HIM-roids as of 10/7

HIM-roids are the things Trump says. Trump-roids and Ass-roids are a video game. One that is not fun to play if you give a shit about America.

It is just too difficult to write an individual comment regarding every utterance of bullshit that comes out of the Trump campaign. So, I starting a page of running comments and positions and was going to call it Trumproids. Then I remembered just how highly Donald thinks of himself, hugely God like, so I’m calling it HIM-roids.  Here’s a few to get things started:

  • 10/7 – Video/audio tape uncovered showing Trump at his misogynist worst. His apology is to say Bill Clinton has said worse.
  • 10/7 – Trump makes the totally bogus claim that the Border Patrol is allowing illegals into America so they can vote for Hillary.
  • 10/7 – Against DNA evidence Trump still denies the Central Park Five were wrongly accused.
  • 10/5 – The conservative Wall Street Journal has found a pattern of Trump contributing to the state’s attorney generals whose offices were investigating his businesses.
  • 10/5 – Trump’s former tax account said in multiple interviews that It was Ivana who understood taxes more than Donald. That Donald is not the tax genius he claims.
  • 10/5 – Trump’s questionable charity may be in trouble in dozens of states. Attorneys General all over America are looking into the legal status and activities of the Trump Foundation.
  • 10/4 – Trump told Pennsylvania steelworkers that America would be rebuilt with Pennsylvania steel. Most of Trump’s recent projects were built with Chinese made steel and aluminum.

  • 10/3 – Trump told a group of retired generals that people who return with PTSD may just be weak individuals. We already know he doesn’t like POWs. We also know he had five draft deferments during the Vietnam War.
  • 10/3 – The Trump Foundation was ordered by the NY Attorney General to stop fundraising. In part because the nonprofit had not filed the necessary paperwork. Yeah, he’s a genius.
  • 10/3 – Trump rented office space to an Iranian bank from 1998 – 2003, even after it was shown the bank was a conduit for terrorist monies.
  • 10/2 – Trump mocks or mimics Clinton almost falling from pneumonia related illness. Reminded me of his mocking the handicapped reporter.
  • 10/2 -Trump and all of his surrogates argue that having beaten federal income taxes since maybe 1995 is proof of Donald’s genius. I see his $1 billion tax write off as a huge failure as a businessman.
  • 10/2 – Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani came right out and proved that Trump’s candidacy was sexists by saying, “Trump is better than having a woman in the White House.”
  • 9/29 – A Trump company clearly violated the US trade embargo against Cuba in 1998. Trump has sworn to the Cuban-American community he was anti-Castro and totally supported the embargo.

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