The Dilemmas of Mike & Larry

I still haven’t figured out what to think about Trump supporters. Michael Steele is black, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and one time lieutenant governor of Maryland. He has announced that he will not be voting for Trump because of the candidate’s appeal to racists. He told a magazine that Trump, “captured that racist underbelly, that frustration, that angry underbelly of American life…” and gave it voice.”

Even though many Trump supporters deny that he has made any racist and misogynist statements the reality is, oh yes he has and he has done so long and strong enough to earn the endorsement and support of most of the white supremacist in America. He’s damned near the poster child for the KKK and American neo Nazis.

And this is Michael Steele’s dilemma, Steele wants with all his heart to be a loyal Republican but his party has been taken captive by people who don’t want him as a member. May not even want him living in America. His conscience won’t permit him to vote for his party’s nominee and it also won’t allow him to vote for Hillary Clinton. The political reality of today has left Michael Steele a man without a meaningful vote. He can vote third-party but that has no meaning.

I share a bit of Steele’s dilemma in that I am a strong Democrat and put my efforts behind Bernie Sanders. I don’t really have anything against Hillary Clinton, but there’s a part of me that feels America could lose a few scabs if the names Bush and Clinton were retired from America’s political roster.

I don’t know who Steele was supporting in the primaries but I know his candidate didn’t win. We share that, neither did mine. But unlike Steele I had a plan B that would work for me, I had Hillary. While not my favorite I can live with giving her a chance to take America to a better place.

Hillary is not a radical, she is not a crook, she did not murder 48 people, she is not personally responsible for everything that went right or wrong during her career in public life. What she is and what she’s been is the for over thirty years is the target of constant political assault from those who have trouble dealing with an intelligent, well-educated, assertive, powerful, and ambitious woman. If she’d just agreed to stay home and bake cookies for orphans when Bill first won the White House she may today be one of America’s most beloved ex First Ladies.

So, unlike Steele, Chapman has a viable choice. I have Hillary and I even have the choice to pressure her to continue the Bernie Revolution that grew out of the Democratic primaries. And all us Bernie supporters have the option to continue working in directions that would make Bernie smile. Feeling the Bern isn’t dead, it’s merely in the hands of Hillary and with our insistence and support it can continue breathing and growing.

Not so sure such is true for Steele and his traditional Republicans. The GOP of both their fathers and their youths may have become a victim of history. In the hands of Trump and his alt-right advisors the GOP has become the party of right-wing nationalism, white nationalism, white supremacy, weakened equality for women, blacks, non conservative Christians, Muslims, Jews, and racial and ethnic minorities. It is no longer the party that claims to most support the ideas of Constitutional democracy. Instead it has become the party that show contempt for the stability and freedoms that our Constitution has provided for almost two and a half centuries.

While I’ve described Steele’s dilemma I have yet to resolve my own dilemma. What do I think about the occupants of a home displaying a Trump sign? Do the people who live there, unlike Steele, not realize they are by association labeling themselves as racists, as xenophobic, as misogynist, as radicals who would help bring down the basics of American government. What I find so difficult is in knowing this how do I drive by a home with a Trump sign in the yard and not conclude the occupant is sympathetic to racism? How do I do that? Some time back the DailyKos published an article titled, If you Tell Me You Are Supporting Trump, I Already Know Seven Things About You. While I found it pretty harsh and too broad it still makes me wonder, As the months and years go by what am I to think about those homes who once flew a Trump flag?

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