year I hope to intern at Saturday Night Live. I’ve thought about trying to restart community theatre in Greenfield, but there seems to be little interest. Contact me at jhnncckr@otterbein.edu or 9494 Winegar Road, Greenfield, OH 45123.

Amy S. Cook, Class of 1997, Bellbrook, Ohio 45305, Since graduation I've attended Wright State.  I graduated summa cum laude December 2001 in secondary English education.  I also received a minor in music, and I teach classical guitar at McCutcheon Music studios in Centerville.  I plan to stay in the Dayton area, and I hope to get a full time teaching position for next year, although the life of a substitute teacher is quite glamorous, as I tell all of my students. I thought we would have a five year reunion this summer.  If anyone knows about this, please email me and let me know, or just e-mail me if you feel like chatting. amyscook@woh.rr.com, UPDATE: Amy S. Cook, Class of 1997, Centerville, Ohio 45459, My name is now Amy Schuyler. On June 7 of 2002 I married Gabriel Schuyler in a small, perfect ceremony in the Hocking Hills. Gabriel is a computer tech and hails from California. amyscook@woh.rr.com

Audra (Cook) Bolender, Class of 1996, 21465 Detroit Rd 214C, Rocky River, OH 44116, 440.356.5793, Hello everyone! I graduated from Cleveland State University in May of 2000, and married Ed Bolender in June of 2000. I have lived in Cleveland from 1996-current. I am working for the Cleveland Browns. I am also getting ready to begin planning our 5 year class reunion....Does anyone have any ideas?? The few classmates I've spoken to felt that late September or early October would be good. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. You can either email, call, or write me! Hope to hear from all of you soon!! abolen@browns.nfl.com, UPDATE:  Ed & Audra (Cook) Bolender, Class of 1996, Ed and I recently moved back to Greenfield in June. We are proud parents of Cierra Blake who is now 11 mos old. She is keeping us very busy. We just bought a house and are getting settled in. Ed is working at the Wal-Mart Dist center in Court House, and I changed jobs and am working for a local trucking company. We are excited to be back home. To reach Audra: audra3131@yahoo.com, To reach ED: bucks3131@yahoo.com

Mindy (Williams) Conklin, Class of 1996, 748 Blaine St., Greenfield, Ohio 45123, I married Jason Conklin in 1999.  I must say the most wonderful man in the world.  We just had a the most beautiful little girl, Chloe.  She was born in May 2001.  I am a stay at home mommy and I love it!!  Anyone who might remember me just write. mindy_conklin@excite.com UPDATE: Mindy (Williams) Conklin, Class of 1996, Jason and I have completed our family. We have a boy, Austin Michael who is 3 and Mallory Sierra who is now 11 months old. Chloe is now 4. I am lucky to stay home with them. Jason is really busy. His business has really taken off. Well if anyone would like to contact me here is my address winterbunny4478@yahoo.com 

Scott Counter, Class of 1995, 593 Stransberry Ct., Worthington, Ohio 43085, I have graduated from Otterbein College in 1999.  Since then, I have worked for Sarcom, Inc. as a sales representative.  Sarcom is a computer and technology reseller based out of Columbus, Ohio.  Please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from all of you. scottcounter@earthlink.net, UPDATE: Scott Counter, 930 Polaris Crossing Blvd., Westerville, Ohio 43081, 614-885-8195, scounter@msn.com UPDATE: 1318 B Virginia Ave, Columbus, OH 43212, 614-203-0116, I move to Grandview Heights and upgraded to high speed internet. rcounte@columbus.rr.com, UPDATE: Scott Counter, Class of 1995, New email address and phone number. rcounter6480@wideopenwest.com, 614-203-0116 UPDATE: Scott Counter, Class of 1995, 3775 Bridle Court, Columbus, OH 43221. I promise this will be the last update for a while. I am currently working for Pride Technologies ( www.pridetech.com ) as a Dedicated Account Representative for Cardinal Health in Dublin, OH. Please take note of my new address and e-mail. I can be reached at 614-219-2132. rcounte@columbus.rr.com  

Chester Cox, Class of 1992, 98-310 Kamehameha HY, Aiea, Hawaii 96701, Hello Greenfield. After graduating in 92 I moved to Columbus and went to Devry to study Electronics engineering. I then joined the navy in the fall of 94. In the Navy I am an Information System Technician/Network Administrator. I have been to just about every country in Europe, a few countries in Africa, the Middle East (Bahrain, India), Jamaica, all over the US, and now live in Hawaii. I got Married in July of 97 to Patricia Gordon, in June of 99 we had a little girl, Kassandra (Kassy). We visit Greenfield a few times each year, maybe we will see some of you on our next visit. I can be contacted via email at chet_742000@yahoo.com, UPDATE: Chester Cox, Class of 1992, chet_742000@yahho.com 

Jeffery Allen Cropper, Class of 1992, Well lets try this once again. First off I am glad to see some of my ol' high school brothers & sisters doing so well. I myself am still struggling a little but somehow keep my head above drowning level. Since graduation I tried the Nashville scene back from 1993 to 1998. I did o.k. I guess. Wrote 1000's of songs to feed myself. I recorded some stuff that is on (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Jeffery+Allen+Cropper&search_type= ) and on ( http://www.myspace.com/jefferyallencropper. Check it out sometime if you'd like. I had one son I named ( Kenton Thomas James Cropper ). I figured I had to give him some aliases just in case. I mean heck, you never know when he might need to use one in this town or day in time. I don't say this proudly. I been on Life Flight 5 times from car wrecks & A motorcycle wreck from being stupid. Drinking & Driving is a stupid thing to do anyway. And I almost paid for it with my life. I know, sounds funny coming from someone like me. But!

Regardless it's stupid. So my head has been racked a few times like shooting A game of 8 ball. I sure would like to correspond with some of my ol' high school buddies. Hope to Hear from you soon. E-mail me here at: jeffcropper1992@mail.com 9/15/08

Kelli Curtis (Huysman), Class of 1991, 3013 prairie road, Washington Court House, Ohio 43160, (740)636-1892, Hi everyone! I am currently living in Wash C.H. with my husband, Jeff, and 2 beautiful daughters, Kelsey, and Shiann. I am fortunate enough to not have to work, so I can enjoy my daughters. I am doing well and am happy that we can contact one another. You can reach me at my e-mail, or if you are ever in the court house area, can stop by my home. I would love to see or here from all my old friends. Take care. danenbunny@home.com

Kendra (Curry) Barnes, Class of 1996, 1464 Pinehurst Court, Columbus, Ohio 43223, Hello All!!  After Graduating from High School, I went to Ohio University Chillicothe and received an associates degree in applied business in 1999. I moved to Columbus in March of 1999 to be with my one and only true love, Bill Barnes.  He graduated from Columbus State in 1998 and is currently working for Kokosing Const. Co.  I have been  employed at BMW Financial Services in Dublin, OH since 1999.  It's not the best job in the world, but I will get to drive a Beamer, eventually!! Bill and I just got hitched on Feb. 17th 2001, in the dark (the lights went out 10 mins. before the ceremony!! fun huh?) We also just bought a house in January, so things are kind of crazy for us right now.  Other than that, things are going well for both of us. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our 5 year reunion!!! Can you believe it's been 5 years... wow... we're getting old!!! Hope to see you all soon!!  GO TIGERS!! UPDATE: Kendra (Curry) Barnes, Class of 1996, Well, Bill and I moved back home late last year. We began building a house near my dad. We sold our house in Columbus too quick so we had to live with my dad. That was definitely a change!! The house process went kind of slow, but we finally moved in in May 04'. It's not completely done yet, but it's close. We're just excited to be in!! Unfortunately, with moving home, it meant that we would both have long drives everyday. I am still working in Dublin at BMW Financial Services and Bill is still with Kokosing Const. Co.- currently working along the OH river. We definitely don't enjoy the long drives, and I am looking for something closer to home. So, if anyone knows of any good jobs available - please email me!! Other than working, we don't do much else. The house keeps us busy. We do try to spend time with our close friends. Still no children. That process isn't going very well. It must be the water. Love to hear from anyone we went to school with. Our new email is kbbarnes@dragonbbs.com  - yes - it's dialup! One thing I miss about living in Columbus - Roadrunner!! Take care everyone - Barnes out. UPDATE: Bill and Kendra Barnes, WOW -- 10 years out of High School -- time flies doesn't it? Some things have changed in my life recently. Besides a year ago quitting my job at BMW and getting a job at L&J Trucking in Greenfield, Bill and I have FINALLY gotten our little miracle of life! We are now blessed with a baby girl just born 3 weeks ago (8/9/06). She is SO precious!! Looks like her daddy. We've waited a LONG time for this - so we're very happy she's here. Adjusting to motherhood is a task in itself, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Bill is still at Kokosing and currently working in Dayton. As I said, I'm working at L&J doing office work. We are both looking forward to our 10year class reunion coming up in September. Hope to see all our old classmates there! By the way, our email address has changed to kbbarnes28@yahoo.com for those of you who care and wish to contact us. 9/19/06 UPDATE: Kendra (Curry) Barnes, Class of 1996,  Since the last update - All things are basically the same however, I have recently become unemployed. L&J Trucking has closed the doors, so I'm available for anyone looking for some office help!! I spend most days with my daughter, Lily, who is almost 18 months old. She's a rotten little thing - but I guess she gets it honest!  Bill and I will be married for 7 years next month - together for 13!!  Anyone wanting to contact us (or contact me about a job) - please use kbbarnes28@yahoo.com 1/30/08

Stacy Daniels, Class of  1998, 440 North St.,   Greenfield, Ohio 45123, (937)981-3016, Hi everyone! Since I graduated in 1998, I have been going to school at Shawnee St. University in Portsmouth, Ohio. I am working on a B.A. in Psychology. I hope to get my Masters degree and hopefully a Ph.D. My future plans are to work in a hospital or have my own practice, hopefully in a large city, but still close enough to Greenfield. New York would be ideal, but who knows? I am still with Justin Ross (we're going on 4 years now!!!). At Shawnee, I am not involved in much. I was feeling a little tired from all
the involvement of high school. However, I am in the National Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma. I would love to hear from anyone who wants to talk. My address is Cedar House 8A   940 Second St.  Portsmouth, OH 45662, or call (740)353-4793. stacydaniels_98@yahoo.com
UPDATE: Stacy Daniels, Class of 1998, Cincinnati, OH 45241, Hey everyone! Since graduating from MHS in '98, I went to college at Shawnee State Univ. in Portsmouth, and graduated in 2002 with a BA in Psychology. I am currently living and working in Cincinnati. I work at a group home for developmentally disabled adults. It's a really fun job, and it never gets boring! Justin Ross and I recently got engaged on 10/27/02--our 7 year anniversary! We are planning to get married on 12/6/03. If anyone wants to chat, just email us at stacydaniels_02@yahoo.com

Cherie (Reeves) Dickey, MHS Class of 1993. You can contact me at jc@mayanet.com.tr or PSC 94 Box 1914, APO AE 09824.

Tami Dodds Croll, Class of  1990, 715 Levitt Place, Cincinnati, Oh 45245, 513-752-6762, Hi! I can't believe it's been 10 years since we graduated from high school!!!  After graduation, I went to Northern Kentucky University for my Bachelor's and Master's Degree.  I've been married to Kurt for almost 7 years and have two daughters.  Allyson is 4 and Lauren is 15 months.  This is my 5th year of teaching music at Glen Este Middle School in the Eastgate area.  At this point, I have 14 days of school left...but who's counting?!!  tamicroll@hotmail.com

Wendy Wells (Dudley), Class of 1992, Pensacola, FL 32507, Hello everybody. This is just an update.  Since I left Greenfield I have lived in Florida, Tennessee, Nevada (where I earned my GED), Oklahoma and then Florida again.  I have been attending college off and on forever now but can't seem to steer myself in one direction.  My husband of 11 years is in the US Navy and I am Mom to Kyle 10 and Michael 8.  We are waiting to see where our next "home" will be.  My brother Ron recently graduated from college in Jacksonville with a degree having something to do with computers.  He has a beautiful daughter who is 5.  My little brothers Alex and Chris still live in Greenfield and attend McClain. I hope everyone is doing well. LePu72@aol.com

Erika (Ely) Mullins, Class of 1998, Hi everyone! After leaving Greenfield in 1996, I attended high school and Sinclair Community College until I graduated. After that I went to Wright State and I graduated from there with a teaching degree in June 2001. Then I married the most wonderful man in the world, Jason Mullins, in July 2001. Jason is an accountant for Pioneer Electronics. I taught for a few years just to find that maybe I don't have enough patience for it. So I am now a store manager of a seasonal tax preparation office and stay home the rest of the time with our beautiful baby girl, Lana JoEllen, who was born on Father's Day of 2003. She keeps us quite busy and entertained when she isn't throwing a tantrum. If anyone wants to chat, just drop me an email at jdeem@sbcglobal.net

VinceParkerFamily.jpg (64842 bytes)Jini (Emerick) and Vince Parker, Class of 1992, South Salem, Ohio 45681, After graduation I attended Berea College for two years, and in 1995, I married Vince Parker (1991 graduate of McClain).  We bought our first home in Springfield, Ohio and lived there for 3 years.  I worked as a dental assistant for the first year and went to x-ray school for the last two years.  After graduation, Vince and I moved back home and built a house in the South Salem area.  Vince works at Kenworth in Chillicothe as a manager and is currently going to school for his masters degree in business communication.  He will finish in October of this year.  After our son's birth (Hudson Kyle) in January of 2001, I left my job at Madison County Hospital in London for a job here at Greenfield Area Medical Center as a radiographer.  It is nice to work close to home and only part time.  This way I am able to spend more time with my son.  Would love to see more of 1992 graduates write in to this site.  Also, would appreciate getting emails. jinxray@yahoo.com Click photo to enlarge

Tiffany  Erkenbrecher Flowers Smith, Class of 1996, 718 N. Fifth St, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, Hi everyone since I have been out of school I got married in 98 to Todd Flowers. I have been working at Banta Publications for 3 years where I am a small machine operator. Anybody that would like to chat reach me at tnt98@bright.net... UPDATE: Tiffany Erkenbrecher Smith, Class of 1996, 12340 Sunshine Dr., Greenfield, OH. 45123, Hi everyone! Since I have graduated I have been working at Greenfield Banta Publications. I remarried in 2000 to Mark Smith and had wonderful little boy named Spencer Wade Smith. So if anyone wants to get hold of me. You can reach me at smitty@dragonbbs.com or my phone # under Mark & Tiffany Smith.

