Thoughts About Implants

With Stormy Daniels being in the news so much it’s been difficult to not occasionally think about breast implants. I don’t have a problem with women getting breast augmentation, especially when related to reconstruction following cancer and other medical issues.

I can’t claim any expertise on the subject but I am capable of detecting examples where the consumer went overboard. Stormy Daniels is certainly one example of too much being way too much. There’s just too much of what nature didn’t intend.

Being a man in today’s world leaves me wondering how much I’m permitted to talk about boob jobs and it’s a subject I don’t usually wander into. However, on one occasion I did get invited to join a discussion and got to ask a few questions.

I was at a wedding reception and had consumed more than one drink. An attractive woman, who was also working on more than one drink, took a seat at our table and informed us that she had just had breast implants. I correctly assumed she wanted our input so I ventured that they sure did look natural. I think she then cupped them in the palms of her hands and said, “yeah, they’re dandies!”

Out of curiosity I asked her how much such a natural looking set of knockers would set a person back? She answered, “$10,000.” By this time I had consumed another drink so the obvious follow-up question was, “well, since there are two of them, did one cost more than the other?” Turned out the left breast cost $6,000 and the right $4,000. Apparently the left ended up with several dents and these had to be worked out with something akin to automotive Bondo.

This leaves me with one more set of questions. I wonder if Stormy got her knockers up job before or after the fling with Trump? I ask this only because I somehow recall him saying during the “pussy grabbing” episode  that he didn’t care for the fake boobs. He liked his mistresses to have the real deals.

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