Trump v. Hillary – Whose Pants are on Fire?

Watching CBS Sunday Morning and there were a couple of pieces about Donald Trump, including an interview with Ted Koppel. It was said that two-thirds of what Trump has said during his campaign have been proven false. While I frequently hear Trump distorting the truth I was still shocked with the percentage being so high.

I decided to look into this claim and found that several fact checking sites have uncovered similar results. One of the most credible sites is Politifacts and here’s a chart showing their findings. Not very impressive but to Trump supporters the truth doesn’t seem to make much difference. Paraphrasing the comments of a commentator this morning, the more traditional Republicans, moderates of any ilk, liberals, and the media attack Trump, the tighter his followers cling to his love handles.

chart of trump truths

And just for the record, compare Trump’s chart with that of Hillary Clinton. Vive la difference!

chart of hillary truths

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