Jamie Compton (Ewry), Class of 1995, Hello everyone! I am glad to see everyone is doing well. I have two wonderful, great, fun kids Hannah Elizabeth Age: 6, and Joseph Alexander Age: 3. I married the love of my life June 12th, 2004. His name is Eric and he is from Peebles. I graduated from SSCC in 2001 and became a CMA for those of you that have no idea what that is it is a certified medical assistant. After graduation I started working at HCCAO I worked there for four and a half years. I just started a new job at SSCC teaching in the medical assisting program. I will attend Franklin University starting this winter ( I do not think I will ever stop going to school!) I spend most of my time with my children and husband taking pictures and scrapbooking. If anyone would like to email me my address is jcomptong@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

Brenda Fabin, MHS Class of 1995. I have had a baby girl!! Michigan will beat Ohio State. You can contact me at 452 Dickey Ave., Greenfield, OH 45123.

Scott Flynn, Class of 1995, Well, just found the website, and it's cool to see what everyone is doing. After school I immediately went into the police academy and that is what I have been doing ever since. I am an Enforcement Agent for the Dept. of Taxation, and a Deputy Sheriff for Fayette Co. Never did hear of any reunion info, for the next one (whoever is running it) please email. I am married to my wife Kris since 1997, and we have a two year old son named Taylor. Well have a good one and GO BUCKS and GO Tigers. scottflynn134@yahoo.com 9/26/06

Jenny (Free) Mustard, Class of 1990, Bainbridge, Ohio 45612, Wow what a sight!  Thanks to Sherry Satterfield for telling me about this page.  It has been nice reading about old classmates.  Well I have been busy these last few years.  In August of 1993 I married Doug Mustard (graduate 1987.) We have two wonderful boys Evan 5 1/2 years old and Zane who is soon to be 7 months old. I am currently working part-time at Greenfield Area Medical Center in the customer service department.  Doug is working at Highland Computer Forms getting ready to start a new job in customer service. We currently reside on a small farm outside of Rainsboro. If you would like to contact either of us our email address is dmustard@in-touch.net 

Valerie (Free) Jones, Class of 1995, I live in the Southeastern School District near Chillicothe. I graduated from Ohio University in 1999 with a major in Secondary English Education. I will be receiving my master's in Education in July of 2003. I now teach English and Drama at Southeastern. I direct the plays and help with the musicals. I am also co-director of Show Choir. I love my job and the kids I teach. I met my husband, Van, at the Ross County Fair! It sounds crazy but our first date was at the steer sale. We married in 1999. Morgan is now in second grade! We also have another daughter named Grace who is almost three. She is a handful so number three might be doubtful!  We live on my husband's family farm. We raise corn, beans, and produce like potatoes and melons. In the fall we also have pumpkins. Feel free to e-mail me: vjones@mail.gsn.k12.oh.us! UPDATE:  Valerie (Free) Jones, Class of 1995, Still at Southeastern for my 6th year of teaching. Still doing plays and musicals. Morgan is now 9 and Grace is almost 5. We have added one more to our family. Stella was born in August. She is 7 months old. Yes, three girls. My poor husband. I guess I am destined to be like my mom! vjones@mail.gsn.k12.oh.us 

Jennifer (Foster) Johnson, Class of 1993, 6949 Perch St., Hillsboro, Ohio 45133, 937-365-0296, What a great website. It is so wonderful to hear what everyone is doing. After high school, I attended Ohio University. I transferred to the Athens Campus in 1995. During one of my weekend trips home, I ran into another McClain graduate, Robert Brian (Bobby) Johnson, Class of 1994. We were married on June 6, 1998. I graduated from OU the following weekend. We had a wonderful son, Tommy Lucas Johnson, on April 7, 2000. I am now working at Highland District Hospital. We bought a new home at Rocky Fork last year. Brian, Tommy and I are just enjoying life at the lake. countryjen6949@yahoo.com UPDATE: Jennifer Foster, Class of 1993, P O Box 1818, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133. I got divorced in Oct 2004. I'm officially a Foster again. Tommy and I are on our own and doing great. I am still working at Highland District Hospital. That seems to be the only place that I see anyone. I am still living at the lake for right now, but I have got to move back into Greenfield School district before August. Tommy will be going to kindergarten. It is hard to believe my baby will be 5 in April. Boy, does time fly. I can be reached through my email countryjen6949@yahoo.com  r by mail PO Box 1818, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133. UPDATE: Jennifer L Stroud (Foster), Class of 1993, 11291 Beatty Rd., Greenfield, Ohio 45123, Hello again. It's time for an another update. Things have been a whirlwind lately. Last summer I signed Tommy up for T-ball. That was the best decision I ever made. I was sure that I would run into some people that I went to school with at the ballpark, but I had no idea I would meet my future husband and soul mate, Mike Stroud. We started dating and just seven short months later, on December 30th, we were married. It was a small wedding, just family and a few friends. My son, Tommy, walked me down the aisle. Mike's children, Kylee and Jonathan, were the flower girl and ring bearer. Life has never been better. I am still working at HDH and can be reached at countryjen0708@yahoo.com.

Wendy Jo Fryer, Class of 1999, 412 5th St.,  Washington C.H., Ohio 43160, 740-335-4775, After graduating from McClain I have not accomplished much. I'm engaged to Richard Coy from Washington C.H., I am recently modeling in Columbus, for magazine companies. I hope everyone the best. misskitty511@yahoo.com

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Norm Garrison, Class of 1992, Fostoria, Ohio 44830, Hello everyone. It is nice to see Greenfield finally got a site. Since graduation I attended Ohio university-Chillicothe, majoring in Elem Ed. I coached football and softball at McClain for six and two years respectfully. I met my wife Katherine Cottrel my last year of coaching and we married August 14, 1999.WE spent our first year in Athens while she received her masters in Athletic training. She got a job at Fostoria community hospital as an atc and that brought us here. I am a state certified police officer with current commission in Greenfield. I  recently started back to school, hoping to gain a degree in Criminal justice. At this point no children, but having a great time practicing. Our ten year is just around the corner and hope to see everyone there (not a buckeye hills of course). Feel free to drop me a line, it would be nice to hear from you all ! norm_garrison@hotmail.com UPDATE: Norm Garrison, Class of 1992, 4412 Rebert Pike, Springfield, Ohio 45502, Hello everyone. We moved to Springfield in August due to changes in jobs. My wife took a position at Urbana University as the head athletic trainer and i am working as a corrections officer with Tri-County regional jail in Mechanicsburg. We are looking to buy a house in Urbana in the near future. Hope all is well with everyone back home. norm_garrison@hotmail.com UPDATE: Norm Garrison, Class of 1992, Springfield, Ohio 45503, Hello everyone, I thought it was time I should update my bio. My wife Katy and I bought a house in 2002 in northern Springfield. We are expecting our first child December 19th and just found out we are having a girl. I am still working as a corrections officer and Katy just took a new position at Urbana University as the clinical director of the sports medicine program. I would love to hear from friends and former classmates, so drop me a line. I hope everyone is doing well. P.S. HOW ABOUT THOSE BUCKEYES !!!!!!!!!! norm_garrison@hotmail.com

Ross and Traci (Hannah) Gordon, Class of 1996, 12400 Wilson Rd, Leesburg, Ohio 45135, 937-981-1413, Ross and I got married June 15th 1996 and started a family. Ross works at Airborne express were he has been employed for 6 years he also works a second part time job. We have three children Kayla 5, Sarah 3, and Brayden who will be 5 months old July 21st 2001. I am currently a stay at home mom. This fall I have been offered a job with Leesburg area Life Squad and hope to become a paramedic in the next year. I have been a EMT-B and ran with the Greenfield area Life squad as a volunteer for almost three years. I also am a certified phlebotomist and worked at Clinton Memorial Hospital for 1 year second and third shift. I am currently making goals to become a flight medic with Med-Flight out of Waverly Ohio after I receive my paramedic certification. Hope to see a lot of friends at the five year reunion. If you would like to contact me or Ross our home phone is 937-981-1413 or email at rossgordon_45135@yahoo.com     

Justin Grate, Class of 1999, Hello Greenfield , Well a lot has changed for me since the days in Greenfield, I left Greenfield in 2000 to a career in the army, I've been stationed in fort hood, Texas since 2001 and am currently on my second tour in Iraq. I met a wonder girl in Texas named Chantal Mullen and we were married in 2004 ,we have a daughter named Gabrielle. I'd really like to get in contact with some old friends and such, so send me a line or two at justin_grate@yahoo.com 

Mindy Green and Jason Campbell, Class of 1992, 614 Mirabeau St., Greenfield, Ohio 45123, Hello everyone, Jason and I currently live in Greenfield and have just had a baby in Aug of 2006. Her name is Alexandra and she is absolutely beautiful! She is very very smart and flirtatious ( I have no idea where she gets that from);). I am a full time member of the Ohio Air National Guard in Columbus. I am an Aeromedical Specialist. Jason is currently enrolled in police academy. We hope to see any of you soon. I have lived all over and thanks to the military I have been all over the world too. Jason spent a year in Afghanistan with the Army and is now in the Army National Guard 19th Special Forces Group. We live in Greenfield because it is close to family and it is friendly place to live. mindy.green@ohcolu.ang.af.mil 4/28/07

Jamie (Kellis) Greene,  Class of 1991, I got married in 93 to Allen Greene. We have 2 kids Austin and Hannah. We live in Highland. I still work for my mom who has a group home for the mentally retarted. Would love to hear from some of you all. Bye db6804@dragonbbs.com

ARAHI LEONOR GUERRA LANDAZURI, Class of 1994, Pedro Traversari 122, La Prensa (la Concepcion), QUITO,  ECUADOR. I'm already graduated from College I studied Production on tv, I worked 1 year and a half in a channel station and after I decided to quit and study for being a flight attendant, so now I'm a flight attendant in my country, I like a lot because feels like I'm free when I'm flying. ARAHI75@HOTMAIL.COM

Melody Haines, Class of 1999, 377 Fordyce Rd, South Salem, Ohio 45681, 740 6262452, Hello Greenfield, My life is going great ,I am attending Ohio University, My major is early childhood education. I am still singing every weekend at the Jamboree in Bainbridge, not married yet, but hope to have a husband and children someday. Its great to hear from all of my long time friends from McClain. Everyone take care and God Bless. Melody. helenandjim@pngusa.net (if you would like to mail me)

Wesley Haines, Class of 1997, After I graduated from McClain in 1997 I joined the U.S. Air Force/ Ohio Air National Guard. When I returned from basic training I volunteered for Military duty wherever they needed me. I have been to lots of neat and hot places. The Middle East is no place to vacation. I Married a Michigan native by the name of Kimberly McGuire on September 1st, 2001. I deployed 2 days later to Alpena Mich.. During that deployment the Terrorist attacked the United States. I have been to quite a few places since then but I now live on Rocky Fork Lake with my wife and 4 children. I'm currently a Civil service IT technician at S.B.M.A.P.. I would like to hear from some of you if you ever get time. If you ever come back to Greenfield maybe I will see you. Great website!!!!!!!!! wes.haines@ohspri.ang.af.mil 

Joshua D. Hall, Class of  1990, PSC 9 BOX 1851, APO,   AE  09123, 01149-6561-67119, Two years after graduating from High School, I enlisted in the Air Force. I was stationed at Luke AFB,Arizona for four years.  Currently, I am serving a four year tour at Spangdahlem AB, Germany. I've had temporary duty assignments in Canada, Spain,and most recently Italy, during Operation Allied Force.  I am married to a wonderful lady and we have a two year old boy. While living in Germany we have traveled to Luxemborg, France, The Netherlands and Belgium.  I am currently working towards my Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Science.  If you want to contact us:  halls26@hotmail.com

JASON LEE HUGHES, Class of 1997, 716 MIRABEAU, GREENFIELD, OHIO 45123, 937-981-2414,   FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS I HAVE BEEN IN THE ARMY. I WAS STATIONED AT FORT HOOD, TEXAS FOR 2 YEARS. I AM NOW CURRENTLY IN KOREA, NEAR SEOUL. I HAVE BEEN HAVING LOTS OF FUN HERE. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEEING EVERYBODY AGAIN. FABULOUS101@HOTMAIL.COM UPDATE: Jason Hughes, Class of 1997, Greenfield, Oh, I got married Dec.2,2000 to Bridget Williams. We have a daughter Katlyin Marie Mallie Hughes, she is currently 7 1/2 months old. I am currently deployed to Indiana as part of Operation Noble Eagle. I have been in the Army for almost 5 years now. While on Active Duty I served in Fort Hood, Texas and Camp Casey, South Korea. I am now in the National Guard in Xenia. I have traveled around to other countries including Japan and Mexico. My hobbies are still Martial Arts and Art work. I love spending time with my wife and beautiful daughter. You can contact me at Fabulous101@hotmail.com

