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It’s a New World That’s Coming

By the spring of 1969 I had two more classes to take to fulfill my requirements. I needed to take public speaking and a literature elective. Public speaking was required of all students seeking a career in teaching. I was so fearful of it I put it off till the very end. Turned out I feared for not, I loved it.

The literature class I decided on was Science Fiction Literature. Both classes were summer classes and I quickly learned that Catholic nuns went to school in the summer and they were serious about getting all the As. The other lesson was that literature teachers who are serious fans of Sci-Fi also take summer classes.

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Recent Random Ramblings

  • Trump is the first occupant of the White House who has been given carte blanche to make shit up while providing zero evidence.
  • It’s been said that Trump Tweets while sitting on the toilet each morning. I’m thinking his most angry, ridiculous, and outrageous Tweets come from those times when he is the most constipated.
  • If Obama did tap Trump’s phones it suggest a federal judge saw sufficient evidence of wrongdoing to justify a warrant.
  • In one February Ohio week we had the highest temperature ever recorded, followed by plummeting temperatures and spitting snow, and finishing up with a tornado that left a 7-mile track through Highland County.
  • Old Chinese proverb, “Be wary of autocratic rulers with goofy fucking haircuts.”

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More Random Thoughts

Being a political junkie and having Trump in the White House makes it almost impossible to have a random thought that is not political. Consider this a warning.

  • I just spent four hours shredding documents in what is supposed to be a paperless society.
  • I’m becoming paranoid about Trump being paranoid.
  • Since January 20, 2017 I’ve had a solid reason to get out of bed and turn on the TV. Unfortunately I’m getting to be a historical eyewitness to the Trump directed meltdown of America.
  • The older you get the less you are aware of popular culture. Driving past a multiplex I didn’t recognize a single movie title on their bill board.
  • I’ve often wondered what should be the measure of having too much money. Possibly it’s being able to afford to rent a rocket to take you beyond the moon and back.
  • All presidents should stop using war widows and victims of violence as political props in their speeches.
  • Politicians need to immediately stop putting party before people. They should begin and end any legislative thought by asking if the consequences honestly serve the betterment of the general population.

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Do you plan it or wing it?

I have a Facebook friend who stimulates the conversation by asking a Question of the Day. Today the question was, “Are you a planner or a winger?” Considering my response got me to thinking about some family and friends.

planning bMy wife is a planner, Rarely does she engage in anything without considering all the details and weighing all the contingencies. I’m not really being critical because it frequently proves that her way saved the day . She makes a good balance to my almost total impulse to wing it. This is especially true when traveling.

One of my best friends retired about the same time as I did. We had discussed what we would do and we agreed to be spontaneous and impulsive. He once said to me, “If I pull in your driveway and say jump in, we’re going to Connecticut for a hot pastrami sandwich, grab your toothbrush and kiss your wife.” I agreed and on a couple of occasions we did things just like that. On one occasion, while fishing in the too early spring we came off the lake and decided to pack a bag and drive south until the thermometer hit 80 degrees. By the next day we were in Key West, Florida.

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Random Rambles: Clorox

Clorox is synonymous with ???. If you answered bleach I’m guessing you’re in the majority. It like Kleenex and tissue, the two are a natural fit. Last week I was in a dentist office and conveniently scattered around the office were pump bottles of hand sanitizer carrying the trade name Clorox. I squirted some on my hands and took a whiff expecting to smell the familiar aroma of Clorox bleach. Instead my nasal orifices detected alcohol. Looking at the label I read, right below the big CLOROX logo, “Contains no bleach.” Somehow it seems against universal law to write a sentence reading, “Clorox, contains no bleach.” No wonder this world is so confusing.

Random Interest: Syphilitic Map

Using data gathered from Civil War conscription records of Northern soldiers the US Army ordered the creation of a map showing those areas of Northern states where the highest incidences of syphilis were found. While Ohio was relatively free of the disease Northern Kentucky, Wisconsin and the Hudson River Valley weren’t so lucky. The article in which I found this information does not give any reasons for why syphilis was more common in certain areas.

The darker the color the higher the rate of syphilis. At the time of the map’s creation syphilis was untreatable.

Random Thanks: White Stripes

When I lived in California I met a fellow who owned a commercial laundry. He also was planning to manufacture those reflectors that today mark the center lines of our highways. I don’t know if he was the guy who invented them but I want to thank whoever it was.

I also want to send an attaboy to whoever came up with the concept of painting white lines along highway berms. Such a simple idea that made driving at night so much safer.

Random Recommendation: The GOP’s 7 Deadly Habits

Larry 'n NassauI just read that a new poll shows that 70% of Americans disapprove of how the Republican Party is handling the current debt crisis and government shutdown. While I can’t predict the future I can speculate that they may fall from grace in next year’s congressional elections if their behavior doesn’t rapidly and radically change.

Apparently I’m not along in my assessment. I just read an article by David Frum where he outlines, Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Political Parties.” Frum is a conservative journalist and author who has been extremely active in Republican politics since immigrating from Canada years ago. It is that which gives this current article credibility and worth. He outlines the seven things a political party must do to fail and makes the case the today’s GOP is guilty of all seven.

Click HERE to read Frum’s article.

Random Question: What’s the Deal?

Larry 'n NassauSome years ago I was waiting table at a restaurant in Greenfield and a lady sales representative, who was in the area for a few days, had lunch with us several times. Maybe on the second day, as she was paying her bill, she said to me, “What’s with all the lighted Christmas trees on people’s porches in the middle of summer?” Well, I really didn’t have an answer and to this day it remains a mystery.

On October 2nd I was coming home after dark and within seven miles observed four homes with that appeared to be displaying Christmas decorations. One had several ornamental cedar trees that were wrapped with multi-colored strings of lights. At the same time I only saw one Halloween decoration, a large lighted pumpkin in the front yard of a farmhouse.

So, I just gotta’ ask, what’s the deal with all this Christmas stuff in October? Did someone set the seasons on their heads?

Random Rage: Congress

If you look up SUCK in the dictionary you’ll find a photo of the US Capitol Building next to it. Before they shut the government down and jerked the food out of people’s mouths, only 10% of Americans had a favorable opinion of Congress. I wonder what the percentage is now?

Random Thought: Zealots with Nukes

Richard Dawkins, an avowed atheist, recently expressed that, “ultimately said he believed that religious fanatics with access to the most destructive products of science posed the biggest danger to human civilization.” Hearing this many Americans would equate it with a nuclear armed Islamic radical. But just consider a president Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum with their finger on the trigger of America’s nuclear arsenal. There’s also no shortage of irony in these science deniers employing the weaponry of science to wipe out our foes.

Random Thought: What a Difference

I watched a little of Iran’s new president’s, Hassan Rouhani, speech before the United Nations this week. After so many years Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s dog and clown show this new guy is such a breath of freshness. Whether Iran’s Supreme Leader, the true source of power, is on board with Rouhani’s message remains to be seen. But in the meantime, his appearance of sanity is comforting.

Random Thought: America Needs a Raise

While reading an article about Burger King’s new healthier French fries the following line caught my attention.

Burger King has a bunch of challenges. The typical American consumer isn’t getting much of a raise, so the capacity of core consumers to eat out more isn’t rising.

It’s just not fast food that’s being affected by so few pay raises. News from the Wal-Mart front carries the same message. Same store sales are stagnant.