Emotion & Anger Rule the Day

CBS Sunday Morning did a segment where they went to Trump rallies and ask regular people why they were supporting Trump. Without exception not a person answered with anything substantial. Their answers fell into one of two baskets, they are angry and felt they’ve lost their nation, or they didn’t like Hillary.

Not a soul was able or willing to lay out their reasons in a researched, informed, logical, step by step, fashion. They didn’t know specifically why they were for Trump, they just knew they were. It was simply a case of emotion and anger being the great motivator.

It was also easy to see that not a one of them was the least bit interest in told any of the negatives surrounding Trump. It didn’t matter that most words he issues are lies, that he has had major business failures, that those failures have cost others billions of lost dollars, that he frequently employees foreign workers, that his manufactured products are made overseas, that he has been married three times, displays little knowledge of the Bible, has said horrible things about entire ethnic groups, religions, and races, has incited people to violence at his rallies, knows little about foreign or domestic policy, appears to be extremely ignorant of Constitutional law and history, and has destroyed the traditional Republican Party and moved it so far to the right it is now seen by many as a dangerous extremist political movement.

I could go on and on but to Trump supporters it wouldn’t make any difference. Over and over they prove his statement about shooting someone in the middle of 5th Ave and not losing a vote because of it.

There is absolutely nothing sane about what is happening. There is noting intellectual, rational, logical, explainable, or knowable. Half the American electorate just seems to have lost that part of their brains that keep emotions and anger in check.

To me these are scary times. This is like waking from a drunk and finding a discovering you had over half your body tattooed. It’s too late and the consequences are going to effect you for decades to come. Even if you get them removed there’s going to be one hell of a scar.

A Trump victory could so deface this nation that we may never recover. And if we do emerge all tatted up decades later, like the American Civil War, you don’t have to dig deep to find the scars.

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