Krissy (Hunter) Bach, Class of 1995, 2519 Welsford Rd., Upper Arlington, OH 43221, After graduating from McClain, I attended Wilmington College and then OSU. I graduated with a BS of Allied Health Professions-Occupational Therapy in June 2000.  For the last 2 years I have been working as an Occupational Therapist at Mt. Carmel West.  In June of 2001, I married Brandon Bach (class of 97').  Brandon works for Audio-Visual Staging Group in Columbus and travels often throughout the country.  Our son, Austin, is now 8 and keeps us very busy with his sports and activities. I'd love to hear from my old classmates! bachbk@ameritech.net

Kassie Penn Hutchinson, Greenfield, OH 45123, 739 South Street, Class 1992, I graduated from Wilmington College in 1996 with a degree in secondary education.  About a month after graduation, I married Jack Hutchinson, who is also an MHS grad (class of 1993).   I taught Spanish in the high school in Washington Court House for two years, but last year I left my job in C.H. to teach Spanish at good ol' McClain. It's like I never really left! I would love to hear from anyone who wants (or has time) to drop me a line! Adios amigos.   hutch@dragonbbs.com

Jens Marquard Ipsen, Class of 1994, Søborg Hovedgade 104, lejl. 27, Søborg, Denmark 2860, Hi! I was an exchange student at McClain for 1 year. I stayed with Susan and Tom Blackstone. I feel privileged to have been able to experience life far away from my own home, and I often think about things I experienced during my stay. I can definitely recommend being an exchange student. I've been reading this section many times now, as I stumbled over it not long ago. When I went back to Denmark I went to our version of High School for 3 years (which means I graduated). After that I really wanted to become a musician, so I played keyboards in a cover band and we played gigs almost all over Denmark. It was fun, but the money! Well, I have to admit it was hard at times! During this time I also worked in different jobs to get enough food on the table. Among other things I was in the postal service. I slowly began to miss being in school and the last gig I did was a solo gig two years ago (2000) where I played piano at a friend of mine's wedding. I got to play a black Steinway. Then I started to study computer science at the University of Copenhagen and this I have been doing for three years now. I've been lucky to find a student job on the side at a firm called Novo Nordisk which have a fairly big IT division. There I work as an IT-supporter. I've often thought about taking a semester in the states. For example at Berkeley or Stanford. I'll have to plan a little on that one! Thanks for a great stay! Please write if you have any questions or comments. P.S.: Hi Susan, Eric, Janet, Helen, Buck, Holly and Jenny) dsl64505@vip.cybercity.dk

Marlena ( Joei ) Kelley ( Jackman ), Class of 1995, 6485 East County Road 700 South, Frankfort, Indiana 46041, I'am living in Kokomo, Indiana and have been here since May of 1999. I'am in management for a Small Seed Corn company in central Indiana and eastern Illinois. I plan to finish my college education at Indiana University in January of 2002. I hope to here from a lot of people from the Greenfield area!!!! joei_k@yahoo.com

Kara Jackman, Class of 1994, Hey everyone! I graduated from Ohio University Chillicothe in November '98 with a degree in elementary education.  I've been subbing for the remainder of the school year, but I'm hoping to land a job here shortly. I am engaged to Nathan Roberts who is also a graduate of McClain (1996). We are getting married October 23rd! He will be graduating from Devry as a programmer that same month. Even though he'll probably get a job in Columbus, we're planning on starting out here in Greenfield until the job situations are settled. You can contact me a jackman@bright.net UPDATE, Kara  (Jackman) Roberts,  Class of 1994, This is a new address (6/01).  I am still at East Clinton where I now teach 6th grade Language Arts. UPDATE: Kara (Jackman) Roberts, Class of 1994, Alexander Charles was born 9/15/02. I decided to take some time off from teaching to stay home with him. He is very active! We now live on McClain Avenue. Please note the new e-mail address. kara.roberts@adelphia.ne, UPDATE: Kara (Jackman) Roberts, Class of 1994, We had a daughter in October 2004, Abigail Grace. I enjoy being a stay at home mom and also sub a couple days a week at Greenfield. We bought "the Pearson's old house" over on S. Washington in May of 2004. Nathan has been at Weastec for 8 yrs. and is now the Systems Analyst. Kara.Roberts@adelphia.net 8/27/07

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Keith Jackman, Class of 1993, 13358 State Route 28 West, Greenfield, OH 45123, 937-981-3542, I have just moved back home with the parental units until I can destroy my credit card debt. I am getting ready to go to Germany on the 1st of March to visit with my friend Jimmy Daugherty for 2 weeks. I think it should be pretty cool. I spend my time going to concerts and hanging out with my friends. I am going to go see Henry Rollins at The Odeon in Cleveland on the 18th. Feel free to e-mail me or get a hold of me. jackman7@yahoo.com

Andy Johnson, Class of 1996, 8180 Rosaberry Run, Westerville, OH 43081, 614-537-1696, What's up G-field folk. Since my graduation in 1996, I attended Otterbein College where I studied Broadcasting Communications & was a member of the Track & Field team (and hold their indoor & outdoor high jump records). I was a 2 time All-American in the High Jump and graduated in 2000 with my BA in Communications and a minor in Psychology. I currently work at Safelite Autoglass in their corporate office/call center working as a quality assurance associate for their training & development team. It's not great, but it pays the bills and then some. I am currently looking to go back to a school for a complete 180 in what I am doing and go into Pre-med/Optometry. Still single, but in a great relationship right now with a girl I met at college (whose uncle & grandmother own the Lloyd Co. in Bainbridge). For any interested, feel free to call or e-mail me...Later all. supersayian_33@hotmail.com

Brent Johnson, Class of 1994, Greenfield, OH 45123, I bought the Party Pit in 1997, but sold it in 2000. Looking for another business to get into now. Bjhnsn@bright.net

Chris Johnson, Class of 1993, Chillicothe, OH 45601, I finished my Masters Degree in Higher Education at Ohio University in 2001. After that I worked in Residence Life at Hiram College and spent some time as a call center supervisor for the cable company. I just recently accepted a position with the Ohio State University as an Academic Counselor for students in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. I teach a class there and work on some different committees. I got married in 1999 to Courtney from Waverly. We haven't had any children yet as we have been focusing on our cats. If you're ever at OSU look me up. buckeyechris@adelphia.net 

Derek & Angela (Kelley) Johnson, MHS classes of 1990 and 1987. Hello Greenfield natives! Angie and I are both McClain and Ohio University grads, she in 1992 and I in 1996. We were married in 1993 (gosh, has it been five years already?), do not presently have children, and are preparing to build a home close to our present one near South Salem. Angie is currently winding up her master’s degree while also teaching junior high reading at Paint Valley, while I am currently the district manager for Ferrellgas in Greenfield (yes, it’s the “propane place by the RR tracks behind Greenfield Printing”). Old friends and new, please drop us a line at buckskin@bright.net. UPDATE, Derek Johnson, Class of 1990, Angie and I are now the proud parents of Ethan Quinn Johnson, born April 20, 1999.  We were able to bring him into a brand-new home, which makes for a full "To Do..." list!  Our jobs are still, well, still jobs.  Would love to hear from some of you guys, we don't get out much as you might expect! buckskin@bright.net, ethan johnson.jpg (38595 bytes)UPDATE: Derek Johnson, Class of 1990, Hey folks!  Some recent changes: I left Ferrellgas after 4 1/2 years in Feb. '01 for Airborne Express, greatly reducing stress and burnout.  My wife, Angie (Kelley, MHS '87) has done the same, leaving 140+ jr. high kids at Paint Valley for 40 at 5th grade in Rainsboro (yes, she's back in the fold!), which leaves us both more time to spend with our son Ethan Quinn who was born 4/20/99.  We enjoy taking care of our 4 acres and new home, but don't get out much because we stay so busy outdoors and the with the requisite, daily viewings of "Toy Story" and "Rugrats."  Drop us a line, we'd like to hear from you. buckskin@bright.net, UPDATE: Derek Johnson, Class of 1990, Angie is teaching 5th grade at Rainsboro Elementary, and I have been the Purchasing Manager for Hood Packaging in Wilmington since 2001. We welcomed our second son, Elijah, in March of 1994. Ethan is now 8 and finishing 2nd grade at Buckskin Elementary. I have taken up golf & coaching little league basketball since I last updated. e-mail qosa1270@yahoo.com 6/4/07

Jayme Johnson Shumaker, Class of 1996, 814 Mirabeau Street, Greenfield, OH 45123, I graduated from Ohio University in Elementary Education. I taught 2nd grade in New Vienna, but this year (2000) I start teaching Kindergarten in Rainsboro. I'm really looking forward to it. I married Bill Shumaker July 2000. Bjhnsn@bright.net

Wesley Johnson, Class of 1996, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133, 937-840-0342, After graduation in 1996 i went to work at Greenfield Printing/Banta. I quit in 1999 to drive a truck. That lasted 8 months and i spent the next year and a half at SEVERAL jobs before ending up at Banta again. I have been back there for about 5 months. I also got married in 1999 and now going through a divorce. Anyone is welcome to e-mail or call. Justagoodolboy88@cs.com

Daniel R. Jones, MHS Class of 1991. I was exited when I found out Greenfield had this webpage. I was supposed to graduate from MHS in 1991 but, due to my mother’s car accident in the fall of 1987, II had to move to Kentucky to live with my uncle. I ended up graduating from Lewis County High School in 1991. I then joined the Army Reserves that summer. After completing my training, I moved to Columbus, Ohio where I lived with a buddy and his wife from Kentucky for a short time. I got a job with Meijer Inc. in loss prevention; I did that for about five years. I also ended up getting married to a wonderful woman who is a school teacher. But things didn’t work out, so we divorced. I am the proud father of a 2-year-old girl named Emily. I left Meijer and was hired by the Columbus Division of Police and have been a police officer for about the past 2-1/2 years. That pretty much brings me up to today. I still have family in Greenfield and visit them quite frequently. If you would like to e-mail me you can do so at buds@qn.net and I can show you around the big city of Columbus!

Josh Jones, Class of 1998, College Commons 460C, Wilmington, OH 45177, Hey Hey! Hellooo Greenfield!  Since high school, I have been attending Wilmington College.  I am currently a junior, majoring in elementary education and thinking of picking up a minor in computer science.  I am also a third year member of the basketball team.  Wow!  Can you believe it class of '98, it has already been almost 3 years since graduation.  Time flies!  If you feel the need to e-mail me, than go right on ahead, I'll be happy to hear from ya.  My e-mail address is: jjones2@wilmington.edu 

Shawn Jones, Class of 1995, 11493 Todhunter Rd., Leesburg, Ohio 45135, (740) 636-1218, I am currently going to Southern State,taking computer classes.  I finally found the best thing that could ever have happened to me, my fiance, Dawn Gragg.  We are planning on getting married in the year 2000.  We currently found out that we were going to be parents.  We're both really happy.  To anyone I went to school with E-mail me. Bye! Email to  Shadow_Knight69@hotmail.com

James “Jake” Judkins, MHS Class of 1998. I am living in Winston-Salem, N.C., and attending Wake Forest University.  I am majoring in chemistry, focusing on pre-med, and getting up at 5:30 a.m. for ROTC.  College life is great but I sure miss Greenfield and McClain sometimes.  I want to keep in touch with as many people from back home as I can so write to me or e-mail please!  The address is judkjc02@wfu.edu I would love to hear from you. Classes are going well but my teachers are just not as down to earth as I was used to at McClain, so I have had some communication difficulty with them.  I spend a great deal of time training with ROTC as that is a condition of my scholarship.  I am grateful to be here and have this wonderful opportunity but I can get homesick this far away, so write me soon. My address is P.O. Box  9437, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem NC, 27109;  or call 336-758-7000.

Vanessa Karnes, Class of 1995, 821 Spring Street, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, Hello!  After graduating, I attended Ohio University and received my degree in Elementary Education.  I am currently teaching at Greenfield and I am the Freshman Cheer advisor and Majorette advisor.  I have been dating Keith Penwell since 95' and he is teaching as well at Greenfield.

Benjamin Kelly, Class of 1995, 699th Maint. Co PO Box 3052, Ft. Irwin, California 92310, After graduation I joined the ARMY; visiting Ft. Campbell, KY. for 1 year; Germany for 2 years; and now Ft. Irwin, Ca.  Now I only have 3 more years before I get out and start a new life on the outside!!!  Feel free to E-mail me. kelldog2@excite.com, UPDATE: Benjamin Kelly, Class of 1995, Fort Irwin, California 92310, What's up all?  Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are the proud parents of a 5 month old little girl who is the light of our lives.  The Army has me until Oct 2003.  We will then stay here in California for a few more years till we find a state that suits us both.  So for now LATE! culkell@msn.com

Cara (Grandey) King, MHS Class of 1992. This is a great way to keep in touch with fellow alumni. After graduating from McClain, I attended the College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati and graduated in December of 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies. In September 1996, I married Korey King (1988 graduate of McClain) and am currently working for Coolidge, Wall, Womsley & Lombard in downtown Dayton as a corporate paralegal. Korey and I bought our first home in Union, Ohio, this past March. Union is located northwest of Dayton. If you are ever in the area, please give us a call at 937-836-5464 or email me at king@coollaw.com. Our address is 119 Heckman Drive, Union, OH 45322. UPDATE: Cara (Grandey) King, Class of 1992 and Korey King - Class of1988 - We are still living in Union Ohio but thought it was about time we updated our listing to show our kids!  Alexander James was born on March 7, 2001 and Simone Gabrielle was born December 30, 2002.  Korey is still working for International Truck and Engine Corporation and Cara is a stay at home mom working part-time as a water aerobic instructor at the local YMCA.  Our new e-mail address is korey_cara@msn.com.

