The Angry Farmer

Since 2000 I’ve spent a lot of time drinking coffee with area farmers and here’s what I saw. I saw farm income in every category except government subsidies, double or better. I saw farmers making so much money they were forced to buy new machinery, new grain storage bins, new equipment buildings, and lots of shiny brand new 4X4 pickup trucks with full crew cabs and dually rear wheels.

While things aren’t as good as they were they still aren’t bad.

With this in mind I was watching a segment on the news about the recent election. A reporter was in the midwest talking with farmers who had been strong supporters of Donald Trump. The one the spent the most time with said he was tired of working his but off and not ending up with anything. And, he was tired of government not paying attention to him. The irony of that is it isn’t true. Farmer’s have one of the strongest lobbies in America, The farm states are strongly overrepresented in the US Senate. Government policy and market conditions have favored them for almost two decades, their net worth continues to soar with ever rising land values. Modern technologies such as no-till continue to lower production costs.

All these positives and this farmer appears to be crying poor and ignored. All these positives and this farmer lobs the unknown Trump bomb into the mix and doesn’t have an idea about the consequences.

The icing on the cake for me was seeing him climb aboard brightly painted German-made tractor. Look Abner, you are not allowed to bitch about jobs and wages in America if you’re buying German-made machinery, spending your dollars at Walmart, driving a KIA, or hiring imported migrant workers to harvest your pumpkins.

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