Farmers in Space

Being burnt out on the Olympics I switched over to HBO and watched a movie called The Astronaut Farmer. It starred Billy Bob Thornton and a handful of other known names. The premise is a farmer whose dream of becoming an astronaut was crushed by being tossed out of NASA.

He, being a salt of the earth, hard-working, God-fearing, never say never kind of guy that the American way of life creates, he takes matters into his own hands and builds a manned rocket in his barn. Against all odds and all the efforts of the dream crushers, he launches and circles the earth nine times without a hitch and successfully and gently, returns to earth.

This was supposed to be one of those feel good movies but about the only feeling I had was having wasted two hours of my life watching it. About five seconds after it was over I decided this is the kind of movie people like Clint Eastwood masturbate to.


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