A Change Has Gotta Come

I’ve read a lot about the election and why the Democrats lost. Of all the suggestions the one that concerns me the most is the idea that the party no longer represents the working classes. I’ve known for a long time that both parties are heavily reliant on big business and the wealthy for their money and owed a debt for that support. I wrote it off by believing the GOP simply had richer and more powerful supporters so it somehow balanced out.

Given that millions of Democrats supported Bernie Sanders and his revolutionary ideas, including running without corporate and PAC money, coupled with the out-and-out rejection of so many working people, I’ve got to question just who the Democrats do support today? I’ve also got to question if I can continue associating with the Democrats.

The question is where would I go if I left the party? I don’t want to be an independent because independents don’t have any sort of organized goal. They don’t stand for anything. They aren’t using their combined strength to make the nation better. I also can’t be a Republican. The GOP is obviously out of the question. Given my views on social and economic justice there is simply no room in a party that everyday becomes more conservatively insane.

I think what I want to see happen is for the Democratic Party to become the party of Sander’s democratic socialism. To adopt the Sanders platform, finance its candidates with millions of small donations from the people, place a ceiling on the amount corporations and individuals can donate, emphasize that donations come with no special favors, totally reject PAC money, and focus on rebuilding the middle classes and improving the lot of the poor.

I don’t know if the existing party can make these changes or if a new party needs to be formed. I’m fine with either. All I know is that something real and believable has to be done.  The modern Democratic Party is supposed to be the party of the common people and if that is no longer true, it has to be made true.

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