Amanda (Knisley) Stroop, Class of 1996, 132 Glenavy Dr., Lynchburg, Oh 45142, (937) 364-8043, Hello everyone! A lot has happened since school, so I'll just post my current news. I am married with 2 beautiful daughters: Kirstin-5, Allie-1. I work full time as a billing clerk for R&L Carriers, Wilmington. I am also currently enrolled at Southern State pursuing a career as an RN. I would love to hear from all of you that I know. Feel free to e-mail, call, or write anytime! strooa@msn.com

Scott Knisley, Class of 1997, 101 Chase Dr., Union (Dayton Area), Ohio 45322, What's up G'field! I hope everyone's dreams are coming true. After graduation I went to Wilmington College as a theatre major for three whole semesters. There I met my beautiful wife Jessica. After Jessica graduated in 2000, we bought our current residence in Union were we lived in sin for the next year until we were married on July 14th 2001. I attended and graduated form the International College of Broadcasting in Dayton and I am employed at Clear Channel Dayton, owner of 8 fine radio stations (WTUE, WXEG, etc.) where I willingly serve as company slave(I love my job). Jessica is an 11th and 12th grade Anatomy teacher at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center located in Clayton, just miles form our home. I am the proud father of two beautiful little girls. Nala is a chow/akita mix and Niya is a springer/pointer mix. If anyone would like to contact me e-mail me at scottknisley@clearchannel.com. Keep the peace!

Annette Lightle, Class of 1994, 302-730-0268, 430 Chevron St Unit 102, Dover AFB,  DE 19902, I graduated McClain in 1994.  After graduation I joined the US Air Force.  I went to basic training in Sep 94.  My job is a Personnel Specialist.  I work with the computer alot.  It is kind of like a secretary.  I got stationed at Kelly AFB in San Antonio Texas.  I was there for 2 1/2 years.  Then I got stationed at Incirlik AB in Turkey.  I was there for 15 months.  I am currently stationed at Dover AFB in DE.  I have enjoyed the military.  I have been able to see alot of things and places.  I got to experience a different culture than what we are all use to while I was in Turkey.  I am planning on starting to take some college classes to get a degree in Human Resources. My  email is  annette.lightle@dover.af.mil UPDATE, Annette Lightle, Class of 1994, 907 South Street, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, This is an update on me. I have just recently gotten out of the Air Force. I am living with my parents for now. I am going to start looking for a job. It is kind of nice to be back home but it is a change from what I am use to. Anyone that wants to contact me can e-mail me. alightle@yahoo.com UPDATE, Annette Lightle, Class of 1994, 764 Foraker St, Greenfield, Ohio, 45123, I thought that I would update my info.  I am living in Greenfield.  I have a beautiful baby girl.  She will be a year old in Feb.  It was nice to come back home after 5 years in the Air Force.  If you want to e-mail me, my address is annettemak17@yahoo.com or mak17@bright.net. UPDATE: Annette Lightle, Class of 1994, 109 S. 5th St. Apt C, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, Hey everyone. I am living on 5th St. with my daughter Makayla who is 4 years old. I am working at the Dollar General as Assistant Manager. If anyone wants to e-mail me feel free. Hope to hear from some of you. makannette@yahoo.com 

Martina Kline (Lightle), Class of 1995, after high school I got married and had 3 children Cassie, Jeffrey, and Brooke. I am now divorced. I have been working at Johnson Controls for the last coupe of years. My email address is martina12484@yahoo.com

Shane Looney, Class of 1998, Mostly since high school I have been working like always I'm still with my best friend and the greatest women I know Chasity and I have a little Boy (dog) named Charlie Life has been good to me though I do work a lot I'm happy with my life and where it going. I work at a place in Columbus As a  Maintenance Tech Going to finish college this winter for my engineering degree. Well I hope everyone is doing good and if you want to contact me at shanellooneygp@yahoo.com 02/02/08

Jemma (Losey) Short, Class of 1996, 4600 Hidden Creek Ln., Myrtle Beach, SC 29579, After High School I went to college for a while but left in 2000. I got married to Bryan Short in August of 1999 and started  working full time at Bass.  Towards the end of 2000 we moved to Myrtle Beach.  Bryan took a job in Sales and I transferred to a Management position with Bass.  Early Halloween morning 2001 I had a beautiful baby girl named Brayden.  Since then, I have left work and become a stay at home mom. Most recently, besides staying at home with my daughter, I am doing a lot of office work for DSM Football (which is a sports agency Bryan is part owner of).  If any of you are ever at the beach look me up or you can e-mail me at shortyb@sccoast.net.

Mark D. Losey, Class of 1992, Naples, Florida 34120, 239-450-1119, Since Greenfield I've been doing fine I now live in Florida and have a good job.  Have been gone for 9 years now and I do miss Greenfield. I grew up in Rainsboro and went to school in Greenfield there were some good times there in Greenfield and Rainsboro both are my true home. I have read most of the entry's in here and I see a few names that I know and hope that someone will remember me, if anyone would like to write an e-mail or call that is fine with me it is my cell and do have it with me all day. It has been great doing this and I am glad that there is something like this to keep people in touch, Well all have fun and be safe. P.S. anyone who may know me feel free to e-mail me. cophantom1975@aol.com 

Sandy Losey, Class of 1996, 4983 18th Ave SW,  Naples,  Florida 34116, 941-348-8446,  Hey all you Tiger fans! I would've graduated at McClain in 1996 but unfortunately my family moved to Naples in between my freshman and sophomore years of high school. I graduated from Lely High School. I always told my mom that I was gonna move back to Greenfield when I was 18 so that I could graduate from McClain. Well that never happened. But since I've left the Greenfield area (in 1993), I've just been working full time in a local hospital, going to Edison Community College, and I am the proud mother of a 6 month old boy Brendan. Some of my closest friends in Greenfield were Kim Chaney, Stephanie Everhart, and Betina Beatty. I would love to talk to someone from the Greenfield area if anyone is interested in letting me know what's going on. The only souvenir that I had from Greenfield was my Freshman year book. That got lost in a flood in 1994. So if anyone wants to talk, please e-mail me. feelinghappy50@hotmail.com Update: Sandy Mena (Losey), Class of 1996,  It's now 2008 and a lot has changed since my last entry. I am finally married!! I married Gustavo Mena in November 2007. He's a wonderful man and I'm so happy! You can see pics on MySpace (my screen name is Newlywed). My son is almost 9 years old now and will be finishing up the 3rd grade. I haven't really been in touch with anyone still from Greenfield. I sort of lost contact with Laura Lawwell. I'm still working at Naples Community Hospital and am attending nursing school. Eventually I will be in the anesthesia program! I hope everyone is doing well. Someone please email me or contact me thru MySpace. I'm home sick! feelinghappy50@hotmail.com 9/15/08

Betti Lupfer, Class of 1998, Hiltepoldweg 8, Schwangau, Germany 87645, Hello class of '98. Hi there. I just watched the video of our spectacular and tried to find out what everyone is doing now in the web. So, now I know at least about some of you. Thinking back about my time in Greenfield, I would like to summarize that it was a great time. I wouldn't want to miss a minute. I hope to return soon, at least for a visit. But now about my life: After graduating at MHS, I went back to Germany to finish school. That was in 2000. In October 2000, I started to study business administration in Nuremberg, Germany. So, right now, I am in the fourth semester. Next year (September 2002) I plan to go to Strasbourg, France, for one year and return to Nuremberg to finish university there. I would love to email to you, so please feel free to contact me. I'm looking forward to it. Love, Betti, beelu@gmx.de

Jeremy Lyle (JJ), Class of 1994, 250-A Indian Oaks Dr., Destin, Fl 32541, I was in a rush last time when I did this so here's the scoop. Well, since graduating in 1994, I lived around Greenfield for a few years and got married. I moved to Florida in 1997, and am now living on the beach on the Gulf of Mexico. I started roofing when I got there with my father-in-law. I've been able to see a lot of the south with the roofing company I worked for. I went to the Bahamas in '99 to work, it was nice to visit, but not a good place for work. When I got back I started working for Allsouth Contractors and the first job we did was a 17 story high rise condo. In Dec I got divorced (best thing to happen to me). If anyone ever gets to the panama city or destin area give me a call (850-654-7234). It would be cool to see some of my old classmates sometime.

John Miller, Class of 1996, 407 Bolling Dr., Goldsboro, NC 27534, (919)751-0523, Since 2001 I have moved back down to the lower 48. I now live in Goldsboro, North Carolina which by the way is very different from AK. (No snow here) On January 9th 2003 my son Cody Austin Miller was born weighing 6lbs 13oz and 18 3/4in long. We are very happy and I am continuing my career in the Air Force. Anyone that remembers me can contact me.

Melissa "Manning" Murphy, Class of 1991, 714 n. maple St.., apt. c12, Marysville, Ohio 43040, 937-578-0141, hello all!!! just surfing the web and came across this site. I am currently residing in Marysville, Ohio. I have two beautiful boys. Logan is soon to be eight and Darian is six. Since graduation I've been a working mom until recently. I am soon to start courses at Cincinnati university for an associates degree in childhood development. I was really surprised at some of the people I found here. Class of 1991 keep in touch!!! I am engaged to a wonderful man. Our wedding date is set for June, 2002. Best wishes to all. Melissa melissaj@midohio.net UPDATE: Melissa Manning-Murphy, Class of 1991, H630 Allenby Drive, Marysville, Ohio 43040, 937-578-0049, Hello everyone!! Hope this finds all my old friends doing well. Just a brief update. Due to medical problems beyond my control, I could not fill my desire to attend college, but I'm doing fine none the less. Am currently a sales associate at Wal-Mart in in Marysville. My children are now ages 7 and 8. Hope to hear from all my old friends!! kitten92073@msn.com UPDATE: Melissa Manning Murphy, Class of 1991, 210 McClain avenue, Greenfield, Hello to all my old friends. just recently moved back to Greenfield after living up north for four years. It is good to be home again. My husband and I just recently celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in July. My boys are eight and ten years old now. Would love to hear from all my high school friends. mmurphy@dragonbbs.com 

Christof Marienfeld, Class of 1996, Wallstr.13, Schwerin, Mecklb./Vorpommern (Germany), 19053, Hey Greenfield, I've just found out about this page yesterday and thought I should send my best wishes to everybody who is still in Greenfield and used to knows me. Right I'm in a Economy school and enjoy my life, I still play too much basketball and I think it will stay that way forever if somebody want to contact me. I hope to hear from you. Bye "The German" delk_00@hotmail.com

Dan Mathews, Class of 1994, Atlanta, GA, I just ran across this site and had not thought of Greenfield in many years. It's great to hear that so many people are doing well. Myself...I have moved up the corporate ladder and as of now I am in Atlanta, GA working in Property Management as a Senior Manager for Colonial Properties Trust. dm43206@aol.com 

Donna McCarty, Class of 1997, 2417 Newkirk Lane, Dublin, OH 43016, Hello! Class of 1997!  I recently graduated from Wilmington College with a B.A. in Art and Art education.  I am also now living in Columbus...Dublin Actually and working for an Art Supply Company until I am employed as a teacher.  I've applied for the position at Greenfield...we'll see what happens.  I'd love to hear from anyone.
dsmccarty@hotmail.com UPDATE: Donna (McCarty) Estep, Class of 1997. 4450 Winterringer St., Hillard, OH 43026. Still living in Columbus and working for United Art and Education. I was married in September 2003 to a wonderful man, Ryan Estep. We recently made a big leap and purchased a home in Beautiful Old Hilliard. Life couldn't be better. Feel free to drop me a line... destep@hotmail.com, UPDATE: Donna (McCarty) Estep, Class of 1997, New e-mail donnaestep@inbox.com 8/27/07

Jerry McDaniel, Class of 1995, Leesburg, OH 45135, I went to Greenfield from Kindergarten on through the eleventh grade before me and my family moved to Leesburg. I graduated in 1995 very quietly (I never DID pass that Math portion of the Proficiency Tests until a few months after the '95 Graduation; I finally got my diploma from FHS in the fall of '95). after I laid around for a year I was determined to take a break and experience freedom from the confines of a schoolhouse or the upcoming confines of a job somewhere. and so, on July 7th 1996 I got a job at Airborne Express in Wilmington, OH and I've been there working overnight ever since. I co-own and live in a doublewide trailer with my parents and brother on Route 72 in the country...located between Leesburg and a small town called Samantha. I've always had a love of writing (even though I don't see that as a profession, I still write short non-sequitur comedies all the time as well as write about country and pop music history; I also write about voice actors on cartoon!  s; all of this for my own enjoyment obviously!) I wasn't and I'm still not an outspoken person. I prefer to remain a single person because I've tried dating and I don't like it. if any of you remember an artist and fellow MHS student by the name of Eddie Hill, I was one of his friends and at times I'd write the words his little comic characters would say. I know that isn't very exciting to many but, I'm not incredibly exciting either! I hope this incredibly boring biography jars some memories. if that bio doesn't, hopefully you'll recall a student that would never speak unless he was spoken to...that was me! jmak_02@webtv.net, UPDATE: Jerry McDaniel, Class of 1995, please change email address to Jjmak2004@webtv.net 

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Mary Ellen Zurface McMurray, MHS Class of 1994. After graduating in 1994, I attended Ohio University in Chillicothe for a year. I then took a year off from school before returning to OUC for my sophomore year. Last year, I transferred to Wilmington College and I currently work for Airborne Express while attending school full time. My major is secondary math education. I hope to teach in or around Greenfield. That’s about all I’ve been up to really. I think it’s great that there is a website just for Greenfield people. If anyone out there went to school with me, I’d love to hear from you. Write to me at mary_ellen_mcmur@hotmail.com or contact me at 10309 Paint Creek Road, Greenfield, OH 45123, 937-981-9957. Thanks.

