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They ain’t animals & walls ain’t an answer

Regarding Trump’s view of those wanting to come to America he seems to put them all into one big bowl and then plaster that bowl with a variety of labels. He likes calling them rapists, criminals, drug dealers, violent gang members, terrorists, animals, infestations of vermin or whatever demeaning term that should slither out of his forked tongue. . He does however, have a number of labels he likes to use. To Trump they are either rapists, criminals, drug dealers, terrorists, animals, or whatever  demeaning label that falls off his slithering forked tongue. There does seem and exception. Trump likes very white people, preferably those from the nation of Norway. He much prefers Norwegians over people from “shit hole” countries.

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It’s not America, love it or… It’s America, come join our freedom

I recently posted a Facebook criticism of the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy and how it was separating children from their parents as leverage to force congress into building his fecking wall.

As of this writing the number of incarcerated immigrant children is approaching 3,000 and whatever federal agencies have a hand in this none seem to prepared to handle the numbers, offer appropriate housing, medical care, psychological counseling, or have any system to prevent parents from losing track of their children

This zero toleration policy and the separation of so many innocent children is almost without parallel in American History. It is the creation of extreme political ideology and supported by xenophobia and the inherent racism of too many Americans. To justify the separating of parents and children the administration has even resorted to inaccurately citing cherry picked passages from the Bible.

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Sanders & Sessions, “The Bible Tells us So”

Sarah Sanders repeatedly lied in a recent news briefing that the Trump administration was simply enforcing existing (ten-year old) laws that require separation of parents and children at the border. I just did some fact checking on that and she is not telling the truth. There are laws about retaining people illegally entering the US but the separation of families and incarceration of children is a policy ordered by Trump and carried out by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It is a heinous policy that violates the core of both morality and America’s historical claim of supporting human rights. Even when the US immorally incarcerated Japanese citizens during World War Two we at least had the decency to keep families united.

In her press briefing Sanders was called out about the administration’s lying about the separation policies. Both she and Jeff Sessions are being challenged and both have resorted to every argument in the book to support their behaviors. Most recently they both have turned to the Bible. Citing Romans 13 they claim that the law is the law and it is God’s will that the law be obeyed.

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America Owes Its Immigrants a Thank You!

Typical of the homes he was building in the last years of his business.

My brother owned a custom home building business in Raleigh, NC. He had his own crew for certain jobs but for most he relied on subcontractors. As the years passed the subs began hiring more and more immigrants because they couldn’t find enough willing, reliable, and skilled Americans. The next thing that happened was the immigrants figured out what the sub business was all about and started their own subcontractor businesses. Because they couldn’t find Americans to do the work they too turned to relying on immigrants. It’s like I said, we’ve always needed immigrants. We needed the Irish and Chinese to build our railroads. We needed Italians to mine our coal. We needed Poles to make our steel and other East Europeans to butcher our beef. And we needed Mexicans to harvest our fields and orchards. Most of these people assimilated, gained citizenship, and eventually prospered and added to the diversity and strength of America. Just think what life would be without the gastronomic influences of the Mexicans and Italians. No tacos or pizza. Just go ahead and kill me!

Liars and Those Who Teach Liars to Lie

Unless he was lying Donald Trump was in Ohio yesterday. Like anytime he appears in public he told a large number of lies and distortions. He said work had begun on his precious Mexican border wall. It hasn’t. What he said was new construction was actually some repairs being done to an old wall.

He seemed to take credit for the initial success of the new Roseanne show. He took credit for all economic improvements and said we had never had an economy this good. Well, others get most of the credit and yes, we’ve had economic periods far better than what we now have.

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Rules That Lead to Respect

Respect is something that should never be given unless it is earned. As a teenager I respected none of my teachers unless they somehow earned it. In the Navy the officers I respected had all done something to warrant respect. I haven’t a clue how someone earns your respect but for me the rules are pretty simple and basic. Want my respect? Then come close to meeting the things on this list:

  • Love all creatures.
  • Don’t hurt things.
  • Remain tolerant of others. Live your life and allow them theirs.
  • Don’t hate.
  • Don’t be dogmatic.
  • Don’t choose to remain ignorant.
  • Don’t make up your own facts.
  • Your opinion isn’t worth shit if sound concrete evidence won’t support it.
  • You surrender your right to be heard if you don’t vote. So STFU.
  • If you don’t like the community you live in either help make it better, STFU, or move.
  • Most of what’s wrong in your life is your fault so get off your ass and work on fixing things up.
  • And for the moment, at least….don’t permit Donald Trump to mouth another freaking complaint about anyone or anything until he has released his tax records.

Failing any of the above you may want to take a refresher course in Kindergarten rules 101.

Words You Don’t Want to Hear

If you’ve built an empire based on love of country, Christian morality, family values, baseball, apple pie, hot dogs, John Wayne movies, and mom, there are words you never want said about you, especially in a law suit filed in the New York Supreme Court.

