The Late Great GOP

Michelle Bachmann announced recently that the election of 2016 would be America’s last. After reading here full remarks what she really said was that since so many ethnic Americans vote Democrat the GOP has lost its chances for future wins. She is ruing the passing of the late, great, white voting majority.

There is a basis for her thinking whites will cease being the majority. Several demographic research groups have stated that Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asians will outnumber whites by 2050.

But, there is nothing in their collective DNA that dictates they vote Democrat. They are very supportive of the Democrat Party now because the GOP has so alienated themselves from youth and minorities.

It’s amazing that just four years ago the Republicans, in their famous autopsy report, concluded that if the party was going to have a future it had to alter its policies and become more inclusive of youth, women, and minorities. But the reality is, the GOP has done the exact opposite. By giving control of the party to Donald Trump and the extremely conservative “alt-right,” Republicans have gone 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

The Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, came into being as a result of the failure and demise of the Whig Party before the Civil War. The Whigs had become so extremely divided they simply ceased to exists and following a tumultuous period the GOP emerged from the ashes.

Rachel Maddow spoke of this recently and her conclusion is the same as my own. What happened to the Whigs in the mid 1850s is pretty much what is happening with the GOP today. It was captured by a group of extreme nativist who opposed immigration, abolition (civil rights), and increased inclusion. Issues that are at the core of today’s GOP collapse.

While Bachmann is wrong about 2016 being the last American election it is potentially correct that this may represent a weakening of the two-party system. If the Republicans cannot quickly back up and regroup they will cease to exist and into the void will come others vying to take their place. It could get nasty but the nation will, just as we have, survive. This is simply history repeating itself.

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