Update; Social Studies @ McClain

Since it’s been a long time since I knew for sure what was being taught by McClain’s Social Studies Department so I made some enquiries. To my pleasure I discovered that both US History (10th grade) and US Government (11th grade) are still being taught on a two-semester basis. World History is also being taught at the 9th grade level for two-semesters. Two electives, Psychology and Ancient History, are offered for a full year during the 11th and 12th years.

My source tells me, and I agree, that both sequence and content are driven by mandatory test requirements and that rote memory takes precedence over critical thinking.

In light of the recent flap over the Trail of Tears I also learned that the event is covered each year in 8th grade. There can be a number of reason why this knowledge isn’t retained. Knowing something happened and knowing or acknowledging the impact of it are two different things.

It does seem that our students need to be made more aware of the sensitivities of our diverse peoples.

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