Time Wasted in Trumpland, Part 2

This week in Trump Land will begin on Wednesday, August 17.  We wake up this morning to news of a major shakeup in the Trump organization.

  • His campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was demoted and a couple new names brought in who promise to let Trump be Trump. Apparently Trump tired of being the constrained and rational person Manafort wanted.
  • Just for some extra sugar, Manafort is also being looked into some questionable spy work for unknown persons close to Putin.
  • The new head of Trump’s campaign is Steve Bannon. The only similarity to Steve Canyon is that both may prove to become comic book characters. I got an email from Hillary claiming Bannon to be the world’s most horrible person. After a few minutes of talk shows I learned it was a shared opinion. This morning I read that even Glen Beck agrees with Hillary about Bannon. Given what I’ve read about Bannon look for the Trump shit storm to be running at full throttle.
  • Several news sources are claiming there is a weakening of support for Trump with white male voters.

  • Next comes news that twenty years or so ago Trump’s New Jersey casinos owed the state almost $30 million in back taxes. The state had fought Trump for over six years with no success. Then Christie the Savior enters the governor’s office and in the bat of an eye all but $5 million is forgiven.
  • Trump finally gets his wall. After someone stole a Trump yard sign the man’s neighbors built a protective wall around it.

trump's sign wall

  • Trump received his first intelligence briefing today, Wednesday, August 17. So far no increase of IQ has been noted.
  • If we’re headed for a financial crisis Trump wants it to happen now rather than after the election. He doesn’t want to be blamed for it.
  • Trump says the NY Times doesn’t like him because one of their major investors is a Mexican.
  • In a discussion with Sean Hannity Trump emphatically stated he would throw US citizens out of the country if they had extreme views. Once again Donald shows no knowledge or appreciation of Constitutional Law.
  • It’s been revealed that one of Trump’s foreign affairs advisers has been accused of being antisemitic. Joseph Schlitz, a former high up in the Department of Defense reportedly bragged to colleagues about firing Jewish employees and questioned the holocaust. One claim was the death camp ovens weren’t large enough to kill the numbers claimed by the Jews.
  • Of interest, and for a little humor, one might read the letter from Trump’s doctor. Just don’t bother trying the doc’s website or sending him an email, neither seems to function.
  • Most humorous thing today was the sudden appearance around trump naketthe country of five totally new statues of Trump titled, The Emperor Has No Balls. The one in NYC’s Union Square didn’t last long but the city’s parks department issued this statement as it hauled off the uncovered statue in a pick up truck, “Update: The New York City Parks Department sent Gothamist the following statement about the removal of the structure: “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.” Statues appeared in San Francisco, Seattle, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and NYC.

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