But, that’s exactly what recent happened again to Fox News. This time the claimant is former Fox personality Andrea Tantaros and the subject is once again, sexual harassment against Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and others. Tantaros suit includes this statement:

“Fox News masquerades as a defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency, and misogyny”

Seriously, there is no surprise here, the casting couch is as old as civilization. I’m sure sexual harassment occurs elsewhere in the television industry but it seems Fox has set itself apart from others by making it a cultural condition of employment.

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I’m a Liar!

Recently I posted a blog comparing the truth factors of Trump v Hillary. Later that day I read an article in the New Republic about Trump not being a liar but something worse, a bullshitter.

liar liarAccording to the author a bullshitter is someone who has no basis of knowledge in what they are talking about. They’re just making stuff up as they roll along. A liar is someone who knows what they’re talking about, knows the truth, but chooses to tell the story differently.

I’ve always thought I was a bullshitter but now I realize that I’m a liar. I love telling stories and I usually know what I’m talking about. Frequently however, for the sake of making the story better, I will exaggerate or embellish. According to the New Republic that makes me a liar.

I just wish the definitions were reversed. I’d rather be called a bullshitter than a liar.

Click HERE for the New Republic article.


JUST SAYING: On many occasions I’ve said I’d be okay with a centrist Republican. Well, I’m okay with a centrist Democrat as well. Tim Kaine is a centrist Democrat and that’s not a bad thing. Some people think Hillary is too liberal so Kaine the centrist is a logical choice to offset that.

To Bogart or Not to Bogart?

A friend who said she trusted my views on politics (can you imagine that?) ask me what I thought about Ohio’s upcoming Issues 2 and 3? I told her that I hadn’t done my homework yet but would do so and get back. Well, the homework is finished and here’s what I think I’ve figured out.

  • First of all, this shouldn’t be an issue in Ohio. As a people we’re just not supposed to be this liberal. These things happen on America’s two coastlines.
  • Next, there’s a riff between the old stoners and the new stoners, those new kids on the block who are in it for the money. The old stoners all about pot belonging to the people, “man!”
  • Issue 3 would permit recreational marijuana in Ohio. But, the number of stores licensed to sell it would be limited and only ten companies would be allowed to grow it. Individuals would be allowed to grow up to four plants for their personal consumption.
  • The old stoners don’t like these limits and see it as those with money grabbing a monopoly on weed. I guessing there’s also something I’ll call the “real” stoner and that is the person who just wants to cop a buzz without worrying about doing jail time.
  • The opposition to Issue 3 comes from exactly where you think it would come, churches, conservatives, some law enforcement groups, old woman flower clubs, and people who just have overly tight sphincters. Surprisingly, you’ll also find some of the old stoners in the opposition. They’re just pissed that legal weed is not happening the way they thought it should. It’s not a grass-roots (pun intended), power to the people, thing.
  • Those in opposition are using confusion to fight their battle. They jumped on the anti-monopoly bandwagon and created Issue 2. Issue 2, if passed, would essentially make it illegal to form a monopoly in Ohio, thus making Issue 3 illegal.
  • So, here’s the deal. If you want legal grass in the Buckeye State and you don’t give a crap about who grows it and who sells it, vote NO on Issue 2 and YES on Issue 3.

Okay, that’s my summation of the question about legal marijuana in Ohio. If I missed something please bring it to my attention.

yes on 3And by the way, I’m casting my votes to make marijuana legal in Ohio. There was a time when marijuana was legal and freely grown in this nation. History says that when Prohibition passed in the 1920s the alcohol interest lobbied for declaring weed to be an illegal narcotic. Their reason was fear that weed would become the people’s favorite high and if alcohol ever became legal again, people wouldn’t want it. How true this is I’m not sure. But what I do know is that marijuana is not a dangerous substance, that it does not drive people insane, that it’s not a gateway drug leading straight to shooting heroin into one’s veins, that marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol, and that for too long, too many people have been fined too much money and spent too much time in prison. It’s time for a change and that’s what I’m voting for.

And, if Issue 3 passes I’m going to look up Alice B. Toklas’ recipe for brownies and wash one down with a Miller High Life. Don’t Bogart that brownie my friend, pass it over to me.

Just sayin’; What’s with this Benghazi obsession?

George W. Bush sent America’s youth and treasure into the sovereign nation of Iraq without reason or direct provocation. His reasons were all proven to be unfounded and in doing so he:

  • Wasted over 4,000 American lives.
  • Created tens of thousands of American casualties.
  • Killed well over a 100,000 civilian Iraqis.
  • Destroyed a nation’s infrastructure.
  • Borrowed enormous amounts of money to pay for a senseless war.
  • Indebted Americans for decades to come.
  • Created a political vacuüm that is laying waste to an entire world region.
  • And instituted a foreign policy that has further tarnished America’s image in the world. We’re even more the big bully on the block.

GW’s actions are also the root of what happened in Libya and led up to the death of those four Americans in Benghazi.

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