Kelley Howland (McNeal), Class of 1995, Bluffon, South Carolina 29910, After graduating in 1995, I attended I-C-B in Dayton and earned my Associates in Television and Radio Communications Arts. Worked around Dayton for a while including Hara Arena and a Video Production Company. In 1998, I made my way into radio, at WKKJ in Chillicothe in the news department. After a year there, I was transferred to Mix 94.3..."the competition" in town. In June of 2000, I accepted a position as Assistant News Director at a radio group (of 7 stations) in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I currently have my own morning show in the Greater Savannah, Ga, Hilton Head and Beaufort area...The "Big Tommy and Kelley show" was voted best morning show among listeners in Savannah earlier this year.  So things are going very well in that area. In August of 2001, sweetie TD Howland (1992 McClain Grad) and I got married in a beautiful southern ceremony. We have no kids yet!! We've lived here for nearly 2 years now...we don't plan on being here forever, so a move may be in the!  forecast. Getting in touch with some of my old friends would be great...Take care everyone! kelleymcneal@yahoo.com UPDATE: Kelley (McNeal) Howland, Class of 1995. TD and I moved back to Ohio in the summer of 2003. It's great to be back in Buckeye country once again. We currently live in Columbus where TD is a senior sales rep for Hatfield Volkswagen. I'm currently doing traffic, news and sports reports for a number of radio and t.v. stations here in town. Right now I'm doing traffic reports on the Blitz, the Eagle and WBNS-AM/FM (football reports for all home Buckeye games). I'll soon be doing work for ONN. Hope to see some of you next summer for our 10 year reunion!! Until then, take care. kelleymcneal@yahoo.com 

Jenny McNeal, Class of 1991, It's great to catch up on what everyone is doing, especially since I just received the invitation for our 15 year reunion and am reminded how long it's been. I've been living in Hilton Head for the last five years, am married to a fantastic guy named Tommy and only have "four-legged" children. We are currently keeping busy with our own gourmet food & gift basket business, as well as doing writing for a local magazine. I'm sorry to say I won't be making the reunion, but would love to hear from any of you soon. jen.mcneal@yahoo.com  9/19/06

Donna (Miller) Knisley, Class of 1990, 403 S. Maple St., Bainbridge, Ohio 45612, Hi, everyone! After graduation I attended Ohio University Chillicothe, where I received an associate degree in business management while working full time at Frisch's in Greenfield. I married my wonderful husband, Dave Knisley, in May 1998.  Dave is a manager at Frisch's in Chillicothe and a Paint Valley graduate. We are living in Bainbridge, so we didn't get to far from home. Our twin boys, Justin and Blaine, were born in December 1999.  I had quit my job as Front Office Manager at the Comfort Inn in Chillicothe to stay home with the boys. They have driven me totally insane but I wouldn't trade them for anything. I would love to hear from everyone, so drop me a line: daveknisley@horizonview.net.

John Miller, Class of 1996, P.O. Box 147, Ray City, GA 31645,  Let me see, since I left greenfield. I joined the Air Force as an Avionic Sensors specialist. I have used these skills as far as Spain, Germany, Kuwait and all over the states. I am currently engaged to a beautiful southern girl by the name of Salena Lewis. We are scheduled to be married on the 29th of July this year. I am very close to my degree in applied avionics and I am trying for a technical degree in drafting. As much as I wanted out of that dead end town I want to come back. UPDATE: John Miller, Class of 1996, Valdosta, GA 31605, I am now married now to Salena Lewis (a native of GA) and soon to be moving to Fairbanks, AK for four years or more. I am having a lot of fun and I am getting to see the world as well as complete my degree. If anyone would like to get in touch with me I can be reached at (229)293-0090 or drop me a letter at 4637 Vienna Church Rd. Lot 4 Valdosta, GA 31605. I will be in GA for 3 more months. After I leave here I will update again. johnm44@hotmail.com, UPDATE: John Miller, Class of 1996, 5139 G Arctic Ave., Eielson AFB, AK 99702, (907) 372-3313. I have made it to Fairbanks, AK. Winter is just ending here. It can reach temps as low as -60 F. My wife and I love it up here. I have found several hobbies here as well. I race snowmobiles and love to take them to the mountains. I have been to Mt McKinley and many other famous landmarks. I am still in the Air Force and working my way up to someone important. I have been married for almost two years now (July 29th), and no regrets. I am still working on my avionics degree and trying for a Microsoft certification in computer rep/prog. You can reach me at johnm44@gci.net 

Mike Miller, Class of 1991, 7785 Barkwood Dr., Worthington,   OH 43085, Hello Greenfield!  It was great reading what some of you are doing.   I graduated from Ohio State in 1995 with a degree in Agricultural Communication. I worked almost 5 years with WBNS radio and the Ohio State Sports Radio Network as a Special events Co-Coordinator and remote engineer. I worked with Kirk Herbstreit and Jim Lachey on the OSU Football network and 1460 The Fan.  I now am employed by The Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe.  I run a 1.6 million dollar game room.  I also work with the ownership group in developing our new hall of Fame sites around the country.  I will be marrying the girl of my dreams on July 24 here in Columbus.  I hope to hear from everyone soon.  My email is steeler@netexp.net.   GO Bucks and Steelers!!!

Teresa Miller, Class of 1993, 3050 Kirklevington Dr., Lexington, Kentucky , 859-971-2747, Hey, everyone. I graduated from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky with a B.S. in Business Administration in 1997. I really liked living in Kentucky, so I decided to stay. I live and work in Lexington now. It's a beautiful city! I work at an engineering company in the accounting department. Lately I've been trying to travel to cool places (I can cross NYC and Mexico off my list so far.) Anyway, I would love to hear from anyone from McClain. I go to Greenfield every couple months to visit family and I never see anyone! My email address is teresamiller93@hotmail.com and my home phone is 859-971-2747. UPDATE: Teresa Miller, Class of 1993, 2719 Eugenie Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211, I recently got a new job as an accountant at an engineering firm in Cincinnati. After living in Kentucky for eleven years, I wanted to move back "up north." I am currently looking for a great house to buy, as well. My email address is still the same, if anyone wants to say hello! teresamiller93@hotmail.com  UPDATE: Teresa Miller, Class of 1993,  It's been three years since I've updated my information (time flies!). I still live in Cincinnati, and still work at the engineering company (only now I am a program analyst). I met a great guy and he just moved in a couple months ago. I can't believe that our 15-year reuion is next summer. We really can't be that old! My email is still the same, and I would love to hear from any MHS Alumni! teresamiller93@hotmail.com 4/28/07

Maggie (Mitchell) Lyons, Class of 1996, Hello Everyone!!! I am teaching Kindergarten in Washington Court House. I just got promoted as Assistant Principal of our new schools. They will be built in 2008. I recently got married over the summer to Derrick Lyons. We have two dogs and look forward to adding some children to our family. Take Care. wc_mlyons@mvec.org 4/28/07

Michelle (Mootispaw) Smith, Class of 1991, PO Box 143, New Vienna, Ohio 45159, Well..to make a long story short...I lived life to the fullest and finally decided to grow up!!!! I recently married a wonderful man from Kentucky and we merged our family and now have 5 kids all together. I am a stay at home mom for Kylie 11, Tristan 7, Madison 7, Preston 6, Bailey 5. They are all very spoiled and very active. My hubby works at Greenfield Weastec as an electrical engineer and team leader. We are hoping to move back to Greenfield somewhere in the near future. If you wanna give me a shout my email is... michellesmith02@yahoo.com. I loved reading about all of you and hope to hear from some of ya!!!!!

Andrea Murphy, Class of 1995, APO AE 09021, Since High School I have lived in Dothan, Alabama from 1995-1999.I'm currently in the Air force stationed at Ramstein Germany. I will be coming back to the states Aug 2002.My job in the AF is security forces (air force cop). I've been in then military for about 3 years. I've traveled to Paris, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Austria and I am planning a trip to Spain and Italy before I come home. I'm heading back to Paris to bring in the new years (2002).I would love to hear from anyone from back home. You can e-mail me at littlelady1117@yahoo.com hope to hear from ya soon. UPDATE: Andrea Murphy, Class of 1995, Shreveport, Louisiana 71112, Hi everyone just updating my bio. I am still in the Air Force going on 5 yrs now. I'm stationed in Shreveport, Louisiana at Barksdale AFB now. It's an experience that for sure. I am currently deployed overseas and looking to come home soon. I'd enjoy hearing from some old friends. You can e-mail me at littlelady1117@yahoo.com. Take care and I hope to hear from ya'll soon. littlelady1117@yahoo.com UPDATE: Andrea (Pursley) Murphy, Class of 1995, 1102 Maple Grove Circle, Leesville, Louisiana 71446, This is just an update. I got home from my deployment in April and married my husband Shawn Pursley from Deridder Louisiana on June 16th. Along with Shawn came 2 beautiful kids Cyerra 7, and Zachary 5. They are awesome. I am loving the married life. I am still in the air force and Shawn is a Sgt. in the Army. We are planning a change in station to Colorado Springs within the next 6 months and I cant wait to ski again. Well I hope to hear from some old classmates. Take care...Andrea littlelady1117@yahoo.com UPDATE: Andrea Murphy, Class of 1995, 4104 Taylor Rd., Dothan, Al 36301, This should be my last update. I am divorced now. I got out off Active duty Airforce in feb 2005 and will be enlisting into the reserves in a few weeks. Just got back from the Middle east and want to take a short breather before I go back for another year. I moved back to Alabama where I will be staying for a while at least till i finish vet school. Hope to hear from some old class mates. I cane be reached at 1-334-596-8053 or e-mail me at littlelady1117@yahoo.com. Take care UPDATE: Andrea (Murphy) King, Class of 1995, Hey everyone I figured I needed to update my bio. I remarried October 07 to my wonderful husband Gary whom I met when I was deployed in 04. Gary I a Air Force K-9 handler and at the time I was a cop in the Air Force. We have a total of 6 4 legged children a pair of rotties, a pair of whippets, and corgi mix, and our retired military working dog who is a German Sheppard. I finished animal care specialist school and I am currently working as a vet tech in Destin Florida. Gary is stationed at Eglin AFB. I would love to hear from some old friends take care. littlelady1117@yahoo.com 9/15/08

Betty (Nace) Hallman, Class of 1996, 537 Magnolia Circle, Huntsville, Alabama 35808, 256-895-9149, After high school I spent 4 years in the Army as an Ammunition Specialist.  I was stationed in Germany for 3 years. I separated from the Army in Germany and remained there for another year as a Department of Defense Employee.  I now live in Huntsville, Alabama with my husband of 4 years, Lee Hallman.  I am currently working as an Executive Administrator at an Architectural Firm in Huntsville while I finish school.  If anyone would like to contact me just e-mail. Lovelee5@yahoo.com

Rasmus Nielsen, Class of 1993, Sdr. Strandvej 20, HelsingoerHi, -3000 everybody! 0045 49214088, I was an exchange student at McClain in ’93 what a great year. I was pure luck that I found this web page – how nice. After returning to Denmark I have explored many things. And all in all I’m a very happy person living a exciting life. If you think you can remember me please don’t hesitate to e-mail me and I’ll promise to write back. Kind regards, Rasmus Nielsen rasmusnielsen@wanadoo.dk UPDATE: Rasmus, Class of 1993, Snekkersteen, Denmark 45123, New email address isl dkran@coloplast.com or dkran@privat.dk

Jeremy Owens, Class of 1996, 5139-D Arctic Ave., Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska 99702, (907) 372-3106, After I graduated, I worked at a couple different jobs in the local area until 1997. I then married Charity Davis and joined the Air Force. I got stationed at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska where I am currently located. Since coming here I've completed two associates degrees and I am nearing the completion of my B.S. in biology. I am getting out of the Air Force in August of 2001 and returning to Ohio to finish my degree. I would love to here from any old friends or classmates. cj.owens@worldnet.att.net

Jami Oyer Rigsby, Class of 1996, 10208 St. Rt. 28, Leesburg, Ohio 45135, 9377803010, I have finished my fire fighting school and am now a firefighter with highland co north joint fire and ambulance  Art and I are expecting our second child in June. I am also still employed at highland district hospital in my 3rd year here. Nice hearing from all of you

Ruth (Parr ) Newell, Class of 1993. 1717 Beasley Fork Rd., West Union, OH 45693. After graduation I worked at Detty's in Greenfield while I went to Southern State. I played softball for Southern State in the Spring of 1994. During this time, I met Dan Newell. We dated for 3 years and were married on May 11, 1996. I graduated from Southern State in June of 1996 with a degree in Business. We moved to West Union, a small town by the Ohio River, in November 1996. I worked as a legal secretary for nearly 2 years before we decided to have kids. I have two boys. Andrew Scott was born, January 6, 1999 and Levi Joseph was born April 2, 2002. I'm a stay-at-home mom and enjoy it a lot. I stay busy and am active in our church. I play the piano and help lead the singing. I also teach teenagers and am active in the Ladies Group. Once a year some of us girls from McClain get together and enjoy talking about old times. If anyone would like to contact me my email is drnewell1@peoplepc.comUpdate: Ruth (Parr) Newell, Class of 1993, I just thought I would update my bio. We have had a major change since my first entry. We are now living in Indianola, Iowa, just south of Des Moines. We moved out here in August of 2004. This is my husband's hometown. While it wasn't easy moving from Ohio, we have adjusted and we're doing well. The kids are doing great and keep us busy. I received my Real Estate License in January 2006 and I'm a Realtor with Iowa Realty. So if you're ever transferred to Des Moines, look me up. I'd love to find a great home for you! Our email address has changed as well. It's now drnewell96@yahoo.com 9/15/08

Richie Price, Class of 1996,  Memphis, 3866 Championship Drive, Apt. 102, Tennessee 38125, Hello everyone. I will be graduating from Mississippi State University on August 4, 2000 with a degree in Management.  I also have a job lined up. I have not been to Greenfield in probably 3 years, so if anyone who knows me reads this, please e-mail me.

