Party Demographics, They Be Changing

Came across this study by the Pew Research Center and found it informative. Since 1992 demographics of America’s political parties have been changing The first graph shows the country becoming more ethnically and racially diverse (less white) and that the Democrats are making the most of it. In 2012 the GOP made note of this and said they were going to work towards becoming more inclusive. Just the opposite has occurred.


The second graph shows the nation is becoming better educated and again, it’s the Democrats who lead the way. The Democrats have been known as the party of the working man. Maybe the nature of the working man in America is changing; modern economics demands a better educated working class.

Graph number three shows a real problem for the GOP, they are getting older and younger people are not signing up to fill the voids left as old Republicans go to sit at the right hand of Reagan.

Finally, and to nobody’s surprise, Democrats being more liberal and better educated, are not turning to organized religion to find whatever organized religion has historically provided.

One can take from this study whatever they wish. But as I rattled these things around in my brain I don’t think it spells good for the future of the GOP. That is especially true given what Trump and his alt-right bed mates have done to the party of Lincoln.

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