The Guy is Bulletproof!

Less than one week from the strangest election in modern American history and the polls show a tight race between Clinton and Trump. I’ve been watching the trends for several months and can tell you that the slightest Clinton negative will cost her a point or two while Trump only seems affected by major bombshells going off.

He loud and proud said that he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Ave and not lose a vote. A friend said he could probably rape his own daughter in that street and go Scot free.

It’s been absolutely amazing what a great percentage of the American electorate have been willing to look past in their zeal to put Donald into the White House. Just consider this list:

  • Three wives and multiple affairs.
  • Frequent abusive statements about women.
  • The infamous Pussy-Gate audio clip with Billy Bush.
  • His total lack of governmental experience.
  • Almost zero knowledge of the US Constitution.
  • His constant bullying of anyone who challenges him.
  • His obsessive and compulsive lying.
  • The twelve women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.
  • The impending court case involving the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl in the 1990s.
  • The soon to come trial for business fraud regarding his Trump University.
  • Misdealings at Trump Foundation including spending over $6,000 of donor’s money for a self portrait.
  • The abusive language he has rained down on entire ethnic and religious groups.
  • The threats he has made against the free press including the guarantee he’s made to place a muzzle on it.
  • Attacks against military leaders and gold star families.
  • Insisting for years that the president of the United States was not a citizen.
  • Both he and his father were found guilty of racial discrimination in housing and he pretends it wasn’t true.
  • Implying that President Obama was a Muslim.
  • Encouraging violence at his rallies.
  • Associating himself with extremely right-wing, white supremacists groups and individuals.
  • Not paying federal income taxes for eighteen years and possibly manipulating the system to allow him to avoid such taxes for the remainder of his life.
  • And so much more.

But two of the things that rattle my brain the most are…

  • Telling Howard Stern that it was okay to call his daughter a, “piece of ass.” How far down the valley of stink does your brain reside to be okay with that?
  • Not that Melania did this but that the great right-wing, evangelical, God-fearing, Bible thumping, conservative Christian  people of this nation are willing to overlook the many poses of who they want to be America’s next first lady. Just check out the following gallery and think how these same moral high-grounders would react if these were photos of Michelle Obama.

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