Thanksgivings to Come

Right after Thanksgiving we were watching the HBO nightly program, VICE News. One segment was to visit and film a family during their traditional Thanksgiving sit down dinner. It was a father, mother, couple of sons and their families.

thanksgiving-politicsThings began peaceful enough with the carving of the turkey and a toast to the present and future. Almost instantly something was said about the recent election and the father admitted he had voted for Trump. One of the sons went off like a pound of C-4 explosive and all out verbal abuse set in that on a couple of occasions came close to physical conflict between the son and his father.

The crux of the argument was the son’s disbelief that the father had done what he had told his sons to never do, vote for anyone who is all the things Trump has proven himself to be. The dad reacted by putting a lock on his ability to reason and telling the son he didn’t care about sexism, racism, xenophobia, etc., he just wasn’t voting for Hillary.

In response the son came out with Trump’s “grab their pussy” quote and the old man went ballistic shouting, “You can’t use that word in my home!!!” That’s when they both came to their feet and went nose to nose with a shade of shoving. Those present got between them and moved the incident outside. When last seen things had cooled down some but the father son were still pretty warm.

I don’t know how many times this scene was repeated throughout the nation or if it’s only going to get worse. But it shows just how divided we’ve become and, in my mind, how illogical the other side is. This father has set aside the most important lessons he taught his children and replaced them with the lessons of hatred. Just as illogical as the Trump supporter who openly admitted Trump was a “madman” and would probably get us all killed. “But, he won’t lie to us.” Overlooking that his lying appears pathological and daily.

My family is pretty lucky. It is small and all those who still get together for such events are mostly similar minded. I’m probably the most politically minded but I make every effort to avoid politics at gatherings.

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