What Went Right

You all know how pissed I am about Trump winning the oval office. While I’ll never be able to make lemonade out of that turd I am assembling a list of things that did go the right way.

  • After six terms of making life miserable for Latinos, the voters have finally taken Joe Apraio’s badge away. The icing on this cupcake of shit would be to see him locked up and wearing pink Fruit of the Looms.
  • A few more women are headed for Washington to take their places in the US Congress.
  • While I’m not a user I’m glad to see that stoners continue to make progress. It may be just a matter of time before I have to buy me a bong and take up the Devil’s herb just to numb just knowing there’s a Trump in the White House.
  • I’ve not been a consumer of porn for several decades. Not since learning just how deep Linda Lovelace’s throat was. But, for those who are I’m glad that California voters approved a bill banning the requirement that porn actors wear condoms during sexual activities.

  • Hillary won more popular votes than Trump. Lot a good that did, twice in sixteen years we’ve been porked in the Electoral College.
  • Hearing Bernie Sanders say he hasn’t given up on running again in 2020 is heartening. At the least I’d like to see Bernie use his popularity to further strengthen the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.
  • This hasn’t happened yet but I’ve got my fingers crossed. The Democrat is currently ahead of the incumbent governor of North Carolina. The one who’s the rabid homophobe. If the Democrat does win I’ve decided to break my boycott and go back to fishing off the pier at Emerald Isle.
  • We liberals have a huge reason to keep Ruth Bader Ginsburg alive.


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