You’re Gonna Change or I’m Gonna Leave

Prior to the Democratic convention my son tried to convince me that the DNC was involved in a conspiracy to keep the nomination away from Bernie Sanders. I’m not much into conspiracy theories and didn’t pay much attention. I still tend to believe that Bernie wasn’t the party’s nominee because he simply didn’t get enough votes.

Whichever, he didn’t win the nomination, Clinton did, and the Democrats lost their asses. In the days after the election my son and I have talked a lot about the results and I think we agree that Sanders would have taken Trump had he been the Democrat in the race. We also agree that we’d like to see the Democratic party reform itself more along the progressive lines of Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. That it should become the true party of the working classes of Americans. That Sanders won in twenty-three states is proof enough there is a place for progressive politics in America.

Former labor secretary, Robert Reich, agrees with us and is calling on the Democratic Party to either reorganize itself or the progressive wing break away and form a viable third-party.

Matter of fact, maybe it’s time for what remains of both parties to abandon their pasts and start over. After all, the success of Bernie has proven there’s a progressive base in the Democratic Party and there’s got to be lots of traditional, more moderate, Republicans who voted for Trump because of party loyalty but who find the Trump branch being far too radical. It’s very possible that in today’s politics we have become too polarized to be as inclusive as we’ve tried to be in the past.

Bernie Sanders, who will be almost eighty by the next election, is probably too old to run again. But he has set a model that others can build on. He can be a major voice while younger people, like Warren, can pick up the actual banner and lead a progressive movement forward.

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