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More Whys About Guns…

I’ve been trying to make sense out of the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting and while none of these mass shootings make sense this one has a special element about it. The law seems to have allowed the shooter to have his gun near by.

With all the regulations regarding air travel that came out of 9/11 I’m shocked that you can travel with any form of firearm in any form of manner. Remember when you couldn’t even board a plane with a toenail clipper in your pants pocket?

As I understand it, the law permits one to travel with a firearm if you lock it and the ammo in a solid case and store that inside your checked luggage. You can’t carry it on to the plane with you and store it overhead, it must be secured in the cargo belly of the plane.

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MISOGYNIST PRICK: Conservative GOP senator, Jeff Sessions, sexual-assaultsays that what Donald Trump said on Billy Bush’s bus was not sexual assault. I don’t think Sessions or any man has the right to decide that. Like blacks have the right to say what is racist, sexual assault is whatever women say it is.

The lies of Donald Trump

In my eye Donald Trump supporters have to be among the greatest hypocrites yet. They claim to want America back and in that claim the say they want politicians who sill listen to them, won’t lie to them, who will put their concerns in front of their own. I can easily understand those wishes because they are my own. I too want all those things. A difference, however, is that I know that political reality has never permitted that to happen. Some politicians are better at it but there are always examples where even those have to ignore the mass and pay the piper.

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IGNORANCE: A recent CNN poll found that 29% of Americans still obama-magic-carpetbelieve Obama is a Muslim. Some say he’s not Christian because he’s liberal. Some say he makes secret Muslim gestures with his hands. I think he flies around inside the White House on a magic carpet he got by sending in labels from Uncle Ali Baba’s Converted  Humus containers.


sarcasmSARCASM: Donald Trump loves to tell a horrible lie and then claim he was being sarcastic. I don’t think he really knows what sarcasm is so I’ll provide this example for him to study.

Trump hints at shooting HRC & NRA gives him $3 million. HRC suggests DJT be stoned with cans of Alpo & Purina gives her $3 million.

DNC Bull

DEMOCRAT BULLSHIT: First is the leadership’s failure to not  totally do away with the super delegate concept. Second, the recently released emails suggesting the DNC’s bias against the Sanders’ campaign. Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs sign up for unemployment.

NOTE: I had scheduled this to be published on Monday, July 25. According to a breaking story, Schultz resigned this afternoon.