Could things get worse? Yes, they have!

All kinds of warnings and predictions have been made about the dangers of a president Donald Trump. Well, Trumps choice of a running mate just worsened the potential dangers. Normally in politics the VP choice is based on someone who strengthens the presidential candidates weaknesses. Some one who “balances” the ticket. But in the case of picking Mike Pence “we the people” end up with two people running on the same ticket who are bat shit nuts.

Donald Trump selected Gov. Mike Pence to be his running mate.
Donald Trump selected Gov. Mike Pence to be his running mate.

One of the major dangers with Trump is his insistence that if he said it, it must be correct and true. There is also danger in not being sure if Trump always believes the crap he spews. With Pence it’s different. We can look back at his record as a public figure and see that he consistently believes and has actively worked to achieve the insanely right-wing beliefs he possesses.

A president, or any politician, is supposed to represent all the people and not just those whose views agree with their own. According to Senator Barbara Boxer it is easy to see that the views of large numbers of Americans would be set aside and ignored.

I suggest you take a few minutes and read the following piece by Sen. Boxer. It will add meat to what I have just said.

Click HERE for Boxer’s article.

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