Thoughts on Infrastructure

Following the great recession of 2008 the congress passed a stimulus bill that was supposed to focus on “shovel ready” infrastructure projects. In my opinion it was not as successful as it could have been because it didn’t authorize enough spending and it didn’t demand that every penny spent be spent with American contractors using American labor, American made equipment, and American made supplies.

Another major problem with big government spending programs has always been keeping them from becoming financial boondoggles and money trees for big corporations.

Already Bernie Sanders is, rightfully so,  attacking Trump’s plans as being too generous to big business. Sanders says Trump’s plan isn’t that different from his own but that Trump is doing nothing to close tax loopholes that allow corporations to hide their profits offshore to avoid taxes. I believe he is also concerned that Trump and the GOP congress will permit their anti-union, anti-labor philosophies stand in the way of the working-class getting their fair share.

The worry is that this will be the same old story of the rich getting richer at the expense of the people who can’t play the game to keep their income tax bill at zero.

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