Please Tell Me Why!

You live in a small town far, far away and you are part owner in a small privately owned corporation that is a OEM supplier to the auto industry. At the peak of your company’s growth you employed over 600 low and semi skilled workers. Life was good and the future looked bright.

Then came rising energy cost in the 2000s coupled with an almost complete collapse of the economy in 2007-08. Car sales began to plummet, orders began to dry up, and your company began to lay off workers. At rock bottom you were down to less than fifty employees and struggling to keep the lights on.

America’s three major auto manufacturers were about to go belly up and along came president Bush with a short-term loan to forestall bankruptcy. The long-term solutions was left for his successor, Barack Obama whose administration gave tens of billions in loans to GM and Chrysler and a potential “bridge” loan to Ford should it need it. It was controversial with many arguing that the car companies should be allowed to fold. That it wasn’t the government’s business to save them.

In the end the “Big Three” dug their way out and are today prospering. Millions of employees have been called back to work and your small corporation is back on its feet. The taxpayer’s final cost of saving a major economic engine of America was $9.6 billion. Even Donald Trump applauded the bailout until it got in the way of his political ambitions. He also supported and spoke well of president Obama’s economic stimulus package, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and at one time said the American economy does better under Democrats than Republicans.

So, here you are, sitting at your desk and seeing your factory floor abuzz with production. Who do you thank for that? To me it’s obvious that the thanks goes to Obama’s willingness to bring the nation’s total resources to the aid of you and countless other small and large manufacturers. And in the meantime both Trump and Pence have switched positions. In today’s political atmosphere they would not have supported the Obama bailout. They don’t support anything that has brought America back from the brink. They in fact continue to wrongly insist that things have never been worse and Obama, and Hillary, is at fault.

All this is to position myself to ask you a simple question; given that it was Obama and a Democratically controlled Congress that saved your ass from ruin, why do you have a Trump-Pence sign in your front yard?


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