Damn, That’s Not Toothpaste!

Saw a meme on Facebook that brought back a couple of incidents. The meme showed two tubes sitting on a bathroom sink. One was a tube of Colgate toothpaste and the other a tube of Cortizone cream. I shouldn’t have to tell you what had happened but if I do I’ll do it this way.

Years ago I walked into the bathroom, grabbed my toothbrush, reached in the vanity drawer for my tube of toothpaste, put some on my brush, and began to clean the morning scum off my choppers. Instantly I was aware that something was wrong. Instead of toothpaste I was brushing with Preparation H.

My Aunt Kate was in the habit of keeping most of her medicines on the top shelf of her refrigerator. She had some sort of nasal congestion and would occasionally go to the fridge, grab a spray bottle of decongestant, and spritz her nose. She did this on one occasions and instantly realized her nasal passages were entirely slammed shut.

Instead of decongestant spray she had grabbed the spray can of denture adhesive and filled her nose with glue.

Now, haven’t we all done something similar. Feel free to share your experiences.

2 thoughts on “Damn, That’s Not Toothpaste!”

  1. I grabbed for toothpaste and instead grabbed the tube (same size) of skin cream prescribed for a rash on my leg…. tasted awful…

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