Trump’s Walled America

The most important foreign policies of the United States since the end of World War II has included the containment and ultimate elimination of the strangle hold the Soviet Union held on Eastern Europe. You may know it as the Cold War. It has been a policy supported by each political party, the majority of elected officials, the entire military establishment, every sitting president of the modern era, and the vast majority of the American citizenry.

Treaty organizations such as NATO and SEATO played a major part in reversing the tide of communist expansion and freeing nations like Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

A second major component of American foreign policy has been international involvement and not isolationism. Considering the comments Donald Trump expressed in the attached article (see below) it is obvious that he is not aware of such, nor the potential consequences of what he is suggesting. Putin’s Russia is itching to regain what it lost when the Soviet Empire folded and Trump appears ready to let Putin have his way.

At the same time Trumps suggested ideas are exactly what the right wing has hammered president Obama and Hillary Clinton about, a weak or lackadaisical approach towards America’s foreign obligations. On the one hand Trump is saying America first (withdrawn) while criticizing his opposition as being too withdrawn. I am certainly not prepared to deal with the rigors of the presidency but there is little in this man to suggest he is any more prepared than I.

Ultimately Trump is suggesting a return to the same conservative policy of isolationism; which is simply putting America first. Doesn’t matter that both world wars resulted in part from such policies or that we have so far managed to avoid a third world war by staying involved in world affairs.

Lots has been said by Trump about walling off America. My conspiracy theory is that a Trump shell company has been secretly buying up border property while a second Trump shell company will be given construction contracts by the Trump Administration to build those walls. Don’t forget, he’s told us many times that such is just good business skills.

NOTE: The basis of this blog comes from a New York Times article. Click HERE for the entire article.

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