Trump’s Got Good Bait

In the past several days I have had several friends and relatives who have finally exited the closet and revealed what the world already expected, that they were voting for Trump.

True to form neither would provide any reasons. In one case the person strongly suggested the decision had to do with “Crooked Hillary.” I asked the person to specifically list any instances where Hillary had been charged with a crime, given a trial, found guilty, and sentenced. This is almost always the case. Trump supporters speak in talking points and if those approved points don’t provide any real answer, they just remain silent. They have been persuaded to accept a premise and never worry about the need to justify their decision.

In another instance the person announced their coming out and followed it up with a clear statement that they had their reasons and weren’t going to speak about it. Furthermore, if you were friend or family the relationship would be in jeopardy if any criticisms were issued.

I find it so different from how I am. Since day one of the current presidential cycle I’ve not held back my positions and I’ve always been able and willing to explain in detail how I arrive at those positions. I support Clinton and if you follow my writings you’ll know exactly why I was able to switch my support from Sanders to Hillary. You’ll also know in detail why I find Trump to possibly be the worst national political candidate in our history.

The people of my above examples make me feel they simply swallowed a tasty piece of bait and like a narcotic, it robbed them of independent thought. Their thinking processes are now owned by the narcotic.

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