A Town Hall I Hoped You Saw

One of the best things of a political nature I’ve seen lately was a town hall meeting from Kenosha, WI moderated by Chris Hayes and featuring Bernie Sanders. The room of around 300 people was composed of Democrats, Republicans, Sanders supporters, independents, Trump voters, literally the spectrum of Americans. Much of the conversation centered on why did people vote for Trump. The answers ranged from:
1. He’ll bring our jobs back.
2. He listened to us.
3. He wasn’t Hillary.
4. And so much more of what he often heard during the campaign.
Much of it was logical and reasonably informed, some of it was the ill-informed, non-sensical Trump supporter that was seen outside so many Trump rallies. If their were any bigots in the audience they kept quiet. A couple of women were just pissed and had their ears turned off. And an amazing number of people had voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary election and were disappointed when he didn’t make it into the general.
Several Trump supporters expressed  support of universal healthcare and free college education but were concerned about where the money would come from
That’s a genuine concern and I wish they would have added a half hour to the program and just simply and openly explained how a necessary transfer of wealth could take place that would produce the lion’s share of the money without leaving us with streets littered by homeless billionaires.
Of those in the room, so many expressed support for minorities in America and believe Trump would never try to get rid of anyone. They put their faith in the Constitution and the willingness of Congress to control Trump. I don’t share that optimism.

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