Jim Jefferies – All You Need to Know About Trump

I had never heard of Jim Jefferies until driving home from Columbus and listening to the Lewis Black channel on Pandora. Here is this guy jim jefferieswith a thick Australian accent talking about guns in America. He was not opposed to guns and didn’t argue for abolishing them. He simply ripped to shreds the stupid arguments used by the NRA and its most rabid supporters to defend guns.

When I got home I looked him up on Netflix and found two specials he’d done. The special containing the piece about guns was named BARE and it was hysterical. Jefferies may not be easy to listen to by many more sensitive types. He’s pretty free with the four letter words.

Yesterday we sat down and watched his latest Netflix special, FREEDUMB. Among several topics discussed was his views about Donald Trump. Nobody I know of has boiled down the essence of Trump better than this guy.

This morning I did some Googling and found this six-minute YouTube clip of the Trump bit. We found it to be both extremely funny and accurate.

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