McClain’s Trail of Tears Fiasco

Timothy Burke is the video director of something called Deadspin. I came across a post of his regarding the Trail of Tears controversy that resulted from last night’s Hillsboro Indians – McClain Tiger football game. There is at least one long thread about it on FB today. The thing about what Burke said that bothers me the most, having taught American History and Government at McClain for 26 years, is this statement.

“Hillsboro and Greenfield are rural cities east of Cincinnati, and since it seems they don’t teach history in Greenfield—which, having spent time there, I’m pretty sure they don’t.”

I retired in 1996 and I know that up till that time we did teach history and our students ranked in the upper performance levels on national scholastic tests. I also know that much has changed in the last 20 years and because of compulsory testing not all of it has been good.

Again, I don’t know Timothy Burke is or what his connection with Greenfield has been. I do hope that he is wrong about us no longer doing a good job teaching history and government.

I can tell you that the sophomore granddaughter currently sitting in my living room had no knowledge of George Armstrong Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn until I just gave her a fifteen minute overview of Native American History.

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