Victory by Emotion

The New York Times released a collection of videos it had shot during the past year at Trump rallies. Watching it was both sickening and frightening. It was like watching a British football game where most of the people in the stands were just enjoying the game and rooting their team to victory. Then there was the hooligan section where, bleachers were being ripped from the floor, people where threatening death and destruction to the opposition, and the filthiest and most hateful and degrading language was being spewed forth.

Insanely emotional people were exiting the arenas and threatening violence to anyone perceived as challenging their hatred. One guy, wearing a “Fuck Muslim” t-shirt challenged a protester and the protester said that Americans have a right to freedom of religious belief. The t-shirt dude shouted “fuck Muslims” while a guy next to him said, “Muslim isn’t a religion, it’s an ideology.” Well duh! All religions are ideologies and you’ll have a hell of a time convincing 1.6 billion Muslims they don’t practice a religion.

This video provided visual proof of just how much Trump’s backers are driven by emotion and not knowledge and reason. If Trump wins it will be a victory based on raw emotion and I just can’t believe anything good can result from that.

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