Where’s the Tax Return Donald?

Some time ago I implied that Donald Trump not be permitted to issue another criticism about anything or anyone, until he had released his tax returns. This remains a major issue with me and I don’t understand why it isn’t getting greater attention in the media.

To those who are examining his taxes there is evidence that he probably hasn’t paid any taxes for several years, and they speculate that a study of his taxes will show his net worth is far less than the billions he claims, he is not nearly as charitable as claimed, and that he has been and remains deeply embedded with overseas, including Russian, bankers.

Donald Trump is like the Wizard of Oz, a powerful voice, strong persona, that’s hiding behind a thick green smoke screen, flashing lights, and a emerald green curtain. Releasing his tax returns would be akin to Toto pulling back the curtain and exposing the Wizard as being just a small mortal of a man, no more powerful than than any other charlatan.

Here’s a website with a collection of tax return information you may find informative.

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ADDENDUM: Just so happens that Newsweek Magazine published a major investigation into Trump’s financial empire and clearly displays just how conflicted a Trump presidency is. Their research has tied him to an army of international financiers, some of whom have criminal associations.

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