America is the Turtle, not the Hare!

The authors of the US Constitution created a representative democracy, a republic. There wasn’t much thought given to political american turtleparties and many of the framers hoped political parties wouldn’t raise their ugly heads in the new republic. But they did, they evolved, and they grew into the two major party system we’ve had since before the Civil War.

We are not the United Kingdom or any of the many nations that have a parliamentary, multi party systems in which governments are often created by a coalition of two or more smaller parties. Smaller parties focusing on their similarities while ignoring their differences in order to gain power.

Coalitions rarely happen in America. About the only way small third parties see any success is when they present an idea that attracts significant attention. When that happens one of the major parties simply steals the idea, makes it its own, and the third-party disappears into the ozone.

That’s what’s happening in this year’s presidential election cycle. Bernie Sanders, while aligning with the Democrats, became somewhat of a third-party. His ideas were far enough to the left that he caught the eye of many young progressives and has become somewhat their hero.

Now that Sanders has been beaten by the American two-party system many of his followers are angry and have chosen to not support Hillary. I’m attributing this to political naivety and hope they’ll come to realize before November that they can’t hate Hillary and Trump both. That one of those two choices is going to be America’s next president and they may be the deciding factor. They have several choices: first, support Hillary who is by far the more progressive, second, vote for Trump which will certainly come home to bite them in their asses, next, vote for some third-party candidate which equates to a vote for Trump, or stay at home which also equals a vote for Trump.

Peaceful political change is always slow, regardless of the country in question. In America it is even slower because our system doesn’t allow for the sudden collapse and reformation of new government. In my opinion that’s what many of Sanders’ supporters fail to realize, we don’t do revolutions in America, we do long laboriously slow change. Change comes at a snail’s pace but it does come. American politics is the turtle, not the hare; but don’t forget who won the race!

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