I’m a Liar!

Recently I posted a blog comparing the truth factors of Trump v Hillary. Later that day I read an article in the New Republic about Trump not being a liar but something worse, a bullshitter.

liar liarAccording to the author a bullshitter is someone who has no basis of knowledge in what they are talking about. They’re just making stuff up as they roll along. A liar is someone who knows what they’re talking about, knows the truth, but chooses to tell the story differently.

I’ve always thought I was a bullshitter but now I realize that I’m a liar. I love telling stories and I usually know what I’m talking about. Frequently however, for the sake of making the story better, I will exaggerate or embellish. According to the New Republic that makes me a liar.

I just wish the definitions were reversed. I’d rather be called a bullshitter than a liar.

Click HERE for the New Republic article.

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