The Deplorables

Hillary Clinton said that half of Trump’s supporters were deplorable due to their overt displays of intolerance and bigotry. Of course Trump and his deplorables are all over her demanding an apology. One even went so far as to say, “She can’t deplort me, I’m a citizen.”

I just find it interesting that nary a day passes that Trump doesn’t say something horribly demeaning to or about someone and that his army of deplorables find nothing to get upset about. Like their leader, they just aren’t interested in the goose getting what the gander gets.

Recently I was watching one of the talk shows and a poll was discussed showing what Trump followers believed to be true about Muslims. The responses were in fact deplorable. Today I took a few minutes to Google what Trump voters believe and came up with more deplorable beliefs. For example:

  • 65% still believe Obama is a Muslim.
  • 59% still don’t believe Obama was born in America.
  • 40% of Trump supporters believe that blacks are lazier than whites.
  • 50% believe that blacks are more violent than whites.
  • 33% believe that it was okay that the US interned Japanese citizens during WWII.
  • 31% oppose allowing homosexuals to enter the US.
  • 30% said, or weren’t sure, that whites were superior to blacks.
  • 20% said Lincoln was wrong when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves.

It goes on and on and just gets more deplorable. Some Democrats are saying Hillary shouldn’t have said what she did about Trump supporters. But I think the evidence is overwhelming that Hillary spoke to the deplorable truth.

Addendum One: A Trump surrogate was on CNN today and made the claim that Hillary had declared 50% of the US population as being deplorable. Reality is that Hillary criticized half of Trump supporters. If she and Trump are running 50-50 she would only be referring to 25% of those likely to vote. But by association I think maybe the real number is higher than what Hillary said.

Addendum Two: Trump’s VP mate was by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Monday afternoon and when asked if KKK member David Duke was deplorable, Pence refused to comment. That says volumes!

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