How much for those earphones?

I written about my disdain for Apple several times. It’s not that they make bad products and it’s not that they’ve been innovators and awesome designers. It’s all about how anal and greedy they are.

Apple has always forced consumers to play by their rules and pay dearly for doing so. Their products have always been overpriced. They began with their own proprietary CPUs and operating system that had no compatibility with other systems. With each new product they pretty much stuck with that formula, forcing the buyer to skin the cat using their methods. Apple wants to control everything. As a corporation they have been extremely successful and highly undemocratic.

The new Apple iPhone 7 is the most recent example of Apple’s way of doing business. Their iPhones have never followed convention. They used non-standard charging cables, required people to use iTunes to deal with media, initially added a fee for cellphone coverage, and more. With the new 7 they’ve gone even further, they’ve done away with the earphone jack. So, instead of being able to listen to music with a cheap pair of $2 ear buds Apple now expects its fans to pay $150 for a proprietary pair of wireless buds. True enough you can buy an adapter and use the charging port to plug-in your buds but about the time you want to listen to some rhythms you’ll probably misplace your adapter.

So here’s the new reality. Want the latest and greatest iPhone? Well prepare to fork out about $800 for the phone and another $150 for the ear buds. This is why Apple is the richest company in the world.

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