Daniel Pullen, Class of 1995, 6135 Leesburg Pike # 507, Falls Church, Virginia 22041, Hi everyone most people probably don't remember me since I basically attended McClain grades 10th through the 12th. Since I left Greenfield I stayed in Ohio and worked a few jobs there. I joined the Army which left me here in Virginia. I currently work for D.C. Trails a charter bus company I get paid to travel. So if ya feel like say hey email me. I'm a little homesick and miss Ohio for some reason. dannyboyva27@hotmail.com 

Spring Roberts, Class of 1997, 772 South St., Greenfield, Ohio 45123, 981-5865, Hey What's up Greenfield?! I am a proud mother of a very beautiful girl. I am recently going through a divorce. I finished my schooling as a Medical Transcriptionist and looking to continue my career as that. Anyone wants to chat give me a call or email me. sweets_20_2000@yahoo.com

Jennifer Orebaugh Robinson, Class of 1990, 2749 Greystoke Dr., Xenia,  Ohio 45385, 937-376-2280, Hello everyone! Well since graduation, I've received my RN license from The Community Hospital School Nursing in '93.I also married my high school sweetie Brett, he received his Bachelor of Music degree from the Miami University in '95.We had a beautiful baby girl in '95 also her name is Bailey Nicole, but it is hard to believe that i just signed her up for kindergarten AHHHHHH!!!! Well i work for Greene Memorial Hospital in cardiac floor, Brett is working as the music dept. coordinator {head honcho} for Stebbins High School in Riverside. Hope to see everyone at our big 10 year reunion this year. jenrobinson999@yahoo.com

Jon Robinson, Class of 1991, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601, Hi everyone!!! Well i left Greenfield right after high school and gave four years to Uncle Sam.  After that I worked as a Police Officer in some of the local villages (hard to believe huh???) Then in 1998 I got hired on Clinton County Sheriff's Department.  Then in Feb. of 2000 i got hired on Chillicothe Police Dept. where I still work.  I have never gotten married or had any kids I guess you could say that I am still waiting on the right one.  So, if u remember me or if you think I might remember you I would love to hear from you!  suspect25@yahoo.com

Jami Oyer Rigsby, Class of 1996, 10208 SR 28 East, Leesburg, Ohio 45135, After High School I went to Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy where I received my certification as a law enforcement officer. I am currently working at Highland District Hospital in the emergency room. I am married to a very busy man who is a fire fighter, EMT basic, police officer and just graduated from paramedic school. I am also the proud mother of a boy, Joseph Arthur Rigsby. I plan to attend SSCC in 2001 to become an RN. UPDATE, JAMI OYER RIGSBY, Class of 1996, HELLO I THOUGHT I WOULD UPDATE MY BIOGRAPHY. I AM NOW RUNNING ON HIGHLAND CO NORTH JOINT FIRE AND AMBULANCE. I AM ALSO WORKING FULL TIME AT HIGHLAND DISTRICT HOSPITAL IN PT REGISTRATION/SWITCHBOARD. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO TALK LOOK ME UP IN THE PHONE BOOK UNDER ART RIGSBY. SEE YOU SOON

Stephanie Parker, MHS Class of 1992. Hi everybody! I was just reading about everyone else’s lives and thought I should tell you about mine. After graduating from good ol’ McClain, I went to Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. I received my degree in dietetics in May of ‘97 and am now in my last two weeks of my internship at Lutheran Hospital of Fort Wayne. You may wonder why my address says Washington Court House. It is because I am finally going back to Ohio to work at Fayette County Memorial Hospital as their dietitian. I start July 13th (1998). So if anyone is in the area, come visit! I also just recently got engaged to Dave Lanning (he graduated in 1993). I am hoping to be Mrs. Lanning on December 31st, if all goes well with the planning. Feel free to call or stop by anytime, my door is always open. You can contact me at 1124 Commons Drive, Washington Court House, OH 43160, or 740-636-8286. I don’t yet have an e-mail address. I’m hoping to get one soon. Bye-bye for now!

Devin Penwell, Class of 1998, 7425 Saratoga Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43068, After graduating moved to Indianapolis, In. I attended the Lincoln Technical Institute. I now live in Columbus and employed by J&D Hydrotech as a customer Service tech/foreman. Married July 5, 2003 to Kelly Talor of Greenfield. We have a son Kobe. Well that's it e-mail us if you're going to be in the area! d_penwell@sbcglobal.net 

Sharon Pinkerton, Class of 1997, Moved back to Baltimore, got into trouble, found my long lost sisters, met the man who would give me the two most precious things in my life, Settle down and almost got married. I moved out on my own with my boys in 2003. Recently (2007) my oldest went to stay with his father, my little one stays with me. My oldest is 7 (JC) and my youngest is 5 (Tyler Angelo). I am an Office Mgr for a company in Baltimore city we make spiral ductwork for heating and air conditioning. I also work part time as a bartender. That's about it. pinkeeboo51478@hotmail.com, www.myspace.com/pinkeeboo 7/26/2007

Jill Ratliff, MHS Class of 1991. Hey ya’ll! I found my way to Kentucky by attending Morehead State University and I can’t seem to get back to Ohio (to my mother’s dismay)! I graduated from Morehead in 1995 with a degree in communications and marketing. I began my career at CellularOne as a customer service representative and have been lucky enough to work my way up to my present job as CallCenter manager for Kentucky and Tennessee with CellularOne. It’s great to keep in touch with old friends from Greenfield, so if anyone is ever in the Lexington/Richmond areas, feel free to call and I’ll give you a tour of the Bluegrass. You can contact me at 225 Keystone Dr., #5, Richmond, KY 40475, or call 606-626-0657.

Cherie (Reeves) Dickey, Class of 1993, Glendale, AZ  85308, After graduation I started taking classes at O.U.  Then I transferred to Wilmington College, I was only able to complete a semester.  I married Jeremy Dickey (a Paint Valley graduate) and found myself in Goldsboro, N.C. where he was stationed in the U.S.A.F.  There I continued school until my senior year when we unexpectedly was sent to Incirlik, Turkey.  I wasn't able to take the classes I needed, so I used the time to explore the world!  Besides seeing most of Turkey, we saw Germany, Holland, and France.  We have just arrived to our next base, Luke A.F.B. in Phoenix, AZ.  Boy is it HOT out here!  I have just signed up for classes at A.S.U. and this time I plan to finish!  Feel free to send me an e-mail. jcdickey@home.com

Dean & Michelle (Richards) Mann, Classes of 1987 & 1991, 981-5116, 12248 Cameron Drive, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, After graduating in 1991 I attended Ohio University for 2 years. Dean and I married in 1993 and have 2 children, James Dean age 6 and Makayla Marie age 4. mmann@dragonbbs.com

Jami Rigsby, Class of 1996, 10208 SR 28 E, Leesburg, Ohio 45135, Hello everyone. Art and I just had a beautiful baby girl. Amy Lynn Rigsby born 6/23/03 9lb 6oz 21in long. Our little boy adores her. Joey will be 6 in December. I am still employed at highland district hospital. I am also working on highland co north joint fire and EMS as a firefighter and driving the ambulance. Feel free to write or call sometime. good luck in everything you do.

Wesley A. Ritchey, Class of 1995, 314 Eastern Ave.   Apt. C, P.O. BOX 490, Leesburg, Ohio 45135, (937) 780 - 6520, , WesleyRitchey@excite.com UPDATE: Wesley A. Ritchey, Class of 1995, 620 McKell Avenue, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, Hi again everyone! It's been awhile, I just thought I would update my bio. I got married in September, 2001, just before everything went crazy! My wife, Heather Padgett, is from New Petersburg, just down St. Rt. 753. We don't currently have any children. We both work for Wal-Mart in their Distribution Centers. I work in Grove City and Heather was recently started in Washington C.H. WRitchey@adelphia.net

Nathan and Kara (Jackman) Roberts, Classes of 1996 and 1994, 756 Spring St., Greenfield, Nathan is working as an MIS Programmer for Weastec in Hillsboro.  I am teaching 8th grade Language at East Clinton Middle School in Lees Creek. nar20@bright.net

Spring Roberts, Class of 1997,  I am currently in the process of getting my degree in Medical Transcriptionist, and a proud mother of a baby boy and soon to be mother of a little girl. Alot of you know the story to that one. So if anyone wants to chat just email me. sweets_20_2000@yahoo,com

Angela (Ross) Hammond, Class of 1994, 428 E. Beaumont Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43214, I graduated from Miami University in 1998 and moved to Columbus, Ohio. I have been working as a Sales Manager for Hyatt Regency Columbus for the past 5 years, and am currently handling the National Association Market. I met my husband Troy at the Hyatt. We were married in June 2002. ahammond@cmhrcpo.hyatt.com 

Justin Ross, 1Class of 1998, 2669 St Rt 28 West, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, 937-981-7045, Well, Hello to anyone who may be reading this.  I am currently enrolled at Shawnee State University, Portsmouth Ohio.  I am pursuing a degree in International Relations.  As in highschool I am involved in the University Choir and Residence Life Council.  I just put in my application for the Shawnee State Board of Trustees.  I always enjoy recieving mail from people, so drop me a line, I would be more than glad to talk. jus10_ross@yahoo.com

Scott Rowman, Class of 1998, Wilmington College PO Box 911,  Wilmington, Ohio 45177,  (937) 981-3267, I now attend Wilmington College full time and am currently busy with baseball.  Im in Pre-Vet with a degree in biology and math.  School and baseball keeps me busy and then there is all the homework.  You can email me at sroman@wilmington.edu and I'll get back with you.

Nicole (Rumfield) Buerkle, Class of 1993, 137 Spring St., Mt. Sterling, OH 43143, In 1997 I married Jerry Buerkle, who is a wonderful man.  We live in Mt. Sterling, Ohio and have for the last five years.  In 2000 we had our first son Kyle Martin and just this May we completed our little family with boy, number two Casey Evan. I am a stay at home mom and hope to return to college sometime in the next year or so. I can't wait to see people at our ten year reunion in 2003. jerry.buerkle@airborne.com

Jocelyn Rummer, Class of 1990, 4812 Esplanade Street, Bonita Springs, FL 34134, Hello McClain High School, I only lived in Greenfield for a very short time, but I truly enjoyed it and never will forget the experience. I am only writing this bio because I would like to apologize to a dear friend I attended McClain with. His name is Patrick Henry Parker and he graduated in year 1990. Patrick, I pray you get to someday read this email. I have wanted for years to apologize for the way I treated you during our experience together in high school. You did truly mean the world to me and I will always cherish the deep friendship we had. Sincerely, Jocelyn Rummer McCleary jfmccleary@aol.com

Javi Saiz, Bilbao, Spain, Class of 1993, I was a foreing student with YFU at Mc Clain, and I hope any of you guys remember me. I went back to Spain and finish my High- school in Bilbao, afterwards I studied Business in Bilbao too, and I hope I´ll graduate this year. While studying if been doing many things and some of them cannot be told in public, I´ve been working with teenagers, paintig, traveling and lately drawing some comix. I haven´t got married, I think or at least I don´t remember. And I´ve been learning experiences and friends. Any one who thinks he/she might guess who I could be GET IN TOUCH. jasasa@mailcity.com UPDATE: After graduating from college I was selected to study for an MBA in one of the best Universities in Spain. So I moved to Madrid. After one year of studying really hard, I kept studying at the University of California Berkeley until December 2000. Back in Spain I Started working as a Consultant in a company called Strategic Company, but changed jobs soon. My current job is a finance consultant at Price-Waterhouse-Coopers in Madrid. I just love this job. I keep on painting and also move a little bit into photography. Feel free to contact me. F. Javier Saiz (+34) 677926310. My new email address is fjaviersaiz@hotmail.com

Florian Schempp, Black Forest, Germany, Class of 1998, Hi this is Florian from Germany. Since I left Greenfield, I am going back to school in Germany, and I have two more years left until my graduation, I do not know what I will do after school though..... I really enjoyed living in Greenfield and going to McClain High School, I sometimes miss the way life is being lived in America, it is different than in Germany. I actually liked the american school system better than the german.... I miss the people I used to hang around with, I hope some of them will get in touch with me... some of them already have,  but I hope there will be more soon.... I wanna keep in touch with as  many as possible If anyone knows me and wants to mail, please feel free to do so.. Or if anyone is being annoyed by the many mistakes, I made writing this message, or just feels the urge to write to me.... go ahead.... I will be glad to hear of you. Email to fschempp@gmx.de

Amber Sexton-Wardlow, Class of 1995, Greenfield, Ohio 45123. Well where do I start? After I graduated I married, had two beautiful children: Cynthia age 5, and Sidney age 4. I went to school in Cincinnati and now have my degree as a RMA. I'm currently working at Greenfield Medical Services here in town and I love it. Recently divorced in 1999. I'm a single mom now and I wouldn't change a thing!

