I Am a Hugely Freakin’ Genius

On Monday, October 3rd I watched an interview with a Trump advisor regarding Trump’s likely non-payment of income taxes. She was all about him being a business genius who was smart to work the tax system to his advantage. I also watched some of Trump’s Colorado rally where he pretty much did the same.

During the relatively prosperous years of the Bill Clinton administration Trump made business decisions that ran his casino-hotel business into bankruptcy and a loss of near $1 billion. As reported in the NY Times this set him up for a loss that may have freed him from federal income taxes for the next two decades.

"I went to Wharton. I'm, like, a really smart person."
“I went to Wharton. I’m, like, a really smart person.”

I’m having difficulty seeing this as genius. I was in the computer and ham radio businesses during that same time and was making more money than I had in my lifetime. I don’t have a degree from a prestigious business school but I must have been making good financial decisions. My business grew, I added more employees and was able to pay them more money, I blew some of the money having fun but I used the rest to pay off all our debts and retire our home mortgage almost ten-years early.

During that time I also paid more in taxes, including federal income taxes, than I ever had. My accountant took advantage of what the law permitted but we didn’t “play” the system. In all the articles I’ve written over the years you’ll never find a one in which I complained about paying my fair share of taxes. Afterall, my increase in taxes was a direct result of my increase in income.

So, while during the same era that the claimed genius Donald J. Trump was driving his empire down the sewer hole, taking thousands of employees and hundreds of contractors and investors with him, I the mild-mannered schoolmarm with a non-business degree from a meager state university, did, believe me, greatly tremendous.

I’m pretty sure that in the real world, not the la-la land of Trump, that makes me a hugely freakin’ genius. Trust me, I went to Cal-State Fullerton, I’m, like, a really smart person!

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