There’s Ugly News Today!

Last week I wrote a piece about the few good things I saw following the election. The list was pretty short and really, not all that good. Today I scanned my various news feeds and was overwhelmed with headlines foretelling a tsunami sized wave of turds about to come ashore. Here’s just a few:

  • Sean Hannity thinks news media that is too friendly to the Democrats should be barred access to the White House.
  • One of the most hateful and insane creatures of recent times is back in the news. It’s being said that John Bolton may be nominated for Secretary of State. That would be akin to making Heinrich Himmler the White House greeter.
  • Jeff Sessions is being considered for Attorney General. A very conservative senator who once was denied a federal judgeship because of his racists statements.
  • Ben Carson is back in the news but this time it’s for saying he’s not interested in being part of Trump’s government. Finally something good to say about Dr. Carson.
  • Steve Bannon, an avowed racist, shares the number two seat of power in the White House even though all evidence indicates he is a domestic abuser and solid anti semitic.
  • The nation’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is still vying for a seat at the White House table. I used to admire Rudy but then he went crazy and refused treatment.
  • Clare Lopez, the woman who is most responsible for the idea that we’re all going to die at the hand of a Muslim assassin while asleep in our beds. Lopez is being mentions for a place in National Security. Oh, she also thinks Senator Joseph McCarthy was correct in all he said back in the 1950s.
  • Ivanka Trump may use the White House as a means to market her line of jewelry. She selling the $10k bracelet she was wearing during the 60 Minutes interview.
  • True to what has been said about Trump, it is now being rumored that he’s pissed over not having won the popular vote.
  • And finally, Paul Ryan and his friends are again talking about privatization of Social Security and Medicare. Phasing out the existing systems and letting the insurance and investment companies make a profit off us. In the end we the people will receive less coverage, at higher prices, and be subject to the whims of the stock market. Remember when millions lost their retirement accounts when the stock market tanked in 2008?

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