Damned the Union & Fuck Those Lead Pipes

On day one Trump walked into the WH accompanied by Steve Bannon and Steve Miller. Both are avowed members of the Alt-Right and both have the goal of systematically dismantling the US Government.

To help accomplish this Trump has rescinded about everything the Obama administration accomplished and severely weaken vital departments of the Federal government. The Federal government has been furthered weakened by those he has appointed to head up its departments and agencies:

  • The State Department is grossly understaffed, especially at the ambassadorial and senior diplomatic levels.
  • The Dept. of Education is directed by a woman who knows nothing about public education and appears to be opposed to it. Furthermore Trump is suggesting the departments of Education and Labor be merged, which some think is the prelude to shutting both down.
  • The Commerce Department is lead by a man with questionable and conflicting business interest in nations he has to deal with.
  • Ben Carson, a man who admitted he knew nothing about heading up a large government agency, is now in charge of Housing and Urban Development. His latest proposal is to jack up rent for the nation’s poorest.
  • Steve Mnuchin, who made millions from the foreclosure of people’s homes during the great recession, is now the Treasury Secretary. He and his wife seem to think it’s just fine that they vacation on the people’s dollar.
  • The leader of Homeland Security has proven herself to be either out of touch, a common liar, or both.
  • The head of the Department of Health and Human Services thought so little about what was happening at our Southern border he excused himself and went to his college class reunion.
  • Trump tried to put the Veterans Administration in the hands of a Navy doctor with zero administrative skills or awareness of the VA.
  • And maybe worst is Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. He came to the EPA with a proven record of being extremely anti EPA. The man who is now responsible for protecting our environment seemingly doesn’t think the environment needs protected. Under his leadership drilling rights have been expanded, National Landmarks stripped of protection and opened to exploitation, mandates requiring increased auto mileage rescinded, clean air standards revoked and, if he had his way, fuck Flint and those lead water pipes.

I can’t help but think the ultimate goal is to dissolve the United States of America and replace it with fifty independent states. It seems Trump and company have little knowledge of why we once fought a civil war or simply don’t give a shit.

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