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On one of the talk shows I saw two of the most racist statements I’ve ever heard. Both were attributed to Trump’s new racist-in-charge, Stephen Bannon. Without success I’ve spent more than a couple of minutes looking for these and other such statements from Bannon.

I decided to try the Southern Law Poverty Center since they keep an ear to the ground regarding those who hate. I still didn’t find what I’m looking for but I did click on their “Hate Map” and checked out Ohio and then other areas of the nation. A quick summary is, the most haters are associated with the KKK or other white nationalist groups such as a Nazi or fascist party. There are also  a number of dots on the map that represent black separatist groups such as the Nation of Islam.

While no state appears free of hate groups the Northeast may have the fewest. Ohio scores pretty low but you may want to be out of town by sundown along certain parts of the I-71 corridor.

splc hate mapIt comes at no surprise that the Deep-South is where most of the organized hate groups are located although it did me good to see that both South and North Carolina doing better than the other states.

The true hot spot of hate seems to be concentrated in an area bordered by Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. I remember the black comedian, Dick Gregory, saying back in the 60s that he wasn’t driving through Georgia and didn’t even want to fly over it. That may be good advice for blacks and minorities traveling through that four-state concentration.

Keep in mind that everything said here relates to organized hate groups and doesn’t represent the real level of racism or hatred in America. Hatred is everywhere and we all know someone who is consumed by it.

I don’t know what to do about hate but I do defend the right of those people to believe as they wish and to organize a club and have a monthly fish fry.  But I also support the thought that we should ever turn our backs on them. Don’t forget that just once Wild Bill Hickok forgot to cover his back and it cost him his life.

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