Ana Paula Teles Silveira, Class of 1995. Rua dos Navegantes, 2111/1101, PE, 51020-011, Hello, I was an exchange student from Brasil who once ended a softball game by lightening, remember? I was hosted by the Brooks` family in 1994-95. I miss you guys, but it is very difficult to get back in Greenfield. Since I started University, I've been very busy. My routine now includes Hospitals, Emergency rooms, Research work and studying for the residency exams. My graduation as a general doctor is in January 26th, 2006. Then, I will be a resident doctor to study only ophthalmology (eyes) and get practical training in eye surgery for 3 more years. After that, I finally get to work! Finally! If you ever come to Brasil, give me a call! anapaulatelessilveira@br.inter.net 

Michelle (Sims) Lyle, Class of 1990, 2726 St. Rt. 56, New Marshfield, Ohio 45766, Hello All! Since leaving Greenfield in 1990 I went to Capital University in Columbus and studied Music Education. After a year and a half I moved to Athens Ohio to attend Ohio University and be with my high school sweetheart Greg (Pokey) Lyle. I changed my major to English Education and graduated in 1996. Pokey and I got married in 1997 and have made the Athens area our home. I decided not to teach and I now work for a staffing company, obtaining jobs for people. Pokey is part owner of a worker-owned restaurant called Casa Nueva. In 1999 we had a wonderful baby boy named Isaiah Edward. He is crazy and amazing all at the same time. If you are ever in the Athens area look us up. Email me anytime at lylemichelle@hotmail.com.

Erin Smith, Class of 1999, Wow, I'm so glad I found this website and am able to read info about my old high school friends! It's so cool to be able to do that from being on the other side of the world. Right now, I am teaching English in the "small" city of 4 million people, in Nanchang, China. It's about 400 miles southwest of Shanghai, if that helps you navigate. I really love being here, although somedays are harder than others. Man, life since high school has changed so much for me. I graduated from high school almost 6 years ago- yikes, and since then, have attended 3 different colleges. I went to Eastern Kentucky University for 2 years where I met some great friends, and the best friend of my whole life, Jesus Christ. After that, I transferred to Circleville Bible College, where I learned about the need for English teachers in other parts of the world, so I transferred to Asbury College in Kentucky (because they had the minor of "Teaching English as a Second Language"), where I recently graduated in May 2005 and am now teaching in China. I really like building relationships with my college students here. The culture is so interesting, and they're so interested to learn about me and where I come from (they can't believe, there's only 5,000 people in my hometown!, most Chinese cities have at least 1 million people in them!) I can see myself staying here for at least a couple more years, I would like to learn their language, and then teach for another year or two... We'll see what HE has in store for me. Another fun fact about me, yes, I am almost 25 and not yet married, but I am not sweating it. I am having the time of my life following His will. erinelaine99@yahoo.com 

Joey Smith, Class of 1990, 8201 Camino Media, Apt. 73, Bakersfield, CA 93311, After High School I attended Ohio U graduating with a BS and then MS in Geology. Following graduation I worked at OU for 2 years as an Instructor and Technician. I then did a brief 10 month stint with an Environmental Engineering firm in Columbus (horrible job). Finally, last August I took a position with Halliburton Energy Services in Bakersfield, CA where I assist in the evaluation of hydrocarbon reservoirs. It's a great position, I like the area but do miss OH. Unfortunately, I missed both my 5 and 10 year reunions but hope to make the next one. I intend to be in Greenfield late in July and hope to run into old friends. josephpsmith@hotmail.com

Rob Snavely, Class of 1993, 186 Mill St Apt A-209, Athens, OH 45701, I have graduated from Ohio University with a degree in History and a minor in Spanish. Before graduating, I took a few years off from school and served a Spanish speaking mission in Bolivia for two years for my church. Since then, I have been working at the Athens Messenger as a sports writer until my wife Lindsay graduates from OU also. We then look to relocate to wherever the best job and family situation will be. RobSnavely@yahoo.com

Melissa (Powell) Snavely, Class of 1995, 307 N. Eleventh St., Greenfield, Ohio 45123, Since high school I have attended Wright State University & Southern State. Then in the summer of '97 I married one of the Snavely twins (Ron Snavely) we just celebrated our 5th anniversary. Since we have been married we have both worked for Japanese auto manufactures. I have worked at Weastec for a total of 5yrs.  as a machine operator and two of those years as an assistant. My husband works at Yusa as a team leader. We now have an addition to our family besides our cat-Sabratton and dog-Max we have a beautiful son named Connor Elijah born March 2002. I recently quit my job to stay home with my son. Some time down the road I would like to start my own day care or night club for teens. melsnavely@yahoo.com

Barb (Snodgrass) Smith, Class of 1992, After graduating from Greenfield I went to Wilmington College and graduated with a BS in agriculture. I worked in the Ag field for about 2 years before deciding to return to college and get a teaching certification. I worked in the elementary school setting for 7 years before getting married to Joey Smith (class of 1990) and starting our family. I am now a stay at home mom to our little girl Ella, who was born in October 2006. bes_200@yahoo.com 6/4/07

Jeff Stone, Cco. 1/503D INF REGT, Unit#1062, Korea, 96224-0323, Class of 1991, Hello everyone after graduating from good old McClain I joined the army. I was stationed in Hawaii for 4yrs then I moved to Kentucky to be closer to the family. I married Brandi Bugar who attended McClain from 1988/90. She then moved to Kentucky where she graduated high school. We married in 1993 and have two wonderful children. Brandi is currently living out by South Salem while I'm stationed in Korea. It's great hearing from you all. If you would like to get a hold of Brandi call her at 981-7445. If you like to get a hold of me e-mail me at jeffrey_stone@excite.com

Angela (Stroud) Fenner, Class of 1999, Hey Hey all, long time since graduation. All has been pretty uphill for me. After high school I partied quite a bit and had a lot of fun doing it. Had to grow up though and not do it as hard and as much. I went to Southern State in Hillsboro. I received my associate of arts degree in '02. I then went to OUC for awhile, but couldn't finish my psych degree there. I then went to Wright State University. I have a B.A. in Psychology in and I am currently a case manager working towards being a Chemical Dependency Specialist (CDS). I have been married to Mark Fenner since 2003. We have an 8 month old son named Koen. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. If any of my old friends that I have lost touch with want to contact me- ang_fenner@yahoo.com 08/29/07

Michele (Rhonemus) Stroud, Class of 1991, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, Hello Everyone!! Let's see what have I done since graduation?  I got married in 1994 to a wonderful man, Mike Stroud, we have 2 wonderful children Kylee Lynnae who is four and she is so precious, and Jonathan Douglas who is two and he is my little terror but I wouldn't trade him for the world.  I have been working as a dispatcher for the Greenfield Area Life Squad for the past 10 years.  What can I say I love this town and the people in it.  I don't think I would want my kids raised anywhere else.  I write poems in my spare time, Which there isn't much.  I would Love to hear from some of my old friends. My email address is ww8429@dragonbbs.com.  I would love to go to our next class reunion If anyone knows where and when it will be. Bye all!

Kelly Taylor, Class of 1996, Columbus, OH 43213, After high school I moved to Columbus to attend DeVry University, which I graduated from in 1999 with a Bachelor in Business Administration.  After graduating from DeVry I landed a job for the Department of Defense at DSCC (Defense Supply Center Columbus).  They are a Federal Agency that supplies the military with spare parts for military weapon systems.  I have been at DSCC for 3 years working as a Contract Specialist.  In June 2001, I had a gorgeous little son named Kobe.  I am engaged to be married to Devin Penwell (Class of 1998) on July 5, 2003.  It would be great to hear from anyone I haven't talked to in awhile!! kelly_michele_2000@yahoo.com, UPDATE: Kelly Penwell (Taylor), Class of 1996, We're married!! kelly_michele_2000@yahoo.com 

Catherine Thorne, Class of 1999, Hi! I have just finished up my first quarter at Cedarville College. I am enjoying College life but I am ready to come home for Christmas. I am studying English Education and am hoping to get my Masters in Library Science after I finish my major.  s1276327@cedarville.edu UPDATE: Catherine Thorne, Class of 1999, 1698 University Ct., 311 F. Shawnnetown Apt., Lexington, KY 40598, Hi all. After graduating from MHS, I attended Cedarville University where I recieved a degree in Secondary Education (English). I am now attending University of Kentucky's graduate program and working for a degree in Information and Library Science. catmeow81@hotmail.com UPDATE: Catherine Thorne Braganza, Class of 1999, Since leaving Greenfield, I went to Cedarville University and obtained a degree in English Education. From there I went to the University of Kentucky Graduate School and received a master's degree in Library and Information Science. I began working for Paris Elementary as their Library Media Specialist. I then moved to Louisville, KY, became engaged and am now married to Charlton Braganza. I am currently working for the Louisville Free Public Library in the children's department. No children yet. Sorry, Mom. catherine.thorne@gmail.com 1/30/08

Bob Tillis, MHS Class of 1992. After attending the University of Cincinnati, I returned to the area and continued my education at Ohio University where I received a B.A. in 1997. I am currently employed by Airborne Express as a transportation lead, earning funds to return to school to finish my education. I have my own website, devoted to Ohio State football, at http:\\www.angelfire.com/oh/buckeyebob/index.html and have written a handful of articles for the Dayton Daily News concerning Buckeye recruiting. I would love to hear from other Greenfielders. Email me at tillis@hotmail.com or write to 12297 Sunshine Drive, Greenfield, OH 45123. UPDATE: Bob Tillis, Class of 1992, Hillsboro, OH 45133, Its been a long time since I wrote my first bio and I stumbled across the site again, so I figured I would update. I got married in December of 1999 to the former Melissa Sterling of Greenfield. Since then she has hatched two kids, Noah in 2001 and Kaycie just last week (Feb 2003). In 2000 we built our dream house between G-Field and Hillsboro. We are still working on getting the grass to grow though. I am now employed by Technicolor in Wilmington as an Account Manager. I work with Hollywood studios in getting motion pictures released. I enjoy the job and Noah enjoys all the free perks I get from Disney. P.S. To all the teachers and fellow students that I wasn't so nice to back in high school- Sorry About That. I have grown up alot since then and if I had it to do over again, I would tone it down a little bit. btillis@yahoo.com

Karen Carper (Tolbert), Class of 1999, Minot AFB, ND 58704, Hey Greenfield! Who knew that our little town had a web site? It's amazing the things you can find when your bored. Well since Greenfield I've moved to ND, gotten married, and had a baby boy. I'm an stay at home mom and Air Force wife. I love my job. Well my whole life. I have a wonderful husband, and beautiful baby, and great friends. And how many people can say that? That's pretty much it not much happens in ND, just snow. carper_ka@yahoo.com UPDATE: Karen Carper (Tolbert), Class of 1999, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas 78236, Hello all! We finally got out of North Dakota. Yeah! But now we're in southern Texas, traded the extreme cold for extreme heat. We still can't stay outside for very long.We just had another little boy in April. We named him Chase and he's a cutey. Our 3 year old, Tyson, loves bing a big brother. Well that's about it hope everyone is doing well. carper_ka@yahoo.com 

Angi Tompkins, Class of 1990, Mmakawao, Hi 96768, Hi to everyone.  After I graduated from McClain, I moved to Indiana to attend Ball State University in Muncie. I got my BS in Elementary Education in 1995, and moved to Maui to teach Kindergarten.  I can't believe I've been here 7 years already!  I'm a single mom, with an awesome 4 year old daughter, Evangeline, and I'm really loving living in paradise.  Believe it or not, though, I actually miss the weather in Ohio.  Snow's not real prevalent here. tompkins_angela@hotmail.com

Mike Tompkins, Class of 1991, 1014 Drake Street, Madison, WI 53715, 608-251-3736, Well, this is my first time submitting something like this, but I'll try to be brief. After graduating MHS in '91, I studied engineering for two years at the University of Cincinnati. I then transferred to Ohio University where I graduated in '96 with a degree in geological sciences. I then studied geophysics at both Purdue University and the University of Wisconsin (UW) from 1996-1998. I received my M.S. in geophysics from UW in 1998. In 1998, I also took a position with Anadarko Petroleum Corp. in Houston, TX as a staff geophysicist. But after searching for oil and gas for 1 1/2 years, I decided to return to the University of Wisconsin to finish my PhD in geophysics and geological engineering. I am currently a PhD candidate in geophysics and hope to graduate in the fall of 2002. Besides school, I have worked for British Petroleum in Anchorage, Alaska (2000) and sailed accross the Atlantic Ocean as part of a scientific cruise (1997). I plan to be in Albuquerque, NM this summer working as a scientist for the U.S. Department of Energy. My parents and sister Angi now live in Maui, Hawaii, so I also get to visit them whenever I get a chance. If you want to see some pictures of recent trips I have taken, come to my website at www.geology.wisc.edu/~tompkins or email me geofizx@hotmail.com. UPDATE: Michael Tompkins, Class of 1991, 909 Texas Ave. #312, Houston, TX 77002, (281) 366-7739, Let's see...Recently, I completed my PhD in geophysics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and moved to Houston, Texas. Here I am continuing my research with BP corporation and enjoying the warmer weather. On a more personal note, I am engaged to be married to Vong Sokham, who I met in graduate school. I don't make it back to Greenfield often but welcome any email from those I haven't seen in years--I usually reply quickly. geofizx@hotmail.com 

Keith Thompson, Class of 1991, 321 S Washington St , Circleville, Ohio 43113, Hi guys, I graduated in 1991.I moved to Florida a few years later. where I resided for 3 yrs, then moved back to Ohio. I now have my own Pest Control business in Circleville, Ohio which is doing Great. most people probably thought I would be a bugman like my dad. Hey it was good reading up of some of my fellow classmates hope you guys live life to its fullest, have fun and be safe. See ya guys in the future. rr0148@dragonbbs.com

