The Party of Lincoln is Dead!

We seem to be living in a words don’t have meaning, words don’t have consequences, truth doesn’t count, facts don’t count, science doesn’t matter, post rational world.

Yesterday’s news provides the example. Hillary made a major speech about the racism and bigotry of the Trump campaign and Trump responded by calling Hillary a bigot. My question is, doesn’t there have to be some evidence of truth when you call someone a seriously inflammatory name, especially when you’re running for the presidency?

Here’s the facts behind Hillary’s claim that Trump is a racist.

  • Let’s begin with the knowledge that both Trump and his father, Fred, were charged with violating the civil rights of blacks by denying the opportunities to rent Trump properties. Trump has lied about these charges and falsely claimed they paid any penalties.
  • He spent five years demeaning our first black president by insisting he wasn’t an American, that he had no birth certificate, that he was likely Islāmic, and that his educational credentials were questionable.
  • The day he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy he began by attacking Mexicans as being rapists. Admittedly he acknowledged a few might be okay, but he seem positive.
  • He spent the entire primary season saying things that were offensive to Latinos, blacks, Asians, immigrants, military heroes, LGBT, and women.
  • The consequences of his words were such that he increasingly attracted the attention and support of various far-right anti-government groups as well as the majority of white supremacists hate groups.
  • For some time he did nothing to disassociate himself from these groups. Remember how long it took him to take David Duke’s pork chop away? He even said he didn’t know anything about white supremacy.
  • And now, to ice the cake, Trump has chosen as his campaign’s chief executive officer Stephen Bannon, the leader of one of the most verbal and powerful extreme right-wing entities in America, Breitbart News. This is a man who hates minorities, has a record of domestic violence, is extremely anti-government, wants to destroy the traditional Republican Party, is super nationalistic, and who is an almost textbook perfect example of a fascist.

Never in its entire history has a major political party been so firmly taken over by such an extreme element of society, left or right.

reaganon bigotryThis particular group of extremists is called the Alt-Right and when asked about it, Trump claimed to not know a thing about it. Even when his CEO is a major voice in the Alt-Right. When I first heard the term I was led to believe it would be difficult to understand. The opposite is the truth. Alt-Right is just another term given to a group of very dangerous people, many of whom are in powerful positions. Just study the history of the rise of fascism in Italy and Germany during the 1920s and 1930s and you’ll find the Alt-Right. The only real difference is during that time they called themselves Nazis and Fascists.

I’ve asked before if the GOP was dying. I think time has provided the answer. The party of Lincoln is now the party of Trump and the party of Trump is hell-bent on destroying the last remnants of the party of Lincoln.

In the words of Mr. Ripley, “Believe it or Not!”

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