It’s You Who’s to Blame

One of my conservative friends made a comment in which she was critical of professional politicians. I asked, but got no answer, which incumbent she was NOT going to vote for in November? You see, professional career politicians are not born, they are created by the people. They get into office by consent of their constituents and they remain in office because those same constituents continue to elect them. A two-year term in the US House of Representatives turns into twenty terms and a forty-year career. There are several things that help make this true; gerrymandering and campaign financing laws being two of the big ones. And who refuses to clean up the laws that permit gerrymandering and financial abuses? Those very politicians the voters keep returning to office. If you’re not happy that your congressman is a career politician, vote for the other guy in November. Don’t blame it on the liberals, the conservatives, the Democrats, the Republicans, the churches, the mainstream media. Blame it where the blame belongs, square on your shoulders.

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