Amber Hollis (Trego), Class of 1995, Brighton, Michigan 48114, Hi everyone! After moving to Michigan with my parents June 1995, I went to Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti and graduated with a pre-med Bachelor's degree in April 2000. During that time I also went to school and became an EMT-B and worked in an ER in Ann Arbor. I also was a nanny for an Ann Arbor family and worked for them the entire five years.  During college, I met my husband Mike, who also graduated from Eastern with a business degree, and we have been married over two years. Mike works in Brighton at an Oil Company and is in charge of the inventory and warehouse and also does part of the accounting. We have a son and he will be two this May, 2003. Everyone says he looks exactly like me! We have been in our house for almost two years and we live very close to the intersection of US-23 and I-96 on a Michigan map. Currently I am still working in the ER. After starting my family, I said "No Way" to the physician's assistant program I had planned on and decided upon another career. I will graduate with my certificate in Ultrasonography this May, 2003. I have visited Greenfield many times over the years and have remained close with Angie Bond. I also talk to Krissy Hunter and Vanessa Karnes occasionally. I would LOVE to hear from the rest of you out there. hollis1976@hotmail.com UPDATE: Amber Hollis (Trego), Class of 1995, Brighton, MI 48114, Hi everyone! I still live in Michigan and work as an ultrasonographer in Ann Arbor. Husband and son are doing great too. You can contact me with my home or work e-mail. I can not believe that it has been 10 years already since high school. Those were really good times! Hope to hear from some old friends soon! hollis1976@hotmail.com  UPDATE: Amber Hollis (Trego), Class of 1995, It is April 2007 and my husband and I have had our second child, a girl named Lauren. Our son will be six next month and enjoys his sister very much. We still have the same jobs and live at the same address. I look forward to e-mails from old friends! hollis1976@hotmail.com 4/28/07

Robert Shag Trent, Class of 1993, 533 Bayberry Rd., Lorain, Ohio 44053, 440 233 4355, Hello everyone... just seen everyone’s Bio on here and thought I might update you on what I have been up to... I am living in Lorain, Ohio right now... I moved back from New York for a few months before I went to Florida to guide. And a few weeks before I was to leave, I went to Put-N-Bay for a weekend and I met Amy so now I am staying in Ohio. But I am still whole selling fresh and saltwater flies for fly-fishing and I Guide in Ohio, Mich. and New York for Steelhead, Salmon, Trout and Smallmouth on all the Tributaries that run into the Great Lakes. So if you need a Get away fishing trip let me know, give me a call and Book a Trip.... One of my biggest things for me coming up is....I have a fly tying video that I am premiering at Cabala’s in Dundee, MI this fall at there fall expo... They have me doing a Fly Tying demo from my Fly Tying Video "Simple Pleasures" and a Steelhead and Salmon Fly Fishing Seminar also. The Dates I'll be there is August 29th, 30th and Sept.1st. So com!  e up and see me..... But any way I live about 25 min. from Cedar Point if you’re ever up my way stop in and say hello my home phone is 440-233-4355 and my e-mail is fliesandtackle@msn.com..... I will be either here or fishing..... And you'll have to keep a eye on my web site.... www.fliesandtackle.com If you know anyone that fishes give them my url for me....Thanks allot and hope to hear from ya!!! fliesandtackle@msn.com, UPDATE: Shag Trent, Class of 1993, I have owned TBN Outfitters now for 4 years. I bought the oldest sporting good store in grand rapids and made it my own. I bought the building so i live right up stairs of my store and then i rent the other side out. Going to be opening a bar this next year called SHAGNASTY'S SPORT LOUNGE. I do allot of guiding, and i still have my wholesale company that i sell flies all around the world. I'm a part owner in Cascading waters, we do indoor and outdoor water features. My little girl is 7 this year and she loves to fish ;) But my number is 616-458-0922 and my email is shagtrent@hotmail.com. If you want to come up and fish just let me know. 2/21/08

Micky Vanover, Class of 1991, Hi, My name was Micky Vanover. After graduation I wed a beautiful woman named Jessica Johnstone from Cincinnati. I had two wonderful children, Mikkia age 8 and Alexis age 6. I worked as an independent stucco detailer.  I had come back to Greenfield for visits on several occasions because I have always missed seeing all my friends.  In September, I made a huge mistake by getting in the car with a friend who had been drinking.  Around 2:00 a.m. my friend fell asleep at the wheel and hit us head on into the back of a semi-truck going 65 miles an hour. I spent 22 days in the trauma center in Columbus Ohio at which I overcame massive head surgeries and heart surgery.  My body became tired of the pain of lacerated organs and broken bones and came to rest in the arms of my heavenly father.  I am now residing in the Milford cemetery if anyone would like to visit me.  I pray this helps someone who finds themselves in a position of riding with or driving while under the influence. By the way, the driver survived and I, who has a family and all the reasons to live have left this world.  If anyone would like to view the news cast which is being made to discourage drunk driving at prom time showing footage of the news report, crash scene, and funeral) you can email my sister Penny Tira (Vanover) at pennytira@hotmail.com Thank you for being my friends and I wish you all the best. Your friend, Micky

Penny (Vanover) Tira, Class of  1993, 849 West Main Street, H Hillsboro, Ohio 45133, My name is Penny Tira (Vanover). I graduated in 1993 and pretty much stayed around the area.  I got married in 1996 to a Hillsboroite, Todd Tira.  I now have a 2 year old son named Hunter Tira and work for Weastec Inc. as an MRO Specialist.  I live right in the town of Hillsboro and I am pretty content with what I have accomplished.  Next year I plan to start my own daycare in my home so that I can work on making that special little girl.  My twin brother Paul is living in Huber Heights Ohio and is still looking for the perfect woman.  If anyone would like to get together to go over old times just email me at my address, pennytira@hotmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from all my friends. 

Candy Wagoner, MHS Class of 1991. Since I graduated from Greenfield McClain, I went on to Columbus College of Art & Design where I earned my bachelor’s degree in graphic design. After graduation, I went to New York to work as a nanny for a family on Long Island. I spent nearly two years there and really enjoyed it. While there, I also interned for two advertising and design firms. Now I am back in Ohio, living in German Village and working as a graphic designer for the bath division of Victoria’s Secret. You can contact me at 524 S. Third St., Columbus, OH 43215, 614-621-8933, or email cwagoner@bbw.com.

Jason R Watterly, 202 Buckeye Circle, Columbus, Oh 43217,  (614) 497-8018, Class of 1998, I am now going to school at Devry.  My majior is electronics engineering.  I also enjoy taking part in the Devry Domputer Club.  I hope to see you soon. Email to  jw4324@devrycols.edu

Maria Bear (Watterly), Class of 1994, 2694 Conifer Green Way, Dacula, GA 30019, I spent hours reading everyone’s bios. It really great seeing what everyone is up too. I live in Georgia with my husband, and our two boys (Levi 2 and Eli 8 months). After graduation I moved to Portsmouth and got a degree in English and education from Shawnee State University. I got married to a wonderful man in December of ’98. We moved to GA in 2001 when Ray took a job as the Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Atlanta Thrasher (NHL). We love it here. My sister recently has moved back to Greenfield so I will be around more often. I am currently teaching middle school EBD/SC. (I never knew special education was in my blood. It is one of those things that you love to do or hate to do. I absolutely love it.) I would love to hear from you. watterbear@yahoo.com 

Tracey (Watterly) Skiles, Class of 1997, 602 E. Oakland Ave., Apt. 2, Johnson City, Tennessee 37601, Hello Everyone.  After graduation I attended Georgetown college for a year and then Southern State.  I got married in August 2001 to Wesley Skiles.  We now live in Tennessee.  Wesley works for a local youth ministry.  I am working full time and will return to nursing school in the fall. wtskiles@aol.com UPDATE: Tracey (Watterly) Skiles, Class of 1997, I graduated from nursing school last September and I am currently working at a pediatric office. O December 1, 2003 God blessed us with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. His name is Ethan. We will be moving back to Greenfield at the end of this month. Wesley will be the State Youth Director for the Ohio Christian Union. We're looking forward to coming home. wtskiles@yahoo.com UPDATE: Tracey (Watterly) Skiles, Class of 1997, We left Greenfield last October and now live in Newark. I work part time at a Pediatric office and my husband is an elevator service technician and the youth pastor at our church. We have two children - Ethan is 3 and Jonah is 15 months. wtskiles@yahoo.com 7/26/2007

Scott Weaver, MHS Class of 1991. Proud father of a 3-year-old son, Tyler, and a 6-day-old daughter, Taylor. Always a Tiger, just now a Waverly Tiger, but still purple and gold runs through my veins. You can contact me at ranger@zoomnet.net or 740-947-4095.

Olivia Wilkin, Class of 1990, 2624 Parklawn Drive, #11, Dayton, OH 45440, Greetings McClain Alums! After high school I spent a semester at a music/theatre conservatory to see if I really wanted to do that for a living...I didn't (not for a career at any rate). I moved to Dayton and received my Bachelor's Degree from Wright State in 1995. After working in human resources for 2 years, I found a permanent home at a small business in Kettering, doing corporate travel and event planning. I have been here for 6 years and love this work! Last year (2003) I completed an Associates of Science Degree in Network Engineering so that I could be come my office computer guru! I have not settled down in any way...too busy traveling America! I love to travel, go to concerts, attend festivals and cultural events, reading and the Ohio Riverboats! Looking forward to seeing many of you at the All-Class Reunion!! Feel free to e-mail me and catch up! oliviawilkin@yahoo.com 

Angela Willey (Cooper), Class of 1994, 326 North Street, Greenfield, Ohio 45123, (937) 981-2399, Hi everybody. Well I went to college to be a lawyer, I still have a long way to go, but I am working on it slowly. I have 4 kids, and I am married to Ray Cooper. I work full time at TMI in Wilmington Ohio, I work on computers there, I scan documents for trucking companies. Its a 3rd shift position which could be better. Overall I like my job. I went to Rainsboro 6th thru 8th grade and I don't see anyone from Rainsboro school. Where did everybody go? Anyway I am anxious to hear from my old friends. So please E-mail me at ang26coop@hotmail.com. Oh, for those interested my sister Misty Willey is getting married in September (we are excited!) Hope to hear from somebody soon!

Chasity Williams, Class of 1999, Leesburg, Ohio 45135, Hello!! How is everyone doing? I'm doing great! I am still with Shane and we are getting married on December 28, 2002. I am currently working at Kurz Kash in Wilmington Ohio. I am getting ready to go to Nashville and see the head of Red Horse Records he called me a few days ago I am going to make a professional CD. Hopefully this time next year you guys will be hearing me on the radio. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. If anyone wants to contact me just email me it would be awesome to hear from you!

Karen Wilson, Class of 1992, Janesville, Wisconsin 53545, Hello Greenfield!  I was supposed to graduate from McClain in 1992, but my family moved to Janesville, Wisconsin my junior year. My parents are John and Marty Wilson, my mom graduated from McClain in 1965.  I graduated from Craig High School in Janesville in 1992 and am currently employed at Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. in Janesville.  I work with 9 financial advisors and their assistants. How about that stock market! I would love to hear from some of my old classmates. My e-mail address is kwilson@rwbaird.com.

Brittany (Wise) Waddell, Class of 1999, 1272 Akamai Street, Kailua, Hawaii 96734n Hello all. After graduating in 1999, I attended Wright State University and majored in Motion Picture Production. Didn't work out. I was then going to play Basketball and volleyball for Southern State, but my ankle had other plans. It didn't take me long to figure out that college wasn't for me. After hanging around G-Town for about a year after that, I decided to join the Army. Hey, everything happens for a reason. About a year later I met my future husband, Brandon while stationed at Ft. Meade, MD. I was then stationed at Camp Henry, Korea; which is by Taegu. Brandon and I got married, and after I got off of active duty we decided to reside in Brandon's hometown of Kailua, HI. (Hawaiian sunsets or Ohio winters.....not the toughest decision I have made in my life!!) I do miss the snow sometimes though. We still live in Kailua and have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter, Alexus Leilani ("Beautiful Flower"). Currently, I am deployed to Iraq with the Hawaii Army National Guard and Brandon is at home playing both roles and working as a Computer Programming Technician. (He really is a great guy) I landed a job (when I'm not too busy off being G.I. Jane) as a Production Manager/Art Director for a T-shirt design and printing company who caters to Harley Davidson Hawaii, Hello Kitty, and Local Motion (it's a surfboard company). So except for the inconvenient fact that I'm in Iraq right now, my life is pretty good and I couldn't be happier. I would love to hear from old friends since I don't get to visit Ohio that much due to work, family, and traveling elsewhere. I love living in paradise, but Greenfield will always be my hometown. So if you knew me then, shoot an email and I'll send it back your way. A hui ho.... brittany.waddell@us.army.mil  

Daisy (Yates) Buchwalter, Class of 1999, My hasn't time flown by. A lot has changed over the years and it would be great to catch up with long lost tigers! I am happily married and a mother of two. My husband's name is Ben Buchwalter (class of 1999; Zane Trace) and he is the Tech Coordinator for Southeastern schools. I have two little girls; Madison is 5 and Makenna is 1. We own a home in Frankfort, and I am currently working at a Bank in Washington C.H. If anyone would like to catch up, feel free to email. mrs.buchwalter@yahoo.com. 8/6/2007

Eric Zint, Class of 1996, 13296 W. Martinsburg Rd., Leesburg, OH 45135. In Oct. of 2003 I moved back to Greenfield and took over Corner Pharmacy from my dad, Mike Zint, who I might add is happily retired now. After graduating pharmacy school @ Ohio Northern Univ. in the spring of `01, I ventured out onto the road playing music with a band based out of Cleveland for a couple years. I remained in Cleveland for a couple more years, which I loved, but I always knew I wanted to come back to Greenfield. Greenfield Rocks!!!! ezlpko@yahoo.com 

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