What’s Wrong The Mayor & Slick Willy?

Looking back I remember Rudy Giuliani being referred to as America’s mayor following 9/11. He had everyone’s admiration for how he pulled NYC through the twin tower attacks. He was the rock that millions turned to for comfort and security.

Between then and now something happened to America’s mayor. He morphed into a crazy old white man who seldom parts his lips without saying something radically wrong or just plain ignorant. Maybe he’s simply overdosed on the Trump flavored Kool-Aid in the past year.

The same thing has to be asked about Bill Clinton, what the hell is wrong with him? Clinton was Slick Willy, the Comeback Kid. The guy believed to have written the textbook on American politics. The guy with the golden tongue, who never met a dias he couldn’t command. The guy who was so admired that even after lying about “that woman” and being only the second president in American history to be impeached, still left office with a popularity score approaching sixty. One of the highest ever for a two-term president.

So again, what the hell has happened to America’s potential first  First Gentleman? He goes on the campaign trail in support of his wife, puts that golden tongue in motion, and drops a verbal nuclear bomb on her presidential campaign by calling into question the sanity of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

At the very time Trump’s ramblings about large breasted beauty queens is killing him in the polls, Slick Willy hands the Donald several cans of high-caliber armour-piercing ammunition. You can’t but wonder what’s behind this. Does he not want to be First Gentleman? Does he dislike Obama so much he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut for another month? Whatever Willy’s reason it’s probably time to relegate him to picking out the draperies for their possible